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The editors of Penthouse invite you to the biggest, steamiest party of the year celebrating that most special day for our sexiest, most adventurous readers. Whether it’s a wild stripper or a lover’s seduction, a well-planned orgy or a spontaneous spanking, a thrilling threeway or a solo bout with a grownup toy, you’ll toast our gorgeous guests of honor as they grow one year older and several degrees hotter. Join them as they unwrap their tantalizing presents, each more delightfully surprising and explosively satisfying than the last. The party’s just getting started!



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I Got Gang-Banged—While My Husband Watched!

To celebrate his birthday last year, my husband, Phil, took me to a fancy hotel and then offered me up to a group of guys for a gang-bang. Well, I had already volunteered for the job, confessing to Phil how horny I was and how sometimes one cock simply wasn't enough. I don't need four dicks on a regular basis, but this was a special occasion. Besides, I wanted to show off for my man, especially because I know how much he likes to watch me in action.

I picked out an especially hot, slutty ensemble, including a ruffled black push-up bra and matching panties, garter belt, stockings, and tall black heels. I'd have gone out only in my undies, but Phil reined me in, pointing to a cute little dress that would only add to my allure. It was black and low-cut, with silver trim around the edges and a flared skirt that simply begged to be looked up.

As soon as I got to the bar, I started flirting with three guys, Ken, Sean, and Joe. They had perked up as soon as I walked into the room, and we were soon chatting, with me as the centerpiece of our conversation. All three seemed intrigued and didn't mind that they were competing with each other for my attention. Then, as we'd discussed, I slipped off to the bathroom while Phil let the guys know that they could have a free-for-all with me, as long as he got to watch. When I came back, Phil gave me a thumbs-up, and I led all four men out of the bar, getting a curious, and probably envious, look from the bartender.

Back at our room, we all got naked. Well, I actually had a little help; various hands sensually removed each of my items of clothing. "I want you to get down on your knees and suck their cocks," Phil said. This part, we hadn't prearranged, but I knew he wanted to see me in cocksucking mode, and if there's anything I like better than one hard dick, it's three! Plus, I'm an obedient submissive and get off on following Phil's orders. Knowing that his eyes were on me, I got on my knees and put the first guy's cock into my mouth. The other two stood nearby, stroking their shafts slowly as they waited their turn. The whole room smelled like dick, and I reacted accordingly, sucking firmly on Ken's shaft, while the other three men in the room watched. I had a feeling Sean and Joe were taking notes, already imagining me gulping down their cocks. The thought made me smile, but I had to concentrate on the task before me because I didn't want to shortchange Ken.

I looked up at him, with his sandy-blond shoulder-length hair and intense brown eyes, as he watched me, too. I could hear Phil in the corner as his breathing got louder, and I glanced over at him briefly. His eyes were glued to me; however, I knew he didn't want me looking at him, but getting these guys off. I began bobbing up and down faster and faster, my pussy clenching tightly as I sensed Ken nearing climax. Maybe instead of sucking all three cocks, one of them would fuck me—I certainly hoped so! "She's good, isn't she?" Phil said, and Ken grunted in response as I took his entire cock in my mouth and fondled his balls at the same time.

"Can I come in her mouth?" Ken asked Phil, sensing that he was in charge of me for the night.

"Yes, she loves a mouthful of come." Hearing my husband truthfully telling this virtual stranger what I liked sexually was a thrill I'd never considered before. I could tell he was proud of my deep-throating ability and wanted other men to experience it for themselves. Ken began fucking my mouth at that point, thrusting back and forth so that his cockhead plunged deep into my throat. I loved every second of it and rocked against him until he spurted into my mouth. His salty cream tasted delicious, and I swallowed all of it.

Then I turned to Phil, who was pumping his cock furiously. I crawled over to him on my hands and knees, then opened my mouth so he could also bathe my tongue with his come. "What should I do now?" I asked. I felt a tremor of excitement, knowing he could dictate any scene he wanted with me and those three men.

"I want Sean to fuck your pussy and Joe to fuck your ass," Phil said. Both men looked like they'd struck gold, high-fiving each other as I crawled over to the bed and then leaped onto it. They climbed in, and I beckoned Ken to join us, while Phil watched from afar. Sean lay on his back, and I climbed on top of him. Sean was tall, with a thin, muscular body, and I seemed to fit over him perfectly. I rubbed my pussy against his dick while he squeezed my nipples, each of us getting used to the feel of each other's body. Sometimes two people fit together instantly, and sometimes I need a little more fondling, and Sean was perfectly at ease caressing me while Joe slowly began massaging my asshole. Even though both men were about to fill my holes, that didn't mean we couldn't have some foreplay and give Phil even more of a show. I glanced up at my husband at one point, to find his mouth open, slack-jawed, as if he were watching the most riveting movie ever.

