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Penthouse magazine is the nation’s hottest forum for contemporary sexual issues. This omnibus is an exciting collection of letters from real people about their secret, sensuous lives.


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Like many men who have been married for a while, my marriage had become sexually stale. My wife, Cindy, wasn't the problem. She has kept herself in great shape. Her five-foot frame is one hundred five pounds, and her 34C-22-36 figure complements a pretty face and natural red hair. Several times I have mentioned swinging with another couple, but Cindy always got angry. I just dropped the subject and kept my fantasies to myself.

A few weeks before the end of the summer, Cindy and I went to a national forest near our home to enjoy a few days of camping and swimming. My job allows me to get away during the middle of the week, but I'm still on call via a pager. In the middle of the week we had our choice of prime camp sites and we selected a shaded one by the lakeshore. It was like having the park all to ourselves. Later that day we were disappointed when a large R.V. drove by just as Cindy was coming back from a swim. I saw the man driving checking her out. He then pulled into the site next to ours.

Cindy was ready to move camp to another site, but I talked her out of it by reminding her of the hassle of breaking camp and setting up again. While we were talking we noticed four men get out of the R.V. One was a young black man, who was about twenty years younger than the rest of the group.

Later that afternoon the men came over and introduced themselves. They were on a fishing trip and all worked for the same firm. Jim, the young black guy, was a college student working as an intern. Chris and Joe were both engineers, slightly overweight and middle-age. Kevin was tall, thickly built, with a coarse, aggressive personality. He was a production manager.

It was obvious their main reason for coming over was to get a closer look at my wife. Cindy surprised me by enjoying the attention of these men, flirting and returning their jokes. After a few beers the guys left to try to get some fishing in before nightfall. Chris came back over later and invited us to dinner.

The R.V. was a big one with all the comforts of home. While the steaks were grilled we drank red wine and let Kevin give us a tour of the motor home. I noticed a VCR in a large entertainment center and jokingly asked Kevin if he had any porno movies. He opened a cabinet door and pulled out a couple of tapes. "Like this?" he asked.

Everyone had been drinking so it didn't take much convincing to get Cindy to agree to watch at least a little of a movie. We all settled in with another drink as Jim turned down the lights. Cindy and I sat down on a low-backed couch. Chris sat down next to my wife and Kevin started the movie. It was clear to me that there was a lot of sexual tension in the room as the movie started.

The movie was a hot one: a blonde giving head to some guy built like a small horse. As the movie continued Cindy cuddled up to me and started to nibble on my ear and neck. This show of affection before these men surprised me, but also made me proud. I noticed that when the guys weren't watching the film, they were eyeing my wife's shapely, tanned legs and round, firm breasts.

About this time the blonde in the movie was taking on two men at once. She was on her hands and knees, fucking one guy and blowing another, all the while imploring the men like a wanton slut to fill her up. I sensed Cindy was thrilled by the action because she was squirming and fidgeting in her seat.

Kevin noticed this, too, and wasn't shy about cutting to the chase and breaking the ice. He looked over and asked Cindy if what she was watching looked good.

"Oh shut up Kevin," she said, but she never took her eyes off the screen. I knew then that it was now or never. I reached back and cycled my pager so it would go off.

"Well shit," I said, as the movie was shut off and the lights came back on. "I have to go into work," I told them. "Go ahead and watch the rest of the movie. I should be back in a couple of hours, max."

"Oh, all right. As long as the guys promise to behave themselves," Cindy said with a smile. Of course they were quick with their assurances that she had nothing to worry about. As I left I pushed the curtain on the door window back so there was a gap big enough to scope the action from outside. I gave Cindy a kiss and drove down the access road to an unused site about a quarter mile away. On the short walk back, my hard-on was pushing against my pants.

When I got to the R.V. I was happy to see that there was enough light on inside to see easily. The opening allowed me to see most of the living area. The movie was still on, but Joe had taken my place on the couch beside Cindy. The mood, I noticed, appeared a little cheerier, owing to the consumption of drinks while I was gone. The real clincher, however, was the location of Chris's hand. It was on Cindy's leg, stroking the top of her tan thigh with soft but deliberate caresses. When Joe scooted closer to her, Cindy sat up and downed Chris's glass of scotch in one gulp. I knew then that the dam of sexual frustration was about to break.

