Hardy Gingers

including Hedychium, Roscoea, and Zingiber


By T. M. E. Branney

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A guide to the temperate zone and high altitude ginger varieties that are perfectly at home in cooler climates. Cultivation advice includes techniques for breaking dormancy, maintaining soil nutrition, and understanding plants' hardiness requirements.

This book is only available through print on demand. All interior art is black and white.

  • “From classification and ecology to propagation and morphology, the rudiments of ginger cultivation are covered in the book’s opening chapters, with particular attention paid to gingers’ culinary and medicinal applications. Branney then presents an encyclopedic analysis of approximately 300 varieties of gingers hardy in the temperate zones of the U.S., a relatively narrow climatological range that still yields a wide array of gardening opportunities.” —Booklist
    Hardy Gingers is an extremely useful book for anyone interested in the ginger family, and it is clear that there are members of this group that can be grown in many of the climate zones of the Western states.”  —Pacific Horticulture

    “Deftly covers the history of the cultivation of the different gingers. . . . Perfect for anyone with a rabid fondness for gingers and a desire to see them restored to their rightful place in horticulture–poking out of neighborhood gardens worldwide.” —Biology Digest

    “The A-Z list of gingers he supplies includes the temperature zone and height of each along with a detailed description, and includes a very fine collection of colored photographs.” —SciTech Book News

    “A unique, authoritative guide. While most may associate ginger with tropical climates, it’s the more unusual temperate-zone gingers that are the focus here—and there’s a wealth of them.” —Bookwatch


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Oct 30, 2009
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268 pages
Timber Press

T. M. E. Branney

About the Author

T. M. E. Branney is co-owner of The Europa Nursery that specializes in rare, temperate-woodland plants. As well as offering a wide selection of Zingiberaceae, the nursery is also involved in a large-scale hybridization program for Epimedium and has amassed a comprehensive collection of Polygonatum. Branney designs gardens for private clients and has had articles and photographs published in plant journals all over the world. He has travelled to Southeast Asia, Central America, and Madeira to observe plants in the wild, take photographs, and collect seed.

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