Super Blue Blood Moon!

On January 31st, we will be able to witness a Super Blue Blood Moon! This happens when a lunar eclipse coincides with a Super Moon that also happens to be the second Full Moon in the same calendar month. Ezzie Spencer, author of Lunar Abundance, tells us a little bit about this very rare occurrence:

A Blood Moon happens during a total lunar eclipse, when the Earth blocks the light from the Sun and the Full Moon appears to turn red in the night sky. A lunar eclipse happens just two or three times a year, always at a Full Moon; but not at every Full Moon. And still, not every eclipse is a total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon — this is the first since 2015. The orbits of the Earth, Moon and Sun need to line up in a certain way for a Full Moon to be a total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon.

Add to this that the Moon has an elliptical orbit, so the Moon will be closer to the Earth (or at perigee) at some Full Moons more than others — when the moon is at perigee, this is called a Super Moon. We often have Super Full Moons. This particular Blood Moon is not super close to perigee, but is still technically a Super Moon.

Add the third element in the lunar trifecta… the current accepted definition of a Blue Moon is when a Moon is the second Full Moon in a calendar month, which only happens once every couple of years. We started 2018 with a Full Moon and we’re ending it with another on 31 January. So with Full Moons bookending the month, we have our Super Blue Blood Moon!

What does it mean? Well, Full Moons tend to amplify, and eclipses tend to accelerate. So make sure you take this opportunity under moonlight on 31 Jan to get super clear about what you want to create in your life, consciously let go of any ties holding you back from your dreams, and move forwards with direction, focus, and perhaps extra speed!

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