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If the scent of well-oiled leather and the crack of a whip get you hot, you’ve come to the right place. In the kinkiest collection ever, Letters to Penthouse’s most adventurous readers bare their souls and reveal their wildest fantasies. An unlucky (or lucky?) cheater gets tag-teamed by his wife and mistress.

A too-sexy flirt trades her microskirt for a collar, leash, and hot wax. A stern mistress teases her slave girls inside their locked cage. Unspeakable desires become intense nights of passion for these men and women who surrender to their darkest lusts. And they’ve invited you to join the fun.



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First eBook Edition: September 2008

ISBN: 978-0-446-54272-2

Paging Dr. Slave! Naughty Nurse Fantasizes
About Topping Her Former Boss

For twelve years, I worked for a very busy, talented doctor. I started right out of nursing school and soon became as knowledgeable about all the procedures he performed as he was. I loved working for him and only left when he moved to another town. I was always strictly professional, but at night, I'd go home and fantasize about Doctor Dave. As I made dinner or watched TV, I'd think about what might have been. Even now, so many years later, I still think of him fondly, sometimes jerking off to dirty scenarios of me dominating him. This is what my typical fantasy is like:

The workday has ended, and we're alone in the office and have the exam room all to ourselves. The silence is eerie, but also arousing. The handsome doctor looks even sexier than usual, and all I want to do is grab his ass—so I do. As I brush past him to put away some equipment, I grab a handful of his butt cheek. "Now that our day is over, I'm in charge of what goes on around here," I say, giving voice to the fantasy I've had of taking control since my first day.

When he moans, I know he wants the same thing. I hear a clatter as he drops something on the floor. When he kneels to pick it up, I give him a sharp whack on the ass. "Leave it," I bark. "You're going to take off all your clothes and climb up onto this examination table. Then you will spread your legs and place them in the stirrups." My tone leaves no room for argument. I stand up, surveying my surroundings with a new sense of pride and power—suddenly, I control what will happen, rather than taking orders from anyone else. I shuck off my lab coat to reveal a low-cut top that makes my cleavage spill out, along with a tight skirt sporting a bulge in front. I tap my foot on the floor as I wait for him to climb onto the table. The longer I have to wait, the harder he'll have to work to make it up to me.

Finally, Doctor Dave is naked. His fat, hard cock stands upright as he tries not to groan in pleasure. Splayed out on the table, he no longer looks like the muscular, in-charge doctor I know him to be. "I have a surprise for you," I tell him. "Do you need me to buckle your hands down, or do you think you can keep them to yourself?" We've morphed into a dominant/ submissive relationship in moments, revealing our true natures.

"I'll keep them to myself," he says, his voice much softer than his normal tone.

"Very good," I say, not yet letting on how turned on I am that he is obeying my commands. "And to reward you, I have a treat I think you're going to like. Close your eyes," I say, and when he does, I strip down until all I am wearing is the dildo and harness I had put on in the bathroom during my last office break. The cock is bright red and pretty big. I walk over and tell him to open his eyes so he can see me as I stroke it in my fist as one would a real cock. His eyes widen and he licks his lips. I see a bit of nervousness and intense excitement on his face, then turn to see his cock bobbing in the air. I know it must be a huge effort for him to keep his hands steady at his sides, but he does.

"Do you know what I'm going to do with this dick?" I ask, rubbing my thumb over the head, making my cunt tighten as I stroke it suggestively. When he doesn't answer, I walk closer, reaching out to pinch one of his nipples. He groans, and I tell him, "I'm going to fuck your little asshole. I'm going to make sure tonight's a night you'll never forget." As I speak, I lean over so I can fondle both his hard nubs at once. From his gasps and the jerking of his cock, I know he wants more than a light rub, so I pinch them in earnest.

After making sure they're as hard as they can be, I let go and walk over to the end of the table. "Maybe next time I'll use some nipple clamps on you," I say as I reach for a bottle of lube I've stashed on a corner table. I let the first drop fall onto his asscrack, which is conveniently open to me by the positioning of his legs. Seeing his body shudder as the liquid greets his flesh makes me reach down and rub my pussy, shoving two fingers inside, then taking them out and lightly stroking his cock to let him feel my wetness. Then I drizzle some lube onto the dildo, making it slick.

