Letters To Penthouse XXV

She's Mine, She's Yours, She's Wild!


By Penthouse International

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SHARING NEVER FELT SO GOOD. Generous people walk this earth. Men eager to share their women. Women ready to share their bodies…their skills…and their beds. Lucky us. Because thanks to the editors of Penthouse magazine, we can all thrill to the candid, carnal stories from hot couples who live to give…and keep on giving. Sometimes he sets up the scenario. Sometimes she’ll bring home a sexy stranger. Call it voyeurism…or vicarious thrills…or the ultimate fantasy. Whatever you call it, you’ll call for more, more, more…as you (and perhaps your own partner) breathlessly keep the pages turning…and the lusty fires burning.


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First eBook Edition: June 2008

ISBN: 978-0-446-53937-1


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It was Friday afternoon again, four o'clock, and Ritchie's last appointment for the week. She'll be here any minute, he thought. He wondered if she'd be bringing Howard again or if she'd bring somebody new. The last few times she had brought Howard.

Ritchie rolled his eyes thinking about it. There's no way that kid shaves more than once a week. No way. What the hell was she thinking? Maybe Howard was a good fuck. He was malleable anyway, with a certain amount of potential, someone who'd at least try and get it right. Maybe he was the man of her dreams.

Ritchie smiled to himself. Fifty-fifty she shows up at all, much less shows up with Howard.

It was quiet in his office. Nearly everyone in the building was gone. Ten minutes passed and, more disappointed than mad, he began clearing his desk. As he placed her file into his drawer he heard a knock at the door, the hinges creaking as it opened.

He looked up, practically beaming. "Emilia," he said in his most welcoming, if somewhat overeager tone. "Come in. How are you?"

"We're fine," she said smiling and pulling . . . who was it?

Who else? She held Howard's hand, leading him into the room. Ritchie stood as she came around the desk and kissed his cheek. He breathed in her perfume. It was soft and intoxicating. Her hair fell down over her shoulders. Her lips were warm and damp against his cheek. He savored the small kiss she gave him.

"How's my favorite therapist this week?" she asked, a faintly mocking tone in her voice, so faint he wondered if it was there at all. Or maybe it was just Ritchie's overactive imagination.

She wore a white-cotton sundress with a low neckline and pearl buttons down the front—but no bra, Ritchie noticed. She was barefoot, having slipped off her shoes when she entered the room. She was thirty-four years old, incredibly beautiful and, like Ritchie, had been married for twelve years—not to Howard, unfortunately for him, but she was married. Ritchie imagined Howard knew but was careful not bring it up. Surely Howard knew, and certainly Emilia's husband knew about Howard.

Emilia walked back to Howard and, looping her arm through his, turned again to Ritchie. "I'm sorry we're late, but we got distracted," she said, giggling like she was, well, Howard's age. She nuzzled Howard's neck. Slightly embarrassed, he looked at Ritchie and said hello. She must have hit a nerve just then because Howard flinched and moved back, shrugging his shoulder. She laughed and leaned into him, nearly falling as though she were drunk. She kissed his cheek. "Mmmm . . . You love that, don't you, Howard?" she said. Howard smiled and, to her delight, kissed her lightly.

"Hello, Howard," Ritchie said. Howard was tall, vaguely lanky and, at twenty-three years old, young as hell. He was strong, too, with broad shoulders and muscular arms. His skin was tanned and his hair was a sun-streaked blond, longer than most boys wore these days, but still he looked clean-cut and athletic. Hell, Ritchie thought to himself, how can you not look clean-cut if you don't even shave yet?

Ritchie straightened his shoulders and sucked in his gut just the tiniest bit. "Please, have a seat," he said, motioning them to the chairs in front of his desk.

"Let's sit on the couch today. You don't mind, do you, Ritchie?" Emilia asked on her way to the couch, Howard in tow.

Ritchie flushed red as a cloud of thoughts swirled through his mind, memories of the last time she chose to sit there. They had been alone then. Trying to recover, he swallowed, and as casually as possible said, "That's fine, Emilia. That's fine." Reaching the end of the small couch she turned, swinging Howard around, then fell backward onto a cushion, pulling him down next to her.

Ritchie sat back down and opened the file. He shuffled through the pages, coming to the last sheet. On it was a single note that read, "You love this game." He tried to remember why he had written it, and whom "you" referred to. Underneath the note he drew a line across the page, placed the date in the margin and looked up.

Emilia quickly launched into an account of her week. Both men listened, Ritchie scribbling a note now and then. At some point Emilia asked, "Why are some people so inhibited?" Ritchie didn't respond immediately, but after a moment realized that she was waiting for an answer.

Caught off guard, he said, "Well, I suppose everyone has some inhibitions. Don't they?"

