Uno Más, One More

A Latino Retelling of an Old Scottish Ballad

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By Silvia López

Illustrated by Olivia Sua

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Join a family for a fiesta in their one-room casita in this exuberant Latino retelling of the beloved folktale Always Room for One More, which celebrates the importance of kindness and community, and includes Spanish words throughout the text.

Don Manuel and Doña Lila love welcoming others into their home—no one is ever turned away. One day, their casita overflows with friends and loved ones and the house begins to shake and crack, causing chaos before everyone rushes out. To the family’s dismay, their beloved home collapses. But where there is goodwill, there is also a way. In no time at all, their friends get to work and rebuild the casita, proving just how important teamwork is when fixing a problem.

This vibrant Latino retelling of a popular Scottish ballad celebrates kindness, community, and the selfless gesture of giving back.


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May 21, 2024
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40 pages