Staying in Volcano Village: Hostels and B&Bs

There are a great number of accommodations in and around Volcano Village. While most are near the heart of the village, several are located in the fern forests south of the highway and a few are located around the golf course about two miles west of town. Most are bed-and-breakfasts, some are vacation homes where you take care of your own meals, and there is one hostel. These places run from budget and homey to luxurious and elegant, but most are moderate in price and amenities. Some of these establishments also act as agents for other rental homes in the area, so your choices are many.

Of all the places to stay, below you’ll find two to consider: the first is a hostel budget option, perfect for hikers or anyone else simply needing a place to stay in the evening, and the other is a luxury option focused on a pampered, memorable stay. Both are good representatives of what to expect in the way of amenities for the rest of your accommodation choices.

Volcano Village offers several options for lodging near Volcanoes National Park.
Volcano Village offers several options for lodging near Volcanos National Park. Photo © Scohoust, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.

The weather in Volcano is substantially colder than the rest of the island, so don’t look for rooms with air-conditioning; instead make sure they have warm blankets. Check if bed-and-breakfasts actually serve hot breakfast. It is difficult for establishments in Volcano to become certified kitchens (it has to do with the fact there is no county water here), so the majority of B&Bs don’t really serve breakfast but simply provide muffins.

Holo Holo In

An inexpensive option is Holo Holo In (19-4036 Kalani Honua Rd., Volcano, 808/967-7950 private rooms $56-71, dorms $22). The owners are committed to cleanliness; due to their cleaning schedule, there is daily lockout 11am-4:30pm. This means that you can’t access the place at all during this time. This might not be ideal for everyone, but could work for those who plan on hiking all day and really just need somewhere to crash afterward with a hot shower and free WiFi.

Dorm beds are available, as are private rooms both with private or shared bath. Communal spaces include a comfortable lounge area with books, computer, television, and couches as well as a shared kitchen and laundry facilities. Most guests are hikers (of all ages), lending a nice sense of camaraderie. The “In” is located in Volcano Village close to the park; it’s a 30-minute walk. It’s a great place to stay before or after a big backcountry trip.

Volcano Village Lodge

Volcano Village Lodge (19-4183 Road E, Volcano, 808/985-9500, $215-315) feels like it’s in the middle of a secluded rainforest. The five rooms of this luxury getaway are spread out across the property. There is something ethereal about them: All are romantically decorated with large beds, sitting areas, and views of the surrounding trees.

Your arrival is greeted by a bottle of wine, as well as supplies to make your own breakfast (store-bought items like yogurt, cereal, and some boiled eggs). WiFi is available and there is a TV (no cable) in each room, as well as a library stacked with DVDs and books in the common area. A hot tub is also available. The staff at the lodge can arrange an in-room couples massage. There’s a two-night minimum for stays. The staff are dedicated to making sure guests have a memorable stay.

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