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A chance meeting, a sizzling rendezvous, a surprise visit… The next installment in the bestselling Penthouse series celebrates unexpected encounters. The Editors of Penthouse have handpicked letters about wild adventures involving unanticipated pursuit and capture.


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Abandoned by Her Husband, She Draws on Her Hidden Talents

Last summer my husband left me for another woman, leaving me at 35 to care alone for our 13-year-old and 9-year-old.

One night while my mom had the kids, I was drinking with my friend Linda to help relax. I was working one part-time job and needed another. Linda said she could hook me up with her job as a part-time cleaner for an older man if I wanted, as she was taking a better-paying full-time job shortly. I said sure, that would be great, and she said she'd arrange everything.

Three days passed. Then Linda called and said that it was all set and gave me the address. She went on to say she thought she'd mention that while she was there, the more skin she showed, the better pay she got.

The following Monday I went to this gentleman's house. It was in a well-to-do part of town, and it was big. I was nervous as I knocked on the door, but I relaxed a little when a well-built man with a nice smile opened the door. His name was Lou. He got me a Coke, and we chatted.

Lou was a 57-year-old widower whose wife had died four years ago. He managed a few clubs in the city and needed a housekeeper to help out. As he talked, I noticed him checking out my conservative yet sexy outfit, especially my legs. (I'm what you'd call a "leggy" brunette, 36-24-35.)

I began the next day. After several days, Lou and I were on pretty friendly terms. He gave me a set of keys and even let me borrow one of his cars for errands and such. By the third week, I started realizing what Linda meant. It was hot that Tuesday, so I wore a summer dress that was somewhat revealing. I caught Lou checking me out several times. I actually gave him shots of cleavage and thigh—even my butt as I bent over once or twice.

A week or so later, Lou said he was having some friends over for a get-together and asked if I'd like to hostess. I agreed. The night of the party, I wore a short black cocktail dress, braless and with black thigh-high stockings. The material clung to my every curve. The moment Lou saw me, his eyes almost popped out.

Within a few minutes, his friends arrived. Most of them were in their late 50s, but they were all very nice. As I served the first arrivals, I felt an occasional pat on the ass. But I'd had a drink or two, so I didn't mind.

After an hour there were about 15 people. A knock came at the door, and Lou returned with two tall, handsome black men. He introduced them to me as Bart and Greg. They seemed in their mid-20s—definitely the youngest guests. Time passed, and a few guests left, but Bart and Greg were close by me all the time.

Lou came over and said we were going to all move to another room. Bart and Greg actually stayed with me as I cleaned up a little in the first room. Soon Bart came over and put his arms around me, saying I was real sexy. He asked if I'd like to go upstairs with him.

I thought, very bold! And initially I said no. But after some more talk, I consented hesitantly.

We wound up in a bedroom. First we talked a little. Then Bart put his hands on my shoulders and slid the straps of my dress down my arms, stopping just as my dress was at my breasts. My stomach was in knots, and I jumped when I suddenly heard Greg's voice behind me saying, "Maybe the bed is big enough for three."

With that, he reached for me and slipped my dress to the floor. I stepped out of it, in only my stockings—with my big breasts on display.

I heard gasps that didn't seem to be in the room with us, and it suddenly dawned on me that we were being watched. Some of the other guests, and maybe even Lou himself, were about to watch me be fucked!

Bart got me on my hands and knees on the bed, and I looked in the mirror at the head. Naturally I assumed it was a two-way mirror. As Bart was feeling my breasts, I moaned. "You're beautiful," he said. "You want a good fucking, don't you, baby?"

In response, I just moaned.

Greg stood right in front of me and stripped. I watched while Bart played with my breasts. Greg pulled his boxers down, and a huge black cock sprang out at my face. Bart maneuvered me a little toward the side of the bed, and Greg pulled my face level with his cock.

"Come on, babe, suck my black cock," he said.

I opened my mouth wide and slid my lips over him while reaching up to massage his balls. I used my other hand to feel his hard-as-steel butt and pull him to me. I was acting like a total slut instead of a 35-year-old mother of two!

Bart started to pull my panties down, and I wiggled my ass slowly for him. From behind, I heard the sound of him undressing.

"She sucks like a real slut," Greg said to him.