Everyone was watching her as she leaned back on the couch and put both arms out. Chris moved his hand inside the leg opening of her shorts. Slowly moving his hand under the loose-fitting cloth, he began to rub my wife's pussy through her panties.

"You're very juicy tonight," I heard him mutter into Cindy's ear. Joe turned and kissed Cindy's long, smooth neck as he moved his hand up and under her sweatshirt to knead her full round tits. Cindy sat up a little so Joe could pull her shirt up and over her head. He gave her other tit a nice squeeze as he placed the shirt next to her on the couch.

I was going nuts, breathing in shallow gasps and massaging my cock as this tense action unfolded. Nobody was saying anything, which gave it kind of a dramatic intensity. Cindy was doing most of the expressing, and it was all in her body language. Her eyes were almost closed to tiny slits as she pressed their heads against her heaving chest, allowing them access to her ripe melons. Their hands were in her panties. They were finger-fucking her tight twat at the same time they kissed her tits. Her eyes closed as she blanked out in sexual euphoria, giving in to the temptation of servicing a whole group of men. I loved what I was seeing.

Both Kevin and Jim had been raptly watching the show on the couch, and now Kevin got up to move the coffee table out of the way. He got down on the floor and spread my lovely wife's knees apart, exposing her panty-clad muff to the whole room. Kissing and nibbling the inside of her thighs, he reached up and pulled her shorts and panties down with the help of the other two men. As he eased the panties off her feet, Kevin took her foot and sucked on her toes.

This was too much for me, watching my beautiful naked wife about to fuck four strange men. I pulled out my cock and shot the night's first load of come into the bushes. When I looked back Kevin had his head between Cindy's legs, where he was licking and sucking away on her sweet, red-trimmed, pussy.

Chris and Joe continued to suck her tits. Jim now got into the act and moved around behind the couch. Looking down at my wife's face, he pulled down his zipper and pulled out his hard, seven-inch cock and pointed it right at her pouting lips.

Cindy gazed at his black pole as it oozed pre-come. Jim caught it with his finger and spread it over the helmet of his cock, as if he were dipping an ice cream cone in a rich topping. Cindy stared into Jim's face and, with a wicked smile, opened her mouth to accept the phallic treat.

Jim slipped his cock past her red lips and shoved it deep into her mouth. Moving his hot ebony meat in and out over my wife's pink, wet tongue was an extremely erotic sight. It really got to me and it must have done it for him, too. Jim grabbed the back of her head and thrust his dick deep into her throat until her chin was pressed against his balls. She was gagging slightly, but still sucking on him hard enough that I could plainly see the bulge of his cockhead against her cheek, sawing in and out.

Chris and Joe sat on the coffee table watching and toying with their meaty packages. Cindy sucked hard on Jim's pole, while Kevin licked her inflamed cunt. It was totally depraved, I thought, when Cindy grabbed her hot tits and squeezed and pinched her taut nipples.

Kevin got up and turned her around so she was leaning against the back of the couch. Her knees were spread on the edge of the seat. Kevin pulled down his pants and shorts, exposing his thick, hard cock. He eased it up and down Cindy's slit and between her titillating ass-cheeks.

Cindy moaned, still gurgling with a mouthful of Jim's dick. She wiggled her hot cunt back toward Kevin's probing cock. He got the head in the opening of Cindy's pussy, and held back until she was positioned as far back as she could while still keeping Jim's cock in her mouth. Kevin roughly jammed his cock to the hilt. He let it rest there for several seconds before he began to quickly stroke her. Kevin was banging Cindy so hard that Jim had to pull out of her mouth. He stood back, joining Chris and Joe in watching the free sex show.

By now, Cindy was concentrating on Kevin's dick, which was hammering her hungry cunt. Kevin grabbed her hips and stroked so hard and deep that all she could do was grunt and moan on each thrust. Finally, he came, filling her love-hole with his come and leaving Cindy wanting more. Kevin let his cock shrink out of Cindy's red-hot pussy. When he pulled out I could see their combined juices flowing down her thighs.

