Letters to Penthouse XXVIII

Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes


By Penthouse International

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In the sensual, sizzling world of Penthouse, a threesome is hotter than a twosome, foursomes are a scorcher, and more is a dream come true.

Readers of the world's greatest forum on sexuality can't help but agree, and their letters burn with all-true tales of husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, lovers and strangers mixed and matched in every possible combination.

Follow them as they party and please, grope and tease on the patio and pool table, on picnic benches and massage mattresses, on fishing trips and in birthday orgies.



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He Planned a Special Night for Two, but It Turned Out to Be Three

My beautiful wife Margie and I have a young daughter, so we don't usually get much time alone. But one Friday last month I decided that my wife needed a break. I took the day off from work, picked our daughter up from the sitter, and dropped her off at her grandmother's home for the night. I then drove to the local gift shop and bought a romantic card, some scented candles, and assorted candy. After that I drove to a liquor store and bought champagne and some white wine to put on ice, since my lady likes things cold—with some exceptions, of course. My next and last stop was a gourmet food shop, where I picked up some fancy things for dinner, along with strawberries and sorbet. I was determined to make this a night to remember.

When I got home I lit the candles and set the mood a little. But when Margie showed up I was surprised to find she had her friend Jean with her. Of course I was kind of disappointed, as I had expected us to be alone, but on the other hand I was always happy to see Jean, who was a gorgeous brunette with a luscious figure and long shapely legs. As soon as Jean saw the candles and the chilled champagne she caught on to what was happening and offered to leave, but my wife told her to stay awhile. What could I do? I put a corny chick flick on the VCR, and we all sat around drinking wine and watching the movie.

I was sitting on the floor, with Jean and Margie on the couch across from me. Jean's skirt was rather short, and from my angle I could look right up under it and see that she was wearing no underwear. I started to look away, but it was too late; Jean saw me looking at her, and to my surprise she opened her legs wider. It was an awesome view, and even though my wife was right there I couldn't tear my eyes away from it.

When our drinks got low I asked Margie if she would get the next round. While she was gone, Jean surprised me again by saying, "You can fuck it if you want."

"If I want!" I exclaimed. "Christ, I'd love to go where no man has gone before." Because Jean had always been kind of a prude, you see, and I was pretty sure she was a virgin. But the wine had surely loosened her up.

Before she could change her mind I put a cherry in my mouth, stuck my whole head right under that short skirt, and got me a delightful lick. Then I started sucking a little, and I heard Jean moan. I pushed the cherry into her cunt with my tongue, then pulled away just as my beautiful Margie came in with the drinks.

At that point we all agreed that the movie was not very good, so we shut it off and started playing a drinking game. Whenever Margie and I played a drinking game I ended up getting laid, so I had high hopes. Sure enough, after a few more drinks my wife started coming on to me and kissing me. As she did so, Jean, with a mischievous look, took Margie's ring finger in her mouth and started sucking it up and down, very slowly and sensuously, as if it were a cock. It was such a turn-on that my arousal became obvious, and Jean took Margie's finger out of her mouth and asked her if she could see my dick. Now, Margie had always frowned on the idea of sharing me with another woman, but tonight seemed to be an exception all around. With my wife's approval I let out my Johnson, and Jean got a pretty good handful as she touched and stroked it, marveling at how big and hard it was.

While she was doing this I undid my wife's skirt, slid down her slick silk panties, and started licking her from her toes to her nose, so to speak. I licked her inner thighs and her crotch without missing an inch. Then I stopped and filled her twat with strawberries, after which I filled my mouth with champagne before placing it over her pussy. What a sex snack it was, and I recommend it to everyone. I drank and ate out of that succulent wet pussy until my Margie was bucking like a bronco.

Watching this obviously inspired Jean to get a taste of her own. She got behind me and gave me a rimjob in the old butthole. Her tongue felt fantastic. She made me come almost instantly, but that was just a little warning shot. I remembered that my cherry was still in Jean's tight little pussy, and I knew I had to have it. Meanwhile my wife was coming like an animal, shoving my head so deep in her twat I thought it was going to pop out of her ass.

Jean now lay down on her back, and Margie, recovering from her orgasm, straddled her face. Jean started eating her so eagerly and naturally that I began to wonder whether they hadn't done this before. But now was not the time to worry about that. I moved eagerly to Jean's pussy, which was hot and wet and ruby red. She grabbed my big dick and pulled me right in, taking every inch like a true pro. Virgin my ass, I thought.