They maneuvered me onto my side. Greg lay behind me, lifted my leg, and penetrated me from the rear. When his big shaft was in me to the hilt, he started to move, grinding slowly into me. Then I saw Bart's cock for the first time. It was awesome—longer than any I'd ever seen and so thick that I couldn't reach around it.

He lay down and went into a 69 with me. As he rubbed his cock over my face, I felt him lick my clit. Greg, whose cock was still in me, stopped fucking me and held my shoulders to keep me fully embedded on his cock. I thought I'd faint from the sheer intensity of it.

Greg gripped me tightly and urged me to fuck him. I bucked against him until he filled me with his seed. Bart got me in doggie position and gripped my hips as he pushed deep in me. I moaned as he held my hair and pounded me, making me shudder while stretching my vaginal walls till we both cried out.

Bart pulled out, and I felt him shoot his last spurts over my ass. I collapsed forward with him on top of me, briefly crushing me. Then he got up off me, and I rested. About a minute later I was aware of maybe five men standing around me on the bed. Their cocks were nothing like Bart's and Greg's, but I took them in my mouth and stroked them until one by one they covered my face and breasts with their semen.

I fell asleep afterward and was awakened in the morning by Lou parting my legs and mounting me in my sleep as I lay on my belly. He fucked me quickly, coming inside me and then leaving. When I went downstairs, he had breakfast ready for me. We didn't say much afterward.

Roughly six weeks later Lou asked me to hostess again for him, and of course it was a repeat of the first time. This happened twice more before I got a full-time job somewhere else. Each time I did the "hostess" routine, I made an extra 500 dollars for the week. Not bad for a little fun!

H.L., Toronto, Ontario

Just Give 'Em What They Want, and Get a Weekend to Remember

I have a real Saturday-night experience to share.

I drove back to my hometown on a Saturday night for some fun—a 325-mile trip for a piece of ass! I had seen this girl one time over Thanksgiving, and we hit it off. Then we hooked up on the third date, sometime in early December.

After that, even with all the traveling I was doing for work, I took the time to call, and we continued to talk. There was no doubt that there was chemistry there.

You know that the heart grows fonder with time, distance, and loneliness. So, talking to her from hotels all over the country, I had a chance to build that chemistry over the phone. Not to mention being on active duty for 22 days in the desert in Nevada—that made the hormones build up for some action.

After canceling on the girl for a hookup in February, I decided June was the time to see if the sparks were still there. We planned to spend the weekend together, starting on Friday. She said there was a festival going on in town, and there would be live music at a cozy club she knew.

Now, being squeezed into a small club sounded good! And man, does a beer taste good after you've driven for six hours!

The night went on, the streets closed down, and it was back to her place. She had just moved in a few weeks ago. Her two-bedroom apartment was great, and her roommate was coming home late.

She had an air mattress on top of a new bed frame, no box spring. There were initially enough boards below us to keep the mattress nice and level. But when bedtime came and the passion started, we snapped one of the boards. Lights went on, and I took the boards out. On the floor went the mattress, followed by a full workout, followed by rest.

Morning came, and I wanted to seal the deal again. It went well; the girl had talents. The roommate wasn't too happy about all the noise. Oh, well, she can suck it, too!

We enjoyed the afternoon at the art museum, but I had a feeling things were just about sex. Which I definitely wanted! After lunch we decided on some movies, which were rented and watched. But that evening I bowed out. I decided to go see my brother and some friends an hour's drive away.

I had meant to stay the weekend, but there came the realization that my feelings were done. I'd read the book on the girl, and I didn't want the rest. So I left.

She was going to the same town as me, to visit her family. We're from the same hometown, which is how we came to meet over holidays. I left, and she left, and an hour later I was home, baby! She cried, but she called that night and closure was made.

I was getting a little excited after bailing, and thought more fun might be in store. Back on my old stomping ground, I cruised down Main Street and pulled into a drive-in for a burger and a float. I had to kill some time; my brother and my friends were at a movie that was just about done. No problem, it was a good burger and float. I love that place.

Off to the bar. There's one bar in town we all start a night at, and usually end up at as well. Cruising to the bar, I noticed three girls at a gas station. One in particular was rocking, and I mean rocking. She was wearing a pink skirt. Good visual image. I got to the bar and caught up with the crowd while I waited for my brother and friends to show.