"Suck my nipples," I told Sean, shifting so I could push them into his mouth. "And you—lick my ass," I said to Joe, knowing my voice would carry over to Phil. Both men did as they were told, and the dual assault from two fresh, hungry mouths left me writhing. They seemed to be working in tandem even though they could hardly know what the other was doing, but still, the more Sean tugged on my nipples, the deeper Joe drilled his tongue into my backdoor, determined to get as far inside as he could. When I could stand it no longer, I let out a cry of joy, then said, "Now I want your cocks." It was my turn to shine as both Ken and Phil excitedly looked on while I invited Sean and Joe inside me.

Joe gave one last lick before pulling back and replacing his tongue with his cock. As he started to guide it into my tight tunnel, I was awaiting Sean's dick in my pussy. I'd fantasized about being penetrated in both holes, but I had never thought it would actually happen. Their two cocks complemented each other, both thick and long, but not big enough to be uncomfortable. I felt totally wanton as I fucked both men at once, knowing that I'd been intimate with every man in the room. It was Phil's birthday, but I felt like I was the one celebrating!

"You're right, Phil, you've definitely got yourself one red-hot woman here," said Joe as he pounded my ass. I shut my eyes and savored the feeling of being stuffed to the brim with cock. We soon found a rhythm that worked for all of us, with two sets of balls slapping against me, two dicks pounding into me, and four pairs of eyes on me. I hoped Phil was searing this moment into his memory because as sexy as it was, I knew we would only do this on special occasions; that was part of the fun, being my wildest self and sharing my body with these three hunks that I knew I'd never see again. For a moment, I imagined Phil filming me, capturing this little threesome for us to watch again and again, and the idea sent me spinning into orgasm. My ass and pussy tightened uncontrollably. Both men gasped; three sets of loud grunts and groans filled the room, along with the sounds of two men jerking off. It was all slapping and stroking, and flesh meeting flesh, as I came, almost forcing both cocks out of me with the strength of my orgasm. "I want you both to come inside me," I said, leaning down to shove my tongue into Sean's mouth. We kissed passionately as he thrust upward into me, while Joe penetrated my ass again and again. Very quickly, I felt two dicks spurting come into me. Then I felt some splattering onto my lower back, and I knew it was Ken coming again. We all turned to look at Phil, who was staring right at me as he shot a huge load into the air.

I bid adieu to each of the guys, telling them how much fun I'd had, then joined my husband in bed. We replayed the evening's events, telling each other about what we'd liked most, while he fucked me in every position imaginable. If there are any wives reading this who are stuck for a birthday gift for their hubbies, I can highly recommend a special birthday gang-bang. You'll both have the time of your lives!

—Ms. T.G., Georgia

My Boyfriend Got a Sexy Stripper for His Birthday—And We Both Enjoyed the Gift

When my boyfriend, Sean, turned twenty-seven, I couldn't think of anything to get him. I had called all of his friends trying to figure out if there was something he'd want that I hadn't thought of, and so far no one had been any help. I was about to give up my quest for the perfect gift when I scrolled through my cell-phone contact list one last time, hoping to find someone I hadn't thought of calling. I was nearing the end of the list when I stopped on Tamara's name and inspiration struck.

Sean and I have a very spicy sex life, even after being together for five years, but there was one variation we had never gotten around to: a threesome. Sean had mentioned his fascination with the ménage à trois years before, but he didn't want to risk our still-new relationship by bringing in a third party so soon. After that, he never mentioned it again, but I knew from the dog-eared copies of Penthouse Variations lying around our house that he was still interested.

Pressing the phone's "send" button, I listened as Tamara's phone rang several times. Tamara and I had been friends since college. She had taken a job at a local strip club as soon as she turned twenty-one, knowing that dancing would pay better than her job at the college bookstore. She had the perfect body for the job—perky 34C tits, long, lean legs, and a taut stomach. Her long, auburn hair and creamy smooth skin didn't hurt either. And of course her love of sex and her adventuresome attitude helped as well.

I had always been attracted to Tamara, and I had gone to see her at the club several times before I started dating Sean. She and I had once kissed during a drunken moment of experimentation in college, and we'd never forgotten it. Whenever we reminisced, one of us always brought it up and wondered what would have happened if we hadn't been so hesitant to take things further. I was thrilled that we might finally find out!

When she answered, I explained the situation to her and she agreed immediately. Both excited, it didn't take us long to devise a plan for the following weekend, and I hung up as Sean was walking into the house after a long day at work. I told him to clear his schedule for the following Saturday night, no questions asked.