I took it slow at first so as not to hurt her, but she pulled her mouth from my wife's cunt and yelled, "Give it all to me, baby, give it to me good and hard!" So I fucked her straight and deep, and then I fucked her side to side, and she was twisting and moaning like crazy. Margie leaned down and kissed me, then got off Jean's face and moved down to grab my balls. I was more than ready to blow, but Margie said, "Stuff that thing in my mouth and fill me up, stud!" And she literally pulled my dick out of Jean and guided it into her mouth. One suck and I exploded so hard I don't know how she managed to swallow it. Hell, I could have spackled the ceiling with that one!

After she sucked me dry, Margie explained to Jean that it was one thing for me to fuck another woman, but only she, Margie, got my love juice.

She also said that I had now gotten my birthday present not only for my next birthday, but for several years to come. At which Jean smiled and said, "But there's always Christmas, remember!"

N.F., San Diego, California

His Wife's Legs Turned a Lot of Heads, Even the Head of Hotel Security

My lovely wife Jillian, to whom I have been married fifteen years, loves to show off her sexy legs and ass to strangers, and I simply love it when she does. Nothing turns me on more than seeing her five-foot-seven-inch frame in garters, heels, and hose, unless it is sharing that view with another person. During sex we often talk about her dressing in a short skirt and stockings and having sex in public while men check her out and even touch her sexy legs. We have had sex in public places, but we never got wilder than that until a week before last Christmas.

On that night Jillian and I went into the city for a romantic dinner. Jillian wore a black cocktail dress, black garters, stockings, and heels. After dinner she said she wanted to go to a local hotel to see their Christmas display.

The hotel lobby was of the atrium type, rising up past the first four floors, which were visible from the inside. Jillian and I took the elevator up to the fourth floor and stood at the waist-high railing, looking down at the display. At that point my wife asked me if I wanted to have a little fun. She turned around with her back against the railing and the short wall that supported it, and pulled up her ankle-length coat. She then pulled up her cocktail dress, exposing her stocking tops and panties. She removed her panties and asked if I wanted to fuck her.

I looked around hastily. There was no one else on our part of the floor, at least not that I could see. I quickly unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, and fucked her up against the railing. Then I turned her around so that she was facing out toward the lobby, hiked up her skirt, and entered her from behind, running my hands all over her legs and ass as I sank into her.

As we were doing it we suddenly saw a man approaching. I quickly pulled out of Jillian, pulling her skirt down. The man walked right up to us and asked us if we were doing what he thought we were doing. I started to say no, but my wife said, rather breathlessly, "Yes, we are. So what?"

The man said he hadn't been sure until he had gotten closer and saw her hiked-up skirt and her exposed stocking tops. My wife then shocked me by asking him if he would like to see them again. Without waiting for an answer, she hiked up her dress again, showing him everything she had. I could hear him breathing hard. Jillian then asked him if he'd like to touch her, and of course he said yes.

The man touched her legs and then rubbed her bare pussy. My wife was moaning, and I was so horny that I stepped behind her and entered her from behind again. As I was fucking her, Jillian took out the man's cock and started stroking him. Soon I couldn't hold back anymore, and I came inside her.

When I slid out of her the man asked if he could fuck her too. Jillian said yes. He was so nervous he could hardly get his pants unzipped, but finally he got behind her and entered her too. He fucked her fast and furiously, and came inside her in about a minute.

Afterward the man told us that he was head of security for the hotel, and he had been going to throw us out until he saw my wife's long sexy legs. As it was, he said we could come back anytime we wanted. We thanked him and left.

J.K., Cleveland, Ohio

His Wife Said No at First, but Boy, Did She Change Her Mind!

My wife Rita and I are both in our early thirties and have been married for seven years. Rita is a very attractive blonde, five feet six inches tall, with deep blue eyes, firm white skin, long legs, a nice ass, and small but firm breasts with large pink nipples. Until recently Rita was somewhat conservative, although open to new ideas. We are both attentive lovers and love to please each other.

From time to time Rita and I will act out fantasies that we come up with together, in order to stimulate our lovemaking. Three months ago we started acting out a scene in which I would be sitting in an armchair watching my wife being passionately fucked by a well-hung stud. I was really turned on by this, and I noticed that Rita responded as lustfully as I did during those fantasies; but when I asked her if she would consider doing it for real, she always said no, she just wasn't interested.

