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Free Agent Nation
Free Agent Nation

Free Agent Nation

How Americans New Independent Workers Are Transforming the Way We Live

Ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution, it has been the organizing principle of society -- people are what they do, defined by their corporate labels. But the modern corporation has begun its death march. There are 25 million free agents -- entrepreneurs, independent contractors, free-lancers, and temps. In this landmark book, trend-watcher Daniel H. Pink shows why those numbers are growing exponentially. He tells readers who free agents are, how they will impact the economy, and why the laws must be rethought to accommodate the new paradigm. He also asks what happens when life no longer revolves around the job, when people are not tethered to a single location or identity. The answers will surprise all.

Genre: Business & Economics, Political Science, Self-Help

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ISBN-13: 9780759522312

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