I rub the head of the toy against his waiting hole. He wiggles against me. "I wonder what your patients would think if they could see their powerful doctor submitting to his nurse and getting fucked in the ass," I say as I press forward enough to send the head of the dildo into his tight, puckered hole. I lean on one of his thighs, holding on as I press in deeper. "I bet they have no idea that deep down you're just another man who longs to surrender to a powerful woman," I say, shoving the cock all the way inside. He moans loudly with pleasure, a look of pure bliss on his face.

His dick is standing straight up, beckoning me to touch it. I grab hold of it and keep my fist tight around it as I get a rhythm going, feeling the base of the dildo push back against my hard clit as I rock into him. "If only I'd known what a turn-on this would be for you, I'd have taken a stethoscope and tied your wrists behind you a long time ago. But it makes sense—the way you're always acting like you're better than everyone around here. You've been asking for someone to put you in your place." I begin grinding against him, slamming the full length of the large toy into his tight hole.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself, Doctor?" I ask, injecting as much sarcasm into his title as I can. Even though he's the boss, it means nothing as he lies there and takes everything I deign to give him. My pussy swells with the thrill of having him at my mercy. I shove into him, sure that the makers of these tables did not intend them to be used for butt-fucking, but they are the exact right height. I watch the red cock emerge from his hole while I give him a handjob. When he starts bucking up and down, trying to get me to go faster, I drop his cock and pull mine out of his ass.

I step away from the table as he makes mewing noises of disappointment, then walk over to our cabinet and take out a speculum. I bring it over to him, opening and closing the plastic device right in front of his eyes. He blinks, and I let it loudly snap closed, startling him. "If you don't stay still and behave, I might have to shove this up your ass to give you a little examination for a change." His lips press together as if he's containing a moan.

"Pia, I'd like to come soon, please," he says, doing his best to be polite when all he wants is to spurt.

"Not until I do," I say, placing the speculum next to him as a reminder. I return to my position and ram my cock back into his hole. I make sure it's hitting my clit at just the right angle as I surge into him. I place my hands on his legs, letting my thumbs massage his inner thighs while I fuck him in the way that feels best for me. Meanwhile, he waits his turn, biting his lip and clearly trying not to erupt before he's allowed. As I feel my orgasm getting closer, I again rub my slit and push three fingers into my tight cunt. My other hand holds the dildo by its base and rubs it against my clit until I cry out, leaning against the table as I climax.

"Now you may come, too," I say, pulling out and rubbing the red dildo against his own cock, pushing the two phalluses together until he spurts all over them. He grunts and pants as his load gushes over his real cock and my fake one.

I make him clean up the mess he's made, plus finish tidying up the office—that's normally my job, but our roles have reversed.

I have plenty of other fantasies about Dave that have gotten me through many lonely nights. I still fit into my old nurse's uniform, and if I ever run into the good doctor, I just may share my fantasies with him.

—Ms. Pia B., via email     

Bound by Her Own Boas, Helen's Helpless to Resist the Ticklish Feathers

I recently discovered that my girlfriend, Helen, had some feather boas hidden away in the back of her closet. I discovered them by accident, and these fluffy little accessories actually helped propel our sex life from good to spectacular.

The evening of my revelation, she was rushing around to get ready for a charity fundraiser and asked me to fetch a dress from her closet. While inside, I came across a fluffy, soft mass of feathers. I took her black dress off the hanger and picked up a thin lilac boa. As it grazed my arm, my mind raced with the erotic possibilities. What if, instead of just draping these ticklish feathers around her neck, I used them to tie her up and tease her? I already knew she was ticklish from accidentally brushing against certain sensitive spots while in bed and figured that sensation could be heightened while she was restrained.

I kept this observation to myself for the moment, though my hard cock might have given my dirty thoughts away if Helen had been paying any attention to me. She was so busy putting the finishing touches on her makeup, however, that she barely noticed the wicked look on my face. It wasn't until we were on the way home, stopped at a red light, that I took the end of her lilac boa and brushed it lightly under her arm. She laughed loudly, slapping at the feathers. "That tickles!" When I brushed it under her chin, she laughed and used both hands to swat at me. "What are you doing?"

"Just having a little fun. I can't believe you had all those boas in your closet and never showed them to me. I want to use them when we get home," I said, letting go and stepping on the gas.