I continued to bring up the subject, however, always reassuring her that I could handle such a tryst, and that it could only strengthen our relationship. But I didn't really feel that I was getting anywhere until she surprised me one night in bed while we were in the middle of foreplay.

"Honey, you know that fantasy you're always talking about?" she began. My cock stood rock-hard as I nodded yes. "Well, I'm not saying let's do it," she went on. "But you remember I told you about Andy, the new ad agent where I work?"

"Oh yeah, the nice well-built guy who spends eight hours a day with you at work. Yes, I recall you talking about him. Why?"

Rita took a breath. "Well, he's recently been telling me how he's been married for ten years, but after the birth of their second child, his wife lost interest in sex. He says that if he gets it once a month he considers himself lucky, and that even then it's not really all that gratifying."

My wife stopped talking and stared into my eyes. I could tell she wanted me to decide which way this conversation should go.

"Do you think he would like to fuck you?" I asked her. "And if so, would he do it while I watched?"

Rita had her hand wrapped around my cock as we talked, and now she started slowly pumping my shaft. I knew she was turned on. "I think he would love to fuck me if I gave him the chance," she breathed finally. "But I'm not sure about the other condition." I looked deep into my wife's eyes, then leaned over and kissed her tenderly. "Talk to him tomorrow," I said. "Start a conversation about his wife. Lead it toward sex, and then tell him about our fantasy and see what he says."

Rita just nodded, and then we fucked like teenagers.

Late the next day Rita called me at work with excitement in her voice. "I have a surprise for you tonight!" she said.

I immediately asked if Andy had agreed. "Yes," Rita said. "But he feels a little strange about having you watch, so he wants to have a few drinks with me after work to loosen up before meeting you and—and doing whatever we're going to do. Is that all right?" I was overcome with excitement and lust. I said that was fine, and asked her when I should expect them. Rita said probably about 6:30, and we hung up.

I got home at six, showered, shaved, and drank two screwdrivers. Sure enough, about half an hour later Rita came in with Andy.

Andy was a good-looking Latino guy in his mid-thirties, about five feet eleven and 190 pounds, well built, with black hair and a quick smile. As I reached out to shake his hand I looked down and noticed a rather large bulge in his pants. This, I thought, was a promising sign. Rita leaned over to me and kissed my ear, then whispered, "Do you still want this to happen?" I just nodded and smiled as I looked into her eyes. And with that she grabbed Andy's arm and led us both into the living room.

Once there, my sweet wife of seven years pushed me down into a recliner, then quickly spun around, took two steps toward Andy, grabbed his waist with both hands, and brought her mouth to his. I could see that he was surprised, but he recovered quickly and kissed her back. As for me, I was staring in amazement as I watched my heretofore modest and conservative wife taking the lead in my favorite fantasy.

My astonishment was mixed with arousal as Rita aggressively grasped Andy's cock through his pants. She moaned into his mouth, clearly approving of his cock size. Breaking the kiss, she unbuttoned his shirt and feasted her mouth on his nice hairy chest. She looked like a sex-crazed woman as she grabbed Andy's belt and opened it, then undid his pants, all the time licking her lips.

Andy kept his eyes on Rita, never once looking at me. His pants fell to the floor. Rita pulled down his undershorts, and I heard her gasp. "Oh my God!" she breathed. "Look at that beautiful cock! Your wife is really missing out, Andy."

I couldn't believe my ears, or my eyes. My wife had suddenly been transformed into a complete stranger, a real cock-crazed slut, and it was having a great effect on both Andy and me. I quickly stood up and stripped my clothes off, then sat back in my recliner, slowly stroking my hard dick as I enjoyed the show.

By now my wife was on her knees, trying to wrap her lips around Andy's huge cockhead. It must have been at least two inches around, and the shaft appeared to be maybe nine inches long. When she released his cock it sprang up against his stomach, making a slapping noise. Rita then told Andy to get naked. As he stripped off his shirt she unsnapped her short dress and let it fall to the floor, standing now in only her bra and panties and four-inch pumps. Then she put her arms around his neck and pulled herself up against him, locking her legs around his waist. Her back was to me as she kissed him again and began grinding her pussy against his cock.

Rita then told Andy to walk forward. He did so, stopping only when my wife's ass was just inches from my face. Rita looked back over her shoulder at me, and then ordered me to rip her panties off her body. For some reason the fact of my wife giving me an order aroused me to new heights. I grasped her panties with both hands and ripped them off. Now her moist pussy lips were bare against Andy's huge cock.