Eventually they got there, but not before I bumped into Pink-Skirt Girl. I went up to her and said I was checking her out on the way here. She liked the attention. She and her friends kept playing with and adjusting their boobs. Nice.

I got up to get another drink, and talked to some more girls I know, hearing the latest about who got their nipples pierced. I was really happy to see this one girl got them done. She's short and damn fuckable.

I'm working on the twist here, folks. Keep in mind Pink-Skirt Girl. I planted the seed and ignored her friends.

I went to a new bar that just got changed into a Vegas-style lounge. Not bad for a small town! I had a few drinks, then visited one more bar. I left there at closing time and walked back to the first bar.

People were gathering on the street. I saw the girl in the pink skirt. I talked to her a little. She kissed me and bit my lip. Ooh! Naw, I'm not liking that! Well, she introduced me to her friend and said she needed a ride home. I looked over, and here was this smoking-hot blonde with a nice body—boobs, ass, blue eyes.

Hell, yeah, I had sobered enough to drive. And with the fact that it was raining, with thunder and lightning, the cops had better things to do than follow me. I hooked my arm, and she stepped right into place. Oh, yeah, my brother and my friends were right there to see me walk away with this hot blonde.

I got her in the car and drove toward her house in a nearby town. I had some idea where it was. I got on the highway and listened to her some 50 percent. She went into her thing. She likes guys that act like it's no big deal to have a hot chick in their car. She says the more I act like I don't care, the more it turns her on. This girl is a freak!

So I played into her game. It was pouring, and the lightning was turning this girl on! Now we're lost. So we turn around and go back. I ask about a hotel room, and she says yes! So we go to one hotel, it's full. But the lady calls next door, and they got space. (Whew, almost got shot down!)

We check in, and I get the overnight bag. Kissing starts, and I put her on top. She teases me, saying I don't know how to untie a bra. I snap my left fingers, and it's off. Ha, girl! I get her naked, and she wants it now. I play with her pussy, my fingers caressing her G-spot using a method from Men's Health. (Thanks for that one, by the way!)

She says to stop playing around and get inside her already. Following orders, I wrap it up. At this point she gets crazy, calling herself a slut and telling me to fuck her hard! She's loud and moaning. This is great!

I want to flip her around and watch her boobs spring back and forth, but we don't get there. Five or six minutes and we're both at the breaking point. We come and feel totally relaxed.

From just meeting on the street to two hours later in bed with the girl!

And this is no whore from the city. She's a good girl from the country, with standards. We had a little sex talk after, then set the alarm, as she was going to church in the morning! I was thinking, this girl's gonna burst into flames as she passes through the doorway!

We got up and dressed, then went down to pay the bill. The girl at the front desk was Asian and stacked. She knew it, too, because she wore a low-cut blouse and had a small silky black scarf on her neck that was resting in between her mounds.

I asked about a military discount. She messed with the computer, answered the phone a few times, and said, "Don't worry about the bill."

Wow, free sex, free hotel!

We left. I had to get her home so she could go to church. She brought up the fact that the girl at the front desk was stacked. Very hot. I took her home. No phone-number exchange. I found out on the way home she'd been in a relationship for three years and was only 23 and not looking for marriage. The BF proposed a week earlier, and she blew him off, "to think about it."

This girl was into watching porn. Kinky and fun. Her BF seemed to be low on the wild animal sex she likes. She didn't like the fact that he's a romantic. And I was thinking, Wow, I wish all chicks were like this.

I dropped her off at her place, and that was it. Good-bye, no phone, no commitment. I'm calling this "the perfect game." I've never seen it before, and thought it was an urban legend. But it happened. One weekend, two girls, no strings!

It's Tuesday night now, and I'm giving you guys the debrief. I hope you enjoyed it. Now I need to find a new girl. As it happens, tomorrow is ladies' night! It's fantastic to be 27 and single.

F.S., Shreveport, Louisiana

Sometimes You Get a Second Chance With One Who Got Away

I guess I never really got over my ex-girlfriend. We dated for two years, and she was so fucking hot—a size one, five feet tall, with long straight dark hair, just really sexy. (See what bodybuilding gets ya?)