"Use them? You mean you want to wear my boas?" Helen asked with a confused look on her face. The suggestion made me laugh, and I hurried to elaborate, while still keeping my plans secret.

"No, not use them on me, use them on you. You'll see," was all I said as I purposely ignored her, which I knew would only make my inquisitive girl even more curious. She can be very stubborn when she doesn't get what she wants, and my not fully explaining my comment had her mind racing. I could tell from the way she kept blowing her bangs up out of her eyes that she was really frustrated. She fiddled with her seatbelt and kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

Then her gaze flitted down to my lap, where my cock was swelling in my pants. She didn't say anything else, figuring that in this case, it was best to hold off. We were almost home, and the thought of twisting those feathered boas around her wrists and watching her squirm got me going all over again. I felt hornier than I could ever remember being and practically shoved her into the house. "Go take out your entire boa collection," I told her. Helen opened her mouth to question me, but then closed it. She knew she'd find out my plans sooner by doing my bidding.

When I got upstairs a few minutes later, I found her lying across the bed and surrounded by a multicolored pile of beautiful boas. She had her hands above her head and her eyes closed, with her legs spread enough so that I could see her panties beneath her dress. "Stay right there," I said, my dick hardening even more as I approached her. She looked up at me, her eyelashes fluttering as she did her best to stay still. "I'm going to make you feel so good," I said, not giving anything away just yet.

Then I lifted her dress over her head, my cock jerking as she struggled to get out of it. Finally, she was loose. She sat up slightly and reached behind herself to undo her bra. After she removed it, I took both her hands and raised them back above her head. "I told you to stay where you were, Helen." I took the purple boa and knotted it around her wrists.

Helen moaned as soon as she realized what I was doing. "That's right—I'm going to tie you up with your own boas and then tickle you with their feathers until you're begging to be fucked. I'm going to torment you—in a good way," I teased. I reached my hand between her legs as she wiggled against her new bonds. Even though the boas certainly weren't made with bondage in mind, they did their job well. I rubbed my fingers against her panty-covered cunt while she tested her bonds. Her pussy got wetter and wetter the more she struggled against the ticklish knots.

"You like it, don't you? You like being at my mercy, knowing that I can take one of these pretty boas," I said, trailing the end of a hot-pink boa along her neck, then down into her armpit, "and tease you with it. Before I fuck you, I'm going to run these feathers along your thighs and pussy until you beg me for my cock."

"Hmm," was all Helen could come up with as I slipped off her panties, so that all she was "wearing" was the purple boa.

"I think you need a little more decoration," I said, taking a fluffy black boa and wrapping it around and over her breasts. I grabbed another boa and rubbed their feathers along her skin. She giggled when I passed over her stomach, then gasped when I let the pile of plumes brush against the wetness between her spread legs. I dropped most of them back onto the bed, then held the end of one boa in my hand and brought it down to her sole. She playfully kicked out at me, and I captured her foot in my hand. "There'll be none of that, my sweet, unless you want me to tie your ankles together, too," I warned her, noting the shudder that passed through Helen's gorgeous body as my words filled her ears.

I teased her by wrapping one boa around her ankle, but then she eagerly spread her legs. Her pussy looked beautiful, as if it were beckoning me, and my cock was throbbing so hard, I let go of her legs.

I positioned my face at the entrance to her cunt, smiling as I inhaled her scent. She raised her bound wrists above her head, then let them drop, while her knees opened wider to reveal even more of her pussy lips. I lapped at her sex, savoring that first taste of her delicious cream. I held on to her hips, pushing my tongue even deeper into her wet, warm hole. Helen was squirming as her pussy welcomed me in. She slithered against me as she arched her hips upward. I cupped her ass cheeks and feasted on her cunt until she was on the brink of orgasm. Normally, her hands would be running all over my head, tangling in my hair and kneading the back of my neck, but now they couldn't, thanks to my boa knotwork. I found her helplessness incredibly exciting.

When I could tell she was on the brink of climax, I pulled back. "Dennis," she wailed, trying to draw me back in. I stood up, making like I was about to leave, though I could never leave her when she looked so tempting. Instead, I did a slow striptease, making sure my dick hovered very close to her.