By the time Saturday arrived, I was anticipating Sean's surprise as much as he was. At ten o'clock that night we drove over to the club where Tamara works. He thought that was his surprise, but I let him know it was only "Phase One." We watched the dancers for almost two hours before Tamara came on at midnight. She's the club's big attraction these days, and they always put her on late to draw in the crowds and keep them there. Sean was captivated. He couldn't take his eyes off her during her set. Then again, neither could I.

"So, honey, did you enjoy Tamara's show?" I asked, smirking, when she finally left the stage. Sean blinked several times, refocusing on me after staring so intently at my friend, and nodded dumbly.

As soon as he came back to reality, I took Sean's hand and dragged him out of the club. He seemed confused when we didn't turn back onto the highway to go home, but instead took off down the town's main street and headed for the apartment complex where Tamara lives.

In a few minutes we reached Tamara's condo. I grinned wickedly as I knocked on the door, and when it swung open, Sean's jaw dropped and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. There stood Tamara, still wearing her grand-finale costume—a black G-string and nothing else—and holding a bottle of champagne, her thumb poised to pop the cork. "Surprise!" she yelled as the bubbly spilled out over the bottle and onto her hand. She giggled at herself—and at Sean's stupefied look—before taking a swig and passing it to me. By the time I passed the bottle back, Sean had managed to blink and was staring at us curiously.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Well," I said breathlessly, "this is your birthday present, since you already have everything else."

"Huh?" He clearly didn't get it.

"What's the one thing you've wanted since before we got together?" I asked. When I got no response, I elaborated, leading him to the answer with a drawn-out, "Sexually."

He blinked at me several times, his face blank, until it finally hit him. "You mean…" he asked, somewhat in shock.

"Finally, he gets it," I said to Tamara, biting back a smile at the astonishment in his voice. "If we had to spend all night explaining things, we'd never get around to the fun part!" She laughed with me before turning to Sean.

"So, what do you think, birthday boy? Up for some fun?" she asked.

Glancing in my direction, Sean hesitated, but when I nodded, he jumped to action. I barely had time to blink before his lips were fused to Tamara's. Taken by surprise, her arms dangled at her sides until—champagne forgotten—the bottle she held dropped to the plush carpet and her arms twined around my boyfriend's neck, pulling him closer. Sean moaned into the kiss and let his hands wander down Tamara's bare back and sides before moving them to her large, succulent tits.

Pulling back a bit, Tamara let her head loll as Sean gently massaged her breasts. When he moved his mouth over one of her long, stiff nipples and licked it, she squealed, arching her back and forcing her chest farther into his mouth and using his arms to pull his head closer. My pussy was getting wet from watching the two of them. Slipping my hand beneath my short skirt, glad I had chosen to forgo panties, I ran a single finger along my slick folds. My eyes slipped shut and, fantasizing about what would happen later that night, I dipped a finger into my dripping cunt and used my thumb to rub my aching clit. I was so lost in my daydream that I didn't realize I had let out a loud moan—or that Tamara and Sean had parted and were now surrounding me.

It wasn't until I felt someone's hands on my tits that my eyes shot open, only to find Tamara before me, her fingers tweaking my nipples through my halter top. When my eyes connected with hers, she leaned forward to kiss me, keeping one hand on my chest while the other reached around my back. My own hands left their previous activities and reached for the slender redhead before me. Grasping her hips, I pulled her against me, noticing when I did that her G-string was gone and she was completely naked. We spent several minutes exploring each other's mouth and body, our tongues dueling while our hands wandered over soft, feminine curves.

My hands had found their way to Tamara's ass and were fondling the smooth, silky flesh there while hers were busy untying my halter, whisking away the flimsy scrap of material. Our tits mashed together, nipples rubbing against each other as we continued exploring.

It was then that I noticed Sean, shirtless and pants open, cock in hand and staring at us intently. It was obvious that he was feeling left out, so pulling away from Tamara, I sauntered over to him. "What are you doing all the way over here," I asked, "when all the fun is happening over there?" I gestured toward Tamara. Then, reaching down, I gripped his shaft and began leading him across the room. As soon as we reached her, Tamara dropped to her knees in front of Sean and licked the head of his turgid dick. She then replaced my hand with her own and began pumping him, following her fist's path with her lips and tongue. As soon as she had a good rhythm going, I knelt beside her and, once we'd shifted to make room, I leaned in, licking and fondling his balls. With two women concentrating all of their attention on his shaft, I knew it wouldn't be long before he was ready to explode.