Andy stood there with his strong legs spread, easily supporting her weight as my wife frantically moved her hips up and down, sliding her wet cunt lips back and forth over his big pole, all the while kissing him passionately. All I could see from my seat was the back of her, her beautifully shaped ass moving up and down as she squeezed Andy's waist with her long legs locked behind his back. Below her ass I could see Andy's big hairless brown balls, with my wife's pussy juices flowing over them and down his leg. I had never in my entire life been so turned on, and I knew for sure that Rita was feeling the same. I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue, and licked her ass cheeks all over. She began to whimper with excitement, sandwiched between the biggest cock she'd ever seen and her husband's mouth licking her ass. I liked knowing how turned on this was making her. I continued to lick her, gradually moving closer to her asshole.

"God, this feels so fucking good!" Rita screamed. "Grab my ass, Andy, spread me open for him!" Andy obeyed, his hands grasping her buttocks just above where my mouth was and spreading them apart. I tongued her exposed asshole and she screamed again. Then she pulled herself up higher, causing Andy's cock to slide between her wide-spread legs. Before I could realize what was happening, his cockhead was pushing against my tongue, then sliding up into my mouth.

That large dick raked against my top teeth for a moment, then continued to push forward. I heard Andy gasp, and realized that he was enjoying the sensation of his cock in my mouth. I was dumbfounded. I had never done this before, nor had I ever even thought of being with a man. I started to move back, but suddenly I felt a hand on the back of my head, pushing me forward.

I felt a strange and different kind of excitement as Andy's cock now filled my mouth, pushing into my throat. Then I heard Rita's breathless voice. "Yes, doesn't that feel good, Andy?" she panted. "Doesn't his mouth feel good wrapped around your cock?" I now realized that it was my wife's hand pushing me onto that huge cock as her wet cunt rubbed against the top of my head. I felt yet another surge of lust. If pleasing my wife meant sucking Andy's cock, that was what I would do.

As I proceeded to do it I heard my wife say, "Yes, suck his big cock, baby! You are making me so fucking hot!"

After a moment Rita unwrapped her legs from Andy's waist and got behind me, telling me to keep sucking his cock. Then she knelt, pressing her sweaty boobs and body against my back, and reached around to grab my cock with her right hand, pumping it up and down. With her other hand she reached up and squeezed Andy's balls. Still rubbing herself against my back, she whispered in my ear, "Yeah, suck that huge cock, honey. You know you love it, and watching you is such a turn-on! When he starts coming I want you to shoot his come all over me, okay?"

Andy was pumping my mouth faster now, and when I felt his cock twitch I pulled my mouth away. Rita quickly moved into position, and I aimed his cock right at her. I was then witness to the sight of another man's semen splattering my wife's body. And there was a lot of it; it splattered from her cheeks down to her neck and onto both tits.

As Andy fell to the floor, spent, my wife and I stared at each other, both unutterably excited. She leaned over and kissed me tenderly, then pulled my head to her neck. I instinctively knew what she wanted, and I proceeded to lick up all of Andy's come from her face, neck, and tits, paying special attention to her nipples. "Yes, darling," Rita moaned. "Lick all his juices off of your naughty wife. That's a good boy. Now share them with me!" And I kissed her, passing Andy's come from my mouth to hers as she swallowed it down.

Rita wasn't finished, however, and she didn't think Andy was either. She proved this by pumping his cock back to hardness. She then smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to watch her ride that big cock. Of course I said yes. With that she straddled Andy's body and lowered herself to her knees, then grabbed his cock and rubbed it back and forth across her cunt lips. "Oh baby, he's so big!" she moaned. "I don't know if I can take him." Andy was staring at her with his mouth open, obviously thrilled out of his mind at what was happening to him. "He's going to split me in two, baby," Rita continued breathlessly. I knew she was just exciting herself further by talking this way. "I've never had a cock this big before. What if he stretches me out, baby? Will you still love and desire me?"

I knelt beside her then and looked deep into her eyes as I replied, "I'll never stop loving you, Rita, and after today I'll love you even more, no matter what happens." Rita smiled and kissed me lovingly. Then she began to lower herself onto Andy's hard dick.

As his cockhead slowly disappeared into my wife's pussy, she yelled, "Oh shit, it's so big! This huge thing is stretching my cunt for sure, honey!" But she didn't stop taking him inside her, and after about ten minutes of moaning and gasping and crying out about how good it felt, she finally had over half of his nine-inch cock buried in her twat. And not long after that she was sitting on his hips and rocking back and forth slowly, balancing herself with her hands on his chest as she got used to his girth and length. Andy still never looked at me.

