An Excerpt from I Cry In Corners


How to deal with crying in corners

Navigating emotions is hard; navigating emotions without Jesus feels impossible.

I Cry in Corners started as a joke on Instagram. Someone asked me how I dealt with my emotions, and I replied, “That’s easy; I cry in corners.” They laughed, and I did not. Jesus cried in corners, and it was how I was actually working out my feelings.

That Instagram story spurred an idea to start a podcast about how to navigate being emotional in an emotional world inspired by the ways and truth of Jesus. So I jumped into the podcast world, all while keeping my day jobs of pastoring, writing, and creative directing. It’s been a journey for sure, but it’s been a journey that has taught me that emotions are a gift from God, and they are meant to be understood and stewarded well.

Sadly, I’ve acquired this revelation over years of navigating my emotions in unhealthy ways. For most of my life, I’ve been told that my emotions and my passions were too much, whether I was being ejected from a basketball game as a teenager or trying to speak up in a meeting about something I disagreed with. I’ve been told that my emotions were borderline offensive and that I needed to temper them if I ever wanted to be successful, if I ever wanted God to use my life.

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Chari Orozco

About the Author

Chari Orozco is an author of books, teacher of the Bible, and podcaster focused on all the feels. She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus and using her gifts of speaking, writing, and design to impact the lives of those around her. When Chari is not writing or teaching she can be found traveling, designing and producing shows like Women of the Bible, Outside the Walls, and Coffee with Andi. She serves with her husband as lead pastors of Hope St. Pete in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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