The other three men had been busy talking among themselves while removing their clothes. They moved the coffee table against the wall and had Cindy move to the center of the room. Chris stood behind her and reached around to cup her tits in the palm of his hands. Jim laid down on the floor and Chris guided her over to him. She leaned over Jim and placed her knees on either side of his body.

Her alabaster skin and red muff made his skin seem even darker as she reached back and placed the head of his throbbing cock against her pussy lips. The other men didn't want to miss this sight and gathered around to watch as she slowly lowered her well-lubed twat onto his pole. She sat there for a few seconds and slowly started to bob up and down.

Jim's black cock was slick and shining with my wife's love-juice as she repeatedly impaled herself on him. Chris came up and gently pushed her down so her tits jiggled over Jim's chest. Jim reached up and pinched and rubbed one while lifting his head up and taking the nipple of the other into his mouth.

Chris spread Cindy's ass-cheeks apart and slowly worked his finger deep into her ass. Cindy has never let me fuck her there, so I watched with another hard-on as Chris sawed two fingers in and out of her hole. Chris moved closer and put the head of his dick on Cindy's ass, then pushed past her sphincter and plunged into her ass.

Cindy was now in a state of passion I had never dreamed she was capable of. She tossed her head from side to side as she was being sandwiched between the salt-and-pepper team. Joe moved around and put his cock before her face. Jim and Cindy came at the same time, but Cindy continued to work on the other two men, humping back against Chris's rod and bobbing her lips on Joe's.

Joe pulled back and shot his come all over Cindy's tits, laughing and telling the others he had always wanted to do that. Cindy reached up and licked the wet cock like a lollipop until it was clean. Chris was hammering into Cindy's ass, which caused her to collapse against Jim. A few minutes later Joe filled her ass with his come, and Jim fucked her cunt.

I left then and went back to the car. Later that night when I got back to camp Cindy was already in the tent. She was almost asleep and I asked her if she had been bored without me. She laughed lightly and said she had a good time playing cards. The guys had entertained her. It's been a few months now and we are going to Jamaica for the holidays. Hopefully I'll have another reason to write later.—R.K., Sausalito, California


Let me tell you about a party that my husband, Gary, and I went to about five years ago. On the day of the party, Gary and I had a leisurely Saturday morning together. I woke him up by sucking his beautiful cock to life. He reciprocated by licking my nipples and clit until I screamed with joy. Most of the morning was spent making love. In spite of all of the hot action with Gary, I was still very horny.

The party was at the home of Brenda, one of my close friends from work. Most of those invited were coworkers, so I anticipated a relatively sedate party. I made it a point not to seduce or be seduced by anyone from work, feeling that I should keep my wild side separate from these people.

Because we were both horny, Gary was able to convince me to wear a backless summer dress. I was braless, wearing only bikini panties, thigh hose and garter belt. The fabric was sheer enough that my nipples and areolae were visible. The thought of showing off my big breasts excited me. I figured that Gary and I would park on the way home for some heavy necking and a little oral sex. The outfit was too sexy for my work image. They only saw me in conservative suits and dresses.

When we arrived, I could tell that several of the men appreciated this new look. After two or three drinks, I relaxed and enjoyed all of the attention I was getting. Most of those at the party were married couples, but there were a few who didn't bring their spouses. One who came alone was Dave, Brenda's new boss. She had told me how hot he made her just working together. I knew that she would love to have him make a move on her.

He was in his forties, at least fifteen years older than Brenda and me. Dave was tall, athletic and had great blue eyes. In spite of his quiet, mature manner, I found myself getting turned on when he talked to me at the office. I loved the way he looked at me.

Brenda had a very revealing dress on, cut low between her breasts, barely concealing her nipples. It also was slit on the side showing her leg to mid-thigh. The green dress was a dramatic contrast to her white skin and beautiful red hair. Looking at this outfit, I wondered if she had known that Dave's wife wouldn't be there. They stood in a corner talking, very close to one another. Dave's eyes roamed over her exposed cleavage. It made me hot to watch them, but I was concerned that Brenda's husband, Jerry, might become upset. I decided to find him and keep him away from Brenda and Dave.

