Tale of the Flying Forest

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By R. M. Romero

Illustrated by E.K. Belsher

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A spellbinding and lyrical modern fairy tale about a girl who journeys to an enchanted world to find the twin she’s never met, filled with lavish illustrations that bring the magic to life, perfect for fans of the Chronicles of Narnia.

After her mother passes away and her father retreats into his grief, 11-year-old Anne Applebaum is afraid the only happy endings she’ll ever have are in The World to Come, a collection of fairy tales about the flying forest of Bei Ilai. In its pages, children outsmart demons, girls train as knights, and songs come to life. But even these stories can’t stop Anne from feeling alone. So when a raven tells her that she has a long-lost twin brother named Rainer, she sets out to find him. Anne soon learns that Bei Ilai is a real place—and she must step through the door into this magical realm to seek her brother.

But the dangers in the flying forest are just as real as its beauty. To overcome the challenges and monsters she faces, Anne must lean into the magic contained within her and her Jewish faith—especially when she discovers Rainer is locked away by a being more frightening than any dragon.

Because the most terrifying villain of all is one who used to be a hero.


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Oct 15, 2024
Page Count
368 pages

R. M. Romero

About the Author

R.M. Romero (she/they) is a critically acclaimed Jewish Latina and international bestselling author of fairy tales for children and adults. She is the author of The Dollmaker of Kraków and The Ghosts of Rose Hill, both Sydney Taylor Notable Books; A Warning About Swans; and the forthcoming Death’s Country. R.M. Romero lives in Miami Beach with her cat Henry VIII and invites you to visit her online at rmromero.com.

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