"See something you like?" I asked as I took off my shirt and pants, then finally removed my boxers. She whimpered, licking her lips and spreading her legs wide open. I covered her body with mine, threading my fingers through hers as the boa tickled my wrists as well. I let my hard cock rub against her pussy lips, teasing her, while the weight of my body effectively pinned her to the bed. She curled her fingers against mine, while trying to force me inside, but I spent a few delicious minutes savoring the feeling of her sleek slit as it welcomed my hard shaft, before I simply couldn't resist. I shoved my cock inside her cunt, kissing Helen's soft lips as I did. I rubbed her wrist with one of my thumbs, sliding it beneath the ticklish boa. She wiggled her hips incessantly, forcing my cock even deeper inside her as she writhed.

I relished the power I had over Helen, slamming my cock deep inside her as I teased her bound breasts with the ends of the boas. I lifted my head, moving it so I could suck on one nipple while pinching the other through a layer of feathers. Then I rose so I could survey my sexy girlfriend in all her feathered, immobilized glory. "You could have gotten me to tie you up much sooner if you'd showed me your boa stash," I told her, taunting her with the feathers as I brushed them against her neck.

She arched her head back, thrusting her hips as she did, which sent my cock burrowing deep inside her. I stopped talking and started fucking her as hard as I could, feeling my cockhead meeting her cervix with each thrust while her head and bound arms flopped back against the bed. I looked on as she curled and opened her fingers, vainly tugging against her bonds. "From now on, every time you wear any of these boas, you're going to think about my cock and about the way you feel right now. In fact, I predict these boas aren't going to have much of a life outside of our bedroom," I told her as I crashed down against her, spurting my load into her hole as I imagined her walking down the street, her cheeks blushing a furious red as a boa tickled her neck and made her pussy tingle. I pulled out, then shoved three fingers into her cunt. She came with only a few thrusts of my fingers, crying out in ecstasy as her orgasm overtook her.

I discovered another plus to using her feathered accessories for bondage—they didn't leave any marks. Our boa bondage would be our little secret, but one that ensured that the mere mention of a feather would be enough to send us scurrying to the bedroom. I plan to investigate what else is lurking in Helen's closet very soon. Who needs fancy sex toys when you can have kinky fun without spending a penny?

—Mr. Dennis L., Detroit, Michigan     

Naughty Hubby Gets What's Coming to Him When His Wife and Mistress Tag-Team Top Him!

"Mistress Megan, I'll do anything you want me to. I'm at your service and want to worship you with my tongue—and my cock. I will clean your house naked and let you order me around. I will let you shackle me to the bed and have your way with me. Anything to please you. Your slave, Jeff."

I sent the email to my mistress, then looked at the time and realized I was running late. I closed my laptop, then scrambled to get dressed before kissing my wife, Vivian, good-bye as I hurriedly left the house. On my drive in to work, my cock hardened as I thought about all the devilish things I'd promised my mistress I'd do for her when we finally met in person. I love my wife, don't get me wrong, and we have great sex, but I couldn't really picture her doing the things my online dominant told me she wanted to do to me.

I liked having each of them in my life, each fulfilling a different purpose, and I have to admit that having a naughty little secret also filled me with some glee. My e-mail exchanges with my mistress had opened my mind to the possibilities of submission, which I was eager to explore in real life. After a month of steamy chatting, in which I told her all the ways I wanted to pleasure her, I was eager to meet her in person. I thought it would be too uppity of me to ask for all the things I wanted, like her shackling me to the bed, spanking me with her bare hand, and telling me precisely when and how I could jerk off, but from her bossy written tone, I knew she shared my fantasies. We arranged to meet at a local bar, and in the days leading up to our encounter, I was so horny I could barely contain myself. I masturbated in the shower, picturing Mistress Megan pinching my nipples, tying up my cock, and controlling me in every way.

Finally, the day I would meet my own personal goddess arrived. My cock was hard all day from thinking about serving her. But when I got to the bar, I got the surprise of my life—not only was the gorgeous Mistress Megan waiting for me, but so was Vivian! I stood there with my jaw hanging open. While I panicked over being caught, part of me was turned on by seeing the two hottest women in my life in the same room. Both stood when I entered, crossing their arms in front of their chests. Mistress Megan was even taller and more imposing than I had expected her to be. She was more than a head taller than Vivian, and clad all in black, with pointy, tall heels, bright red lipstick, and long, black hair. She looked much like the photo I'd seen of her, but managed to make me even more nervous and aroused than she ever had in our online game playing.