As I looked for Jerry in the crowd, I saw Gary dancing with Tina, one of my friends who was there alone. She didn't get enough attention from her husband and always wanted to hear about my sex life. I knew that Gary turned her on. Maybe I should let him seduce her tonight, I thought. As horny as she was, I knew that he would drive her crazy. He would love to put his tongue in her sweet little pussy.

She held his face in her hands as they danced, staring into his blue eyes. One of Gary's hands was slowly caressing her ass, cupping her cheeks. I knew that he would go much further if Tina let him. Either way, Gary would be extra hot for my pussy when we got home. Thinking about this, I smiled.

Looking around the room again, I spotted Jerry. He was a handsome man, with blond hair, full beard and moustache. He was talking to Doug, a sexy black man who had worked with me for the past year and lived next door to Brenda and Jerry. Doug also played on the company's coed softball team with me and loved to flirt and tease when his wife was not around. She was out of town on business, so I knew Doug would be in good form tonight.

They both smiled at me as I approached. "That's a very sexy dress, Pam. I've never seen you in anything more becoming." Jerry said. Doug didn't say a word, but his eyes were glued to my breasts. His stare caused my nipples to grow hot and hard.

"Thank you. It's nice of you to notice," I responded. "Since you're so sweet, would you like to dance? It looks like I've lost Gary."

Jerry didn't answer, but took my hand and led me to a corner of the room. He pulled me against him as we began to dance. His hands explored the bare flesh of my back as we moved with the music. The feel of him against me made me hot. I knew I would have to be careful and control my emotions.

Luckily the next song was a fast rock number. Doug appeared and led me back to dance with him. As I moved to the music, my breasts moved wildly against the fabric of my dress. Doug smiled as he watched my breasts, a wicked grin covering his face.

I found myself getting horny. It was exciting to display my sexy side to my coworkers. Shaking my tits even more, I began to move my ass under the short skirt, turning to make sure that Doug had a good view of both. My feelings were getting out of hand, but I really didn't want to misbehave in front of these people from work. The impact of my behavior on the other men was predictable. I was a popular dance partner for the next three hours. I did not miss a fast or slow dance. Many different hands caressed my back and ass as I danced with the men. But I liked dancing with Jerry and Doug the best. It was their flirting and touching that turned me on.

At about one-thirty the crowd began to thin out. As a slow number began, Doug appeared and pulled me to him, pressing my breasts against his muscular body. While we danced, he talked softly in my ear, telling me how beautiful my breasts looked in the soft dress.

"Honey, you always look great, but your breasts are fantastic without a bra. I can tell that you love showing them off. You need to let me see them. I'll bet you have never had them licked by a black man. I know how hot I would make you if my beautiful black skin touched those sexy white titties. I'll bet you love to have your titties fucked. You need to have my big, black cock rubbing on your nipples and squirting all over you. I'll bet your pussy is wet just thinking about it."

He was right. My panties were soaked.

As he talked his hands caressed my ass. He reached under the hem of my dress and his long fingers stroked the crack of my ass. His fingertips traced the lips of my pussy through the soft lace. His talk and touch made me even wetter. Before he could do more, a rock number began, saving me from my sexy thoughts. My body shook to the music. Dave and Brenda were dancing near me. As she danced, the slit in her dress would open to reveal glimpses of her panties and stocking tops. Dave's eyes were glued to her body as she moved.

I decided to distract him before Jerry noticed the sexual tension between them. I danced very close to them, then turned quickly to rub my braless breasts against Dave's arm. As he turned and reached for me to apologize, I moved again so that his hand ran across both of my breasts, touching my erect nipples. This produced a reaction in me that I had not anticipated. My pussy was on fire, needing a mouth or cock to make love to it.

Dave laughed, saying he was sorry, but his face was flushed and he watched me until the song ended. Brenda headed toward the bathroom, as a slow dance began. Dave came toward me and took my hand, leading me back to dance. He pulled me tightly against his body, with his hands on my hips as we moved to the music.

"I really wasn't sorry that happened," he said, grinning. "Judging from how your breasts felt, you weren't either. I've always loved looking at your beautiful face, but I never knew what a fantastic body you were hiding under your suits at work. Or how much you liked to play and show off. I noticed that nobody could keep their hands off of your cute fanny, and I am jealous. But I think they were missing the two best parts. Your husband shouldn't let you go out like this. I won't be able to concentrate anymore at work when you are around."