"How does it feel to have that thing inside you?" I asked my wife.

"It feels good," Rita said, somewhat unevenly. "Christ, it feels so damn good! He has stretched me so wide, and gone deeper then any cock I've ever had!"

As she talked she started to increase the pace of her rocking. Soon she was moving up and down, harder and harder, and yelling, "Shit, his cock feels so fucking wonderful pushed up my cunt, baby! I can feel him stretching my pussy. Oh yeah, do you like watching me get my pussy stretched by his big cock? Tell me, baby!"

"Yes, I do," I gasped out. I was on my knees, jacking off as I watched that monster disappear into my wife's cunt. "God damn, yes, I do, baby. I love watching you be a slut. I love you so much, baby. I love that you're doing this to please me."

I watched Andy fucking my wife for another hour, and after he left I jumped on her and we screwed like jackrabbits. Later, when Rita asked me if I wanted her to fuck Andy again, I told her it was up to her.

"How about tomorrow?" she said smiling.

B.I., Tuscon, Arizona

She Said He Was Sick, but Then She Caught the Sex Fever Herself

After twenty years of being married to Ginny I thought I knew her well, but last August our lives changed forever in one night.

My forty-four-year-old wife is a slightly heavy but average-looking woman, and our sex life was average as well. My only other outlet was reading Penthouse Letters every month. Then a couple of years ago she found my stash of magazines, and during the ensuing argument I blurted out that I had always fantasized about her doing it with another man, fucking and sucking like the insatiable slut I wished she was, while I watched.

"You think about me doing that?" she said in amazement. "And it turns you on?" I admitted that it did, and she looked like she didn't know whether to hit me or to laugh herself silly. "You know I would never do anything like that!" she said. "God, you're really sick!"

After that I kept on buying the magazines, but I no longer hid them. Ginny didn't say anything more about it, and our mundane lives went on.

On Ginny's birthday last August, we decided to celebrate by leaving the kids with their grandparents and going into the city, where we would have a nice dinner and get a hotel room for the night. Ginny got dolled up and looked great. I told her how sexy she looked, but she said she thought her ass was too big. But I like a nice round ass.

We had dinner in the hotel dining room, then got a booth in the lounge and had a few drinks. We watched the place fill up while getting a little buzz going. Ginny rarely drinks, and she was slightly unsteady on her feet when she went off to the ladies' room. As she made her way back to our booth she was momentarily stopped by a group of people, and a big black dude bumped into her from behind. He leaned over and said something to her, causing her to turn and laugh. They struck up a conversation, laughing and, it seemed to me, flirting with each other. After four or five minutes Ginny turned to me and waved. I waved back, and the black dude nodded to me. Ginny returned to the booth, and I couldn't help noticing her meaty nipples poking against the material of her sexy blue dress.

"What was that all about?" I asked as she slid into the booth.

"His name is Jim," Ginny told me. "He's a state trooper. He's really nice and funny and—" She giggled. "He's got a really big cock."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"I felt it when he bumped into me, and then he pressed it against me. It's huge, and I want it. I told him you wanted to watch, and he said sure, as long as I fucked his friend too. So you can watch both men fuck me!"

Before I could recover from my astonishment at this amazing turn of events, two beefy black guys came up to our booth. Ginny introduced them as Jim and Ed, and soon they were seated in the booth, with Ginny between them.

Jim bluntly began the conversation. "Your wife says that you want to watch her fuck, is that right?"

As he spoke, Ed reached over and boldly tweaked my wife's right nipple. I was transfixed at the sight, and Jim continued, "White married women love black cock, but I've never had one in front of her husband before."

Ed's hand went below the table, and Ginny's eyes locked on mine as she deliberately shifted to allow him access to her pussy. "Your wife's cunt is soaked," Ed said then. "She's ready for some black cock, all right."

Jim's hand went to check it out, and he grinned at me. "This woman is dripping, man, she wants what we've got. Take your panties off, honey, so your hubby can see for himself." With a bit of effort, Ginny wiggled out of her panties and gave them to me. The crotch was soaking, and the tangy aroma of her pussy wafted through the booth as my wife spread her legs so two black strangers could feel her up. After a minute she started to gasp, and Jim told me, "I've got a finger in your wife's pussy."


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