Anyway, we broke up because she has two kids and at the time I was too young to get into that type of situation. But we kept in contact over the years, here and there.

This went on for about five years. Then a couple of weeks ago she called me at my work (I own my own business) and said she really wanted to get together and see me, because she was going through a real rough breakup.

I said sure, and we made plans to meet at the mall and have lunch. Oh, yes, did I mention that she said she recently had a boob job? Oh, yeah! She said that now she's a full C. So hell yeah, I wanted to get together!

As soon as I saw her, I regretted that we broke up. She just looked really pretty. She said she was happy to see me, but I could tell she was sad. While we had lunch I tried to cheer her up, joking around and stuff, and by the time we finished eating, she seemed to be feeling better.

Oh, yes, by the way, her breasts were just incredible!

After lunch, I said I needed to go try on some shirts, and she said she would come along. I picked out a few and went into the dressing room. As it was the middle of the day, it was kind of empty. I noticed that the dressing-room doors went all the way down to the floor and called out to her, "Hey, come on in!"

She giggled and said she couldn't. I told her that wives go in with their husbands all the time, plus it was pretty empty. So she came in.

I tried on a few shirts while she sat on the bench and watched. She was just staring at me when I had my shirt off, and I knew I had to go for it. When she said I looked great, I said, "So do you." Then I said, "Let me see your boobs!"

She laughed and said no. But after a while she took them out. (Remember, we did go out for two years.) I started to feel them, and she just sighed. It was hot! At this point I had no shirt on, just jeans.

I couldn't take it, looking at her, and said, "Let me go down on you!"

She said, "No, we can't! Someone will hear!"

I said, "Just be quiet," and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. She was tan and looked just super. Her pussy was shaved, with no stubble anywhere. (I still don't know how she does that.) She tasted delicious, like cotton candy!

With people walking in and out of the other dressing rooms, she tried to keep quiet, but she made a bit of noise. I glanced at us in the mirror and couldn't believe how fucking hot we looked.

She said, "I want you, but we're in a dressing room!"

I said, "So what!"

I stood up, and she undid my pants and pulled them down. At this point I was ten-hut, if you get me. She proceeded to give me the slowest, hottest blowjob I ever had.

I needed to screw her. I pushed her back on the bench and knelt in front of her. I pushed my dick in her slowly, with her moaning the entire time it was going in. This was the hottest sex session I ever had! Her hips moved slowly up and down, meeting my slow thrusts. She bit her lip and almost held her breath trying not to make any noise.

I could see us in the full-length mirror next to us. She looked over, too, and simply stared. It was so fucking hot! I couldn't believe I was lasting as long as I did, but after a few minutes, when I knew I was going to come, I pulled it out and shot everywhere. Somehow I managed to shoot my load all over her gorgeous little body and her beautiful redone tits!

We sat there catching our breath, and I looked around for something to clean her off with. The only thing I saw was one of the shirts I had tried on. I said, "Fuck it!" and wiped her up. I was going to buy the shirt, but I decided against it. After we got dressed, before we left the dressing room I hung the shirt back up! Wrong as it was, we both laughed. I couldn't believe it.

Needless to say, we have been talking every day, and it looks like we may move in together. I can tell you, I'm not going to let this gorgeous girl get away again!

R.H., El Paso, Texas

First-Date Jitters? No Reason to Fret— Just Kick Back and Enjoy

I was new to the area—not so much "fresh off the boat" as that I hadn't yet seen much of California.

Just when I thought I'd be spending the summer evening alone, I bumped into a stranger named Matthew, a guy with a football player's physique and deep-blue-sea eyes, a conservative 20-something male I knew I wanted to know more about. (Sexually? I asked myself.)

Around seven, as the sun started to set, I was dressing for my date with Matthew. We had agreed to meet around nine, and everyone knows there's never enough time for a girl to make a good impression on a first date.

I took out my matching panty-and-bra sets. What color do I feel like today? I asked myself. I chose the black lacy G-string that sets perfectly on my hips and the matching bra that you can see my nipples through. Nice combo, I said to myself as I turned to look at my ass in the mirror.

I took my time looking through the closet, trying on all my cocktail dresses, and chose the tiniest black one I could find, which shows the most cleavage, and hot little black platforms that don't make me look too much like a stripper. Or was that the look I was going for? I wondered to myself.

