The Insect Artist

How to Observe, Draw, and Paint Butterflies, Bees, and More

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By Zebith Stacy Thalden

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“Art and science collide beautifully in this must-have book for insect and nature lovers everywhere… Prepare to be amazed at the artworks you create!” —Lila Higgins, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

The Insect Artist offers a complete course in illustration and lifelike artwork. The 15 projects are designed to build on one another, beginning with techniques that strengthen drawing and acrylic painting skills. More advanced projects focus on design principals, realistic environments, and creative challenges. Clear instructions and visual demonstrations describe each step of the process and reference photos show the anatomy and coloration of each insect. Short outdoor exercises are included as lessons on actively observing the nature. This is a book for artists of all levels and anyone interested in rediscovering the natural world through artistic expression.

Packed with creative tips:
  • Achieve rich colors, surface textures, and spatial depth
  • Measure proportions accurately
  • Simplify tricky forms and patterns
  • Establish an inspiring and supportive art practice


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Mar 12, 2024
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344 pages
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Zebith Stacey Thalden

Zebith Stacy Thalden

About the Author

As an artist, educator, and author, Zebith Stacy Thalden honors an array of biological treasures. She shares her fascination of the numerous species on our planet: living, extinct, undiscovered, and those yet to evolve. Combining art and ecology, her work celebrates biological diversity and the interconnectivity between humans and other species. She received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA, focused on painting and entomology, from Goddard College. Her artwork has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions in galleries, cultural centers, and art museums throughout the United States and abroad. Follow her at ​

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