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Southeast Asia in the New International Era

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Southeast Asia in the New International Era, seventh edition, provides readers with up-to-date coverage on a vibrant region home to more than 600 million people, vast cultural diversity, and dynamic globalized markets. Sensitive to historical legacies, and with special attention to developments since the end of the Cold War, this book highlights the events, players, and institutions that shape the region. Employing a country-by-country format, the analysis engages in context-specific treatment of the region's eleven countries: Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Each chapter focuses on political and economic developments, key institutions, state-society relations, and foreign affairs. In light of the December 2015 launch of the new ASEAN Community, this seventh edition includes a new chapter on ASEAN and the prospects of regional integration. An excellent resource for students, Southeast Asia in the New International Era makes sense of the region's coups, policy debates, protests, and alliances, leaving readers with a solid foundation for further study.

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Praise for Previous Editions

“Authoritative, engaging, and rigorously comparative, this comprehensive text enables college students and general readers to gain a strong grasp of the political diversity, economic differences, and social complexity of the eleven countries in Southeast Asia.” —Pek Koon Heng, American University School of International Service

“A superb survey describing political developments in Southeast Asia and explaining the historical and cultural underpinnings that have contributed to these developments…a must-read for students and professionals who aspire to better understand Southeast Asia's significance in a new international era.” —John J. Brandon, The Asia Foundation

“A comprehensive and accessible introduction to the region for undergraduates. With clear coverage of politics, recent history, social institutions, and economic development, the text serves as a valuable complement to virtually any course on contemporary Asia.” —Steven Jug, Baylor University
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