The Secret of Kells: The Graphic Novel


Created by Tomm Moore

Created by Nora Twomey

Adapted by Samuel Sattin

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This stunning conclusion to the Irish Folklore Trilogy is about a brave boy, his mystical new friend, and the power of imagination against even the darkest of forces. Includes two bonus stories from the film’s creator.

In the remote Abbey of Kells lives a young monk named Brendan. Brendan and his fellow monks spend their days isolated from the outside world, toiling away under the strict control of Brendan’s uncle to build walls that fend off the Vikings. Everything changes when a master illuminator arrives with an extraordinary book containing secret powers. But the book is unfinished, and Brendan’s help is needed. As he sets off on a thrilling adventure through the enchanted woods, Brendan encounters wicked creatures lurking in the shadows—but also new friends. With the help of the bold fairy Aisling, can Brendan finish the ancient book and cast light over Kells?

Inspired by Celtic folklore and based on the award-winning film The Secret of Kells, this bewitching origin story of the legendary Book of Kells features two additional stories written and illustrated by Tomm Moore.

  • "A lovely adaptation of the 2014 fantasy movie of the same name, this graphic novel expertly recaptures the magic of the Irish folktale...A must-have addition to library collections."
    School Library Journal

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Feb 11, 2025
Page Count
272 pages