As he spoke, he moved his hands to my back, running them over the bare flesh. His arms were so long that they easily wrapped around me. He ran his fingers under the fabric of my dress, stroking the sides of my breasts, almost reaching the nipples. My body responded to his touch. I wanted more. I needed for him to play with my nipples. Closing my eyes, I imagined the feel of his face against my thighs, his mouth kissing my pussy.

Almost involuntarily, I brushed my leg between his, feeling his hard cock on my thigh. He took my hand and put it between us, on his cock. It was hot and very big. As he held my hand there, I traced my fingers over the head. Moving my fingers over his bulge, I could feel the wetness of his pre-come through his slacks. I raised my wet fingertips to my lips and licked them, looking into his eyes.

"Something on my fingers sure tastes good," I said, smiling at him. Before we could go further, Brenda came back to take Dave away. I hadn't seen Gary for over an hour when he appeared to dance a slow number with me.

"It looks like you're having a good time," he said.

"I saw the big boss trying to get into your panties." As he talked, he leaned forward to kiss me, frenching me with passion. Watching me with Dave had made him hot too.

I asked, "Do you want to watch him suck my nipples? Or would you like to see him eat my pussy?" I could tell that this talk was turning Gary on. And me too. Until now, Gary had only had me tell him about my experiences with other men. Maybe it was time to let him watch, I knew that it would turn me on to perform for him, and I was sure it would make him hot too.

Heated up from these thoughts, I headed for the restroom with Gary when the music stopped. Looking in the mirror, my nipples were still hard and clearly visible through the fabric of my dress. Standing behind me, Gary squeezed them with his fingers, causing me to shudder. Turning me around, he kneeled and slid my panties down my thighs. Leaning forward, he put his mouth on my cunt, licking the swollen lips.

"You're sure wet. Did someone already play with this sweet pussy?" he asked.

"Not yet. Eat my pussy now. Make me come," I begged. It only took a minute for Gary to send me over the edge. As my body relaxed, I had to taste Gary's cock. Pushing him against the sink, I undid his belt and zipper to reveal his meat.

"Do you want to watch me with Dave later tonight? He has me so turned on that I have to fuck him." I said, licking the head of Gary's cock. Undoing my dress to expose my breasts, I asked, "Do you think he will like these?"

"You will drive him crazy with that body. You know I want to see you with him. How can you fix it so that I can watch?" he asked.

"Don't worry. I'll find a way," I responded. "You play with Tina to stay horny. Drive her home. I know that she wants to suck you off. And you'll love to touch her little titties. Just be home before two-thirty. I'll find a way to get Dave away from Brenda long enough for him to take me home. Once we're in the house, he won't be able to resist my goodies."

With that, I worked on Gary's cock until he filled my mouth with his come. Standing, we kissed tenderly and Gary went back to the party as I fixed my dress. Opening the bathroom door, I looked into Jerry's smiling face.

"I brought you a tequila shooter. I think you will like it," he said. He took my hand and led me into a room away from the party. He then took the glass and raised it to his lips, taking a large swig. Lowering the glass, he put his hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to his.

Surprised, I felt his tongue go between my teeth, then tasted the tequila. Swallowing, I said, "That was nice, but you are very naughty. We are both married and we can't do this."

Ignoring me, he raised the glass again, taking another mouthful. Again he pulled my face to his in a kiss. This time my lips opened and I ran my tongue into his mouth, drinking in the booze. I wanted Dave, but Jerry was making my pussy hot now. My panties were drenched again.

I knew that I was losing the battle to control my emotions. I also knew what to say to make Jerry try harder. "We have to stop now, Jerry. I'm only human and you're turning me on. Brenda is my good friend. We can't do this."

With that, he pulled me to him as his beard rubbed my face. Automatically, my arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him to me as my mouth opened to accept his tongue. I loved the feel of his hands as they caressed my naked back.

"Don't worry about Brenda. She told me earlier what she had planned. It was no accident that her boss showed up without his wife." As Jerry kissed me again, I felt hands cup and caress my ass. Turning, I saw Doug. He put his hands on my face and kissed me, running his thick tongue into my mouth. My battle to maintain my work image was quickly being lost.


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