More Human

Designing a World Where People Come First


By Steve Hilton

By Scott Bade

By Jason Bade

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People feel angry and let down by their leaders, as well as by the institutions that dominate their lives: political parties, government bureaucracy, and corporations. Yet the cause of this malaise, according to political — advisor — turned — tech — CEO Steve Hilton, is not being addressed by politicians on the left or the right.

Hilton argues that much of our daily experience — from the food we eat, to the governments we elect, to the economy on which our wealth depends, to the way we care for our health and well — being — has become too big, too bureaucratic, and too distant from the human scale.

More Human sets out a radical manifesto for change, aimed at the root causes of our problems rather than just the symptoms. Whether it’s using the latest advances in neuroscience to inform the fight against poverty and inequality, or applying lessons from America’s most radical schools to transform our children’s education, this book is an agenda for rethinking and redesigning the outdated systems and structures of our politics, government, economy, and society to make them more suited to the way we want to live our lives today. To make them more human.

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Steve Hilton

About the Author

Steve Hilton is cofounder and CEO of Crowdpac, a Silicon Valley political tech start-up, and teaches at Stanford University. He was formerly senior adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron. Hilton is a graduate of New College, Oxford University, where he studied philosophy, politics, and economics. He now lives in California with his wife and young family.

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Scott Bade

About the Author

Scott Bade works on the communications team of Michael Bloomberg and Bloomberg Philanthropies. He previously researched international security at Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute of International Studies. Scott graduated from Stanford University and lives in New York.

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