Wanting to prolong our pleasure, I moved away when I sensed he was getting too close to the edge, and instead turned my attention to Tamara. Crawling around my friend, I settled on the floor behind her and situated myself between her legs. She was so caught up in giving Sean an expert blowjob that she didn't notice my movement until my tongue reached up and flicked her clit. The tip of my tongue had simply tapped her throbbing love button, but it was enough for her to halt her actions and sigh around my boyfriend's dick. Encouraged by my ability to arouse her with such a simple touch, I dove right in, licking along her shimmering pussy lips and alternating between flicking and sucking her puffy clit.

Once Tamara had accustomed herself to my presence between her thighs, she continued with Sean's blow-job. Between my boyfriend's moaning and the taste of Tamara's pussy juice, I was getting extremely hot. When Tamara started writhing on my face, I knew she was on the verge of a climax and sped up my actions, licking more furiously as she wriggled and sighed above me. Her juices were flooding my mouth when I heard Sean's cock pop free of her lips and her loud sigh of ecstasy.

She was still thrusting her pussy against my mouth when I heard her tell Sean to fuck me. "I want her to come on your cock while I come in her mouth," she said.

Then Sean was on the floor, lifting my legs over his shoulders and thrusting into my sopping cunt. He was in to the hilt on the first thrust, and he quickly began slamming away between my legs. Tamara was still coming, my face covered with her slippery juices, while my boyfriend pumped rapidly into me.

Sean was grunting loudly as he continued pounding into my sex, and I was moaning into Tamara's pussy as I slurped up the juices still clinging to her lips after her climax. Then I was thrusting my hips off the floor, meeting Sean stroke for stroke. It didn't take long for my boyfriend to climax, shouting out as he shot his hot load deep into my cunt. I came a few strokes later, sighing into my girlfriend's pussy. When we had all calmed down again, Tamara lifted herself off my face and leaned over, kissing me on the lips.

"Well, that was fun," she said. "But I still haven't been fucked, and it's too early to quit, so what do you say we move this party into the bedroom?"

Laughing, Sean and I agreed and followed her to the other side of the apartment, where a king-size bed awaited. The short trek was all it took to renew both Sean's erection and our energy, and we spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking in every position we could imagine.

Maybe for his twenty-eighth birthday we'll make it a foursome. Tamara said she knows a girl who would be up for it, and I can't think of any better way to top his celebratory ménage à trois!

—Ms. S.N., Nebraska

Lusty Lesley's Slumber Party Birthday Spanking

For my twenty-fifth birthday party, I decided to make it a girls-only affair. Since I was single, as were most of my closest friends, this made sense. Before that night, I hadn't realized how much I'd missed one of my favorite erotic activities: bending over and getting spanked. I was in for quite a treat, all courtesy of my great group of girlfriends.

My friend Amanda agreed to host the affair at her house—since hers was the biggest—and everyone agreed to bring something. On the big night, balloons, cupcakes, decorations, DVDs, and gifts surrounded us. We planned to stay up all night and have a real slumber party. For starters, we all changed into nighties and pajamas. I was given a sexy pale blue negligee and tiny matching thong, which I quickly put on. Somehow, simply by our stripping down, we had made the mood in the room more intimate. We were joking around, but I got the sense that beneath the laughter, there was simmering sexual tension, which wouldn't be unusual amongst my racy group of friends.

Then we settled in to watch the movie Dirty Dancing and to give each other pedicures and manicures. When Amanda started blowing on my fingers to dry them, I took the time to admire her. She has blonde hair, a contrast to my own brunette, and she looked adorable as she focused on making my nails perfect. Plus her hot breath on my fingertips made my nipples hard. Amanda and I have had hot and heavy makeout sessions in the past, but that's as far as it had gone.

As the movie came to a close with the classic "No one puts Baby in a corner" line, I realized how turned on I was by being around such pretty girls in revealing outfits. Amanda was sitting next to me, our thighs touching, and she turned to me, gave me a slow smile and said, "I think it's time for you to get your birthday spanking, don't you?"

As soon as she said it I blushed, thinking about being bent over and having everyone watch me get spanked. Plus, twenty-five—and one to grow on—is a lot of smacks, but she started gathering everyone around, promising me they'd take turns. Amanda settled me so I was draped over the dining room table, able to rest my arms on the wood to support myself. I hadn't really thought about a birthday spanking, but I was glad I'd worn the thong, because it showed off my butt perfectly.

I knew for some of the girls it was more of a silly prank, but I can't take spanking lightly. Merely the thought of getting whacked on my bottom makes me tremble with desire, but I tried to stay calm and lighthearted. "Are you ready, Lesley?" Amanda asked. The TV was off, and the room was filled with the sound of girls shuffling and whispering.


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