All I knew was that I already wanted to fuck him, this stranger I'd met in passing as I was on my way to work. That very morning I had been considering buying myself a new toy at a porn shop down the street from my townhouse! But after I made eye contact with this hot boy, I figured he could be my new toy.

Maybe I shouldn't wear panties at all, I thought. Yes, crossing and uncrossing my legs would be a little more difficult, but Matthew might be the kind of guy who'd finger me under the table if I played my cards right! The very thought made my nipples good and hard. All in good time, I thought.

Around a quarter to nine on that clear Wednesday summer evening I pulled into the lounge where we were to meet, a sort of higher-class dive bar. Matthew had said he'd be sitting in one of the corner booths. I turned left as I walked in, and our eyes locked.

I could tell he was thinking "great tits," so I flashed him my best flirty smile and strutted slowly over to our table. He stood up to greet me, took my hand gently, and kissed my cheek. His cologne was so seductive, my nerves were already getting wild.

As I sat, I was thankful I'd worn panties, because my juices were getting in a frenzy. We talked for an hour or so, about bullshit—nothing serious, each other mostly, where we came from, who we were. I just wanted to get the general idea he wasn't some weirdo off the street. Even though a girl likes to get fucked, she has standards, mostly.

What with drinking cocktails and a bottle of wine, we decided we should take things somewhere else. I didn't want to give myself away by any means, but I did imagine myself being stripped of all my clothing in the middle of nowhere, looking over the city.

I excused myself and headed for the ladies' room before we left the darkly set atmosphere of the lounge. As soon as I walked into the latrine, I took my wet panties off and stuffed them in my purse. Did we really have such a stimulating conversation, I asked myself, or was it the way he looked at my curves and mouth and the way he kept rubbing his hands together, like he wanted to put them around my waist, that got me so juicy?

At that point I didn't care. I knew the guy had the same intentions I did. As I walked out, he glanced my way, so I licked my lower lip slowly, biting it and staring into his eyes, reeling him in with my seductive ways. He looked away for a second, saying "Ohmygod" to himself. I smiled ear to ear, knowing I would either eat him alive or be the best he'd ever had.

"I'd like to go somewhere we could be a little private," I said. "See a bit more of the city. Maybe a lookout? I've never been to a lookout here." I did my best to sound a little innocent.

He drove along the coast a ways. By that time we had discovered that we were on the same level—both of us in need of some pleasure, both ready and willing.

Matthew got out of the car, then came around and opened my door and took my hand, again gently. The place was just what I imagined: dark sky, luminescent reflections from the city gleaming around us, the ocean, the beach. The beach, I thought. Yes, that's one of my fantasies!

I turned around, feeling his warmth close to mine. But he seemed hesitant, perhaps thinking he expected to be the aggressor and didn't want to make the vixen uncomfortable, so he'd have to take it slow.

I put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him, starting "soft and wet" and progressing to "hard and animalistic." He was starting to get the feeling that I'm a naughty girl. He reached for my ass, and I moaned from the electricity that came rushing through my body from his fingertips.

I started kissing his neck under the collar of his Polo and rubbed my hands up and down his back under his shirt. He reached for the bottom of my dress, then moved his hands up my fresh skin, caressing from the cleft of my ass up to the small of my back.

"No panties," I said, hoping he'd get the hint that I wasn't a little girl anymore. I heard him give some sort of approval. At that point I didn't care. I just wanted him to devour me, to worship my little body. So I felt for the bulge in his pants. That was no Vienna sausage I found, but a thick, long, throbbing prick already juicing at its tip.

Since I wanted to make the first move, I didn't even wait for him to see what kind of treasure my little box concealed. I just unzipped his big member from his tight designer jeans and grabbed hold of it.

"I want to suck your cock," I said, and promptly seized the opportunity to set my lips on his luscious big dick.

Everything soon got slippery from all the drool pouring out of my cock-hungry mouth. I put my tongue on his scrotum and licked up to the tip of his cock. Suddenly he lifted me up and set my ass down on the hood of his car.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I said. Without a word, with just a happy smirk, he pulled my dress off and unstrapped my bra professionally.


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