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One Step Over the Border
One Step Over the Border

One Step Over the Border

A Novel

Award-winning author Stephen Bly weaves the tale of a pair of contemporary cowboys on a quest across the West. As a boy in Wyoming, Hap Bowman
fell in love with a girl named
Juanita. Ever since, he's experienced
nothing but failure and misfortune.
Laramie Majors--quiet,
reserved, and patient to a fault--
hasn't left Hap's side since they
became rodeo partners right out of
college. Now, after spending most
of his adult life looking for Juanita,
Hap wants to do one last big
search that will take them all over
the Southwest before he admits defeat.
Together these two cowpokes
find themselves reluctant heroes in
a series of misadventures as they
travel the West, all the while thinking
that Hap's--or Laramie's--true love may be in the
next town.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9781599956893

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