What Good Is God?

What Good Is God?

In Search of a Faith That Matters

What good is God in a world where terrorists attack tourist sites in Mumbai, where women and children are sold into sexual slavery, and where six million people in South Africa alone suffer with HIV/AIDS?

Does faith really matter when you’re struggling with an addiction, or when you get laid off from your job and your home is in foreclosure?

Featuring a new intro, fresh design and compelling study questions in this expanded edition, journalist and spiritual seeker Philip Yancey travels the globe in search of an answer to a query posed the world over.

His discoveries of redemption, hope, and grace provide evidence that faith really does make a difference, even when belief is severely tested.
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Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Christian Life / Inspirational

On Sale: August 27th 2013

Price: $15

Page Count: 304

ISBN-13: 9780446559843

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"I love Philip Yancey's work. He is a brilliant, graceful writer."—Anne Lamott
"There is no writer in the evangelical world that I admire and appreciate more."—Billy Graham
"Philip Yancey is a much respected and treasured colleague whose gift for speaking candidly, faithfully, and pastorally all at one and the same time is a constant model for those of us who work in the field of religion writing. Even more to the point, it is a benison for thousands of his readers and, thereby, for the Christian world in general."—Phyllis Tickle, author and lecturer
"Philip Yancey is one of my favorite writers. His observations on religion and how it fits into modern life leave me looking at faith in a new light."—Rosalynn Carter
"Out of all the spiritual writers flooding the marketplace, Philip Yancey has been - for me - a unique beacon of both brutally honest and warmly compassionate insight. There are many writers who emphasize one or the other but no one who so capably offers both in almost every sentence."—Dr. Tim Johnson, Senior Medical Contributor, ABC News
"There are very few authors writing today that I drop everything to pay attention to; Philip Yancey is one of them, and I am glad I have WHAT GOOD IS GOD? and many other of his books to stop, ponder, and pray through to grow in grace."—Makoto Fujimura, artist and author
"Yancey continues the thoughtful examination of the challenges of authentic faith for which he is known...Reflecting on his experiences and sharing some of the messages from his speeches, he notes that 'we are not designed to bear pain alone' and how desperate situations provide an opportunity for believers to model Christ."—Christian Retailing