Even with the recent upheaval and turmoil on Wall Street, it’s still currently estimated that the hedge fund industry exceeds one trillion dollars in assets, and continues to expand. Hedge funds are all over the news, as their managers become multi-millionaires and seemingly come up with new, increasingly ostentatious ways to spend their massive fortunes. And until now, the average investor has been kept out of this world, being led to believe that one needs a MBA from a top university and millions of dollars to invest.

In Do it Yourself Hedge Funds Wayne Weddington, a senior portfolio manager of one of the world’s top hedge funds, demonstrates how one can learn to play this high-stakes game. In these times of uncertainty, everybody is looking for a way to maximum their investing strategies, and in Do it Yourself Hedge Funds, Weddington breaks down the complicated rules of hedging using easy-to-understand, real-life examples that can help you gain an investing edge.

Weddington explains the basics of hedge funds in layman’s terms, defines the words investors need to know, and lays out the necessary steps for investing in hedge funds. And even more importantly, he shows the ways in which hedge funds can go wrong. If you’ve ever wondered how these guys make their millions, Do it Yourself Hedge Funds is must reading.

What's Inside

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