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The City Built By Spies

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A history of the southern theater of the Cold War: the city of Miami, from two leading espionage experts.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was perhaps the most dramatic and dangerous period of the Cold War. What's less well known is that the city of Miami, mere miles away, was as much a part of Cold War history as Washington DC or Moscow. With its population of Communist exiles from Cuba, its strategic value for military operations, and its lax business laws, Miami was an ideal environment for espionage.

The City Built by Spies tells the history of how the entire city of Miami was constructed in the image of the US-Cuba rivalry. From the Bay of Pigs invasion to the death of Castro, the book shows how Miami is a hub for money and cocaine but also secrets and ideologies. And throughout it all, the CIA has lurked, quietly but significantly, trying to wage a war against Communism that may be unwinnable.

A unique and complex history full of secret operations, corruption, and crime, The City Built by Spies tells the story of a city like no other. 

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