An Innovative Program to Prevent, Treat, and Beat This Controllable Disease


By Steven V. Joyal, MD

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Mention diabetes and what are the first things that leap to mind? Sugar levels, gluclose monitoring, and insulin? According to leading diabetes specialist Dr. Stevan Joyal, to truly combat the diabetes epidemic–both preventing it and improving the quality of life for those who have it–we must start smaller, by focusing on the microscopic yet most critical factors that control your genes and your cells. In What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes, Dr. Joyal tells readers how to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes and reverse prediabetes (a condition affecting half of all Americans), by positively influencing the genes and cells in the body that cause the condition–all without the use of special gadgets, or crazy fad diets. In this groundbreaking, integrative treatment plan, you will find:

The testing procedures that EVERYONE should have to discover their diabetes and prediabetes risk level
Tools to prevent and significantly control minor to serious diabetic complications
Important guidelines on diet, including especially effective “superfoods”
An individualized, scientifically-proven natural supplement regime
A manageable and effective exercise program
Lifestyle changes, including stress reduction tips, that can really make a difference
recommendations on pharmaceuticals when necessary

  • "Outstanding...delivers solid science in an exciting and informative format. Highly recommended." --Nicholas Perricone, New York Times bestselling author of The Wrinkle Cure and The Perricone Promise
  • "Great guidelines...leading-edge information...one of the most in-depth and useful books for people with diabetes...This is the right book at the right time to help turn the tide against the growing diabetes epidemic." --Douglas Kalman, PhD, RD, FACN, director, Nutrition & Applied Clinical Research, Miami Research Associates
  • "An education for the educated patient...This book gives solid medical information on diabetes, based on medical studies and solid clinical advice. I learned from it!" --Christopher Cannon, MD, TIMI study Group, Boston, MA

  • "A thoughtful and fresh approach to an old disease of epidemic proportions...Dr. Joyal offers new insights and the tools to either avoid or slow down the progression of some of the most basic and aggressive causes of diabetes. An integrated approach to the subject and one you will want to read--now." --Philip Lee Miller, MD, author of The Life Extension Revolution, and founder, Los Gatos Longevity Institute

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Feb 28, 2008
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Steven V. Joyal, MD

About the Author

Steven V. Joyal, M.D. is the vice president of Scientific Affairs and Medical Development at the Life Extension Foundation (LEF). He has also served as director of endocrinology and metabolism research within the pharmaceutical industry. He frequently lectures on the nutritional management and other natural treatments of diabetes and metabolic syndrome at international medical conferences and is published widely in academic journals.

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