The Shy Child

The Shy Child

Helping Children Triumph over Shyness

Good news! Shyness is not a disorder; it’s the personality style of 40 percent of all children and young adults. Shyness has its good side: Your child is probably imaginative, perceptive, and thoughtful. Yet shyness can hinder a child’s development. This authoritative, interactive guide is the first book to focus on the problems of shyness and provide parents and children with pragmatic, step-by-step solutions. It will help you achieve wonderful results — stronger, warmer relationships with family and friends, and, most of all, a happy, empowered, less fearful child who looks confidently to the future.

— The signs of shyness in children, from infancy to adolescence
— How the shy child responds physically and mentally to stress
— How your child’s artwork reveals his or her emotions, and how drawing together can reinforce trust and understanding
— Scriptwriting, rewriting, role-playing, and rehearsing — important tools for the shy child
— Why shy children are so vulnerable to bullies and how best to intervene
— How to teach your child to cope with anxiety-producing situations and more.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Family & Relationships / Parenting

On Sale: March 1st 2000

Price: $19.99

Page Count: 288

ISBN-13: 9780446674997

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