"What's going on?" I asked, since neither of them seemed inclined to say a word.

"Why don't you tell us?" Vivian asked, stepping closer. I couldn't decipher the look on her face—she might have been angry, or amused, or aroused—or perhaps all three.

"I… well… I guess you've met Megan," I said to Vivian, trying to look contrite even as my cock started tenting my pants.

"So, submitting to a woman turns you on?" she said, her eyes traveling down to my erection, before she stepped closer and lightly ran her fingers over my cock. I didn't care about all the people who might be watching; my only concern was what the two women in front of me thought. "Yes, you're right. I've not only met Megan, but I've read all your correspondence. In fact, she and I have figured out just what you need to do to repent for straying from me."

Her fingers ran up from my crotch to my neck and under my chin. Her touch electrified me and made me look at my beloved wife in a completely new way—maybe she wasn't so far in temperament from my mistress, after all! She turned me so I was facing away from her, then grabbed me by my shirt collar. I heard the clack of heels on the floor and then Mistress Megan was behind me, too, grabbing my ass as the two imposing women pushed me forward. I was about to get the kind of treatment all submissive men long for.

They led me the three blocks to Mistress Megan's car like that, with my face blushing and my cock rock-hard. I had no idea what they were going to do to me—I had only imagined being "punished" by my mistress, not two women at once! "Lie down and don't get up until the car stops," Mistress Megan barked at me as Vivian opened the door and put me in the backseat. I wouldn't have dreamed of disobeying them, so I lay there with my cock throbbing and my senses on high alert. The two women kept up a steady banter during the ride, as if I hardly even existed. Somehow, being ignored also turned me on no end—the thrill of having these powerful women bonding and knowing they'd already crafted a punishment regimen for me made me so horny I almost came in my pants.

But instead, I waited patiently, not saying a word. When Mistress Megan pulled into a parking space, they both got out. Vivian was the one who opened the door nearest my head. I looked up at her, awed by how tall and imposing she appeared from that angle. I opened my mouth to say something, but she stopped me. "No talking, Jeff, or we'll have to gag you," she declared before leading me out of the car.

They marched me inside, where I was led down the stairs to a dungeon. Mistress Megan had alluded to her well-stocked dungeon in our chats, but the sight of it took my breath away. The walls were full of implements ranging from floggers, to handcuffs, to knives and coils of rope. The women led me over to a bench, but before bending me over, they made me strip. "Take your clothes off—now!" Mistress Megan commanded. I must have moved too slowly as I unzipped my pants because Vivian stepped forward.

"I'll do it, since you're such a slowpoke," she said, roughly removing my clothes. Then my mistress tied my ankles and wrists to the bench's legs, while Vivian wrapped a blindfold around my eyes. I couldn't see, but I could certainly feel as they took turns slapping my ass. Their blows got progressively harder as the spanking continued. "You thought you were so sly, didn't you, Jeff? Well, I was on to you from the first letter you wrote. Megan knew you were married, so she wasn't shocked to hear from me. In fact, I've been feeding her some ideas about ways to deal with you," my wife said, her words shocking me. "Vivian's not the dominant type?" my wife continued mockingly, quoting my own words back to me as she slapped my ass with a stiff, hard object that felt like a ruler, delivering one whack to punctuate each harshly spoken word.

"You have one chance to redeem yourself," Mistress Megan said, and I moaned. "Quiet, or we really will shove a gag in your mouth. For now, though, we're going to stuff your mouth full of pussy. You have to get both of us off with your tongue in ten minutes, otherwise we're going to find a new slave. And yes, that includes your pretty little wife," she said, untying me, then slipping off my blindfold in time for me to see her grab Vivian and give my wife a lusty, tongue-filled kiss. My dick went wild at the sight of those beautiful women kissing, and my mouth watered at the mere thought of worshiping two beautiful pussies.

They stopped kissing, and I crawled over to them. "Oh, there's a catch," said my mistress. She then took my wrists and bound them behind my back. "We just want your tongue—not your hands or your cock," she said before removing her clothes to reveal a neatly trimmed bush.


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