"Everyone?" Emilia asked quickly. Before Ritchie could respond she added, "No, not everyone, dear. Howard doesn't." Then as if to prove her point she turned and kissed Howard sensuously. Ritchie watched as she playfully snaked her tongue into his mouth. When they separated she looked back at Ritchie and added, "I don't." Ritchie could think of no response and the room fell silent. Then Emilia stood up and, unfastening the top button of her dress, said, "Well, I don't think I do."

She unbuttoned her dress to her waist but held it closed. Her eyes were glued to Ritchie's. He didn't move. He didn't even flinch. Then Howard sat forward and placed his hands on her calves. Emilia closed her eyes and Howard's hands moved beneath her dress, up along her thighs, revealing her sensuous legs. Then, his hands on her hips, he made two fists. When he did, Emilia relaxed her arms and the dress fell from her shoulders, revealing her full, luminous white breasts. Howard's fists moved down her legs, pulling off her panties and allowing her dress to fall. She stood naked before them both.

Ritchie's eyes were drawn to the trimmed pubic hair disappearing between her legs. Emilia smiled broadly. He realized how he must look to her and quickly averted his eyes.

"Emilia, please . . ." he began.

She cut him off. "Shhhh," she said, pressing her finger to her lips. Her eyes were wide and her mouth held the faintest of smiles. Ritchie's heart raced and his stomach churned, but he said nothing else.

Emilia turned and stepped in front of Howard. Through her parted legs Ritchie saw him raise his hips and slide off his pants. Leaning forward Howard undressed, and when he leaned back again Ritchie glimpsed his half-hard dick swing back and rest sideways on his thigh.

Still looking at Howard, Emilia said, "Come closer, Ritchie, so you can see." Ritchie's pulse raced as he stood up and moved closer. He took in their profiles, Emilia standing, Howard sitting. Neither looked at him as he sat down at the opposite end of the couch.

Emilia moved closer to Howard, straddling his legs, and motioned him to lean forward. When he did she bent down and kissed him lustfully. Afterward she stood upright, and Howard began kissing her thighs. Her eyes closed and she pulled his face to her mound. He quickly found her clit and alternated between sucking and licking it. Emilia moved her hand to her breast, massaging it, and upon finding her nipple, pinched and kneaded it while grinding herself against Howard's mouth.

In a moment her body began to shudder and she moaned with pleasure as she looked down at Howard. Then suddenly she pushed him back, bent down and kissed him again. She groped at his mouth with her lips and tongue, lapping her juices.

She told Howard to lie back and as he did he swung his legs onto the couch. His feet rested next to Ritchie, who sat transfixed by the scene unfolding before him. Emilia dropped to her knees and took Howard's dick in her hand. He was fully erect. Ritchie was impressed by its size. Holding it at the base, her fingers just barely managed to encircle it. Ritchie thought she could have gripped it with her other hand, like a baseball bat, without touching the thick, round head.

Emilia pulled up slowly on the shaft, causing the bulbous head to swell larger and darken into a deep violet. She moved forward then and pressed her lips to the tip, kissing it, swabbing the slit with her tongue. She opened her mouth further to accommodate the head, bathing it with her saliva. Slowly she took in more. Her mouth soon strained with its thickness and she could go no further. She struggled to hold it in her throat for a moment but quickly gave in, moving back up its length. She was experimenting, Ritchie thought, seeing how much she could take and, having failed to take it all, relented and returned her attention to the bloated head and veiny shaft.

She sucked him in earnest then, jacking him off as she stuffed his cock into her mouth. Ritchie watched intently, absorbing the sight and sounds. Howard began thrusting his hips up, matching her rhythm. She continued for a moment, quickening her pace, Howard increasing the depth of his thrusts.

But then for the second time she stopped her motions. She leaned back, massaging his shaft slowly. She stood up and turned toward Ritchie. Their eyes met. He realized it was the first time she had noticed him since undressing. His dick strained in his pants. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

Emilia straddled Howard, one leg still on the floor, and slowly lowered herself onto him. As her pussy met the tip of Howard's cock Ritchie lowered his eyes to watch her envelop it. Slowly she eased down its length, the cock filling her. Nearly impaled on it she gasped and stopped. She rocked her hips for a moment, getting used to its size, then continued down until it was completely inside her. Slowly one hand found her clit, the other her breast. After a moment she leaned back and rested on Howard, her shoulders next to his on the arm of the couch. Craning her neck back to kiss him, they found a rhythm, pushing into one another, Howard's cock stretching her pussy with each thrust.

Emilia again looked at Ritchie, smiling, grinding herself onto Howard. Then she sat forward and held out her hand. Her smile deepened. "Come here," she said. Without consciously deciding, Ritchie did as she asked. Howard spread his legs and Ritchie moved closer, facing Emilia on his knees. She kissed him deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth.

Ritchie savored the wetness of her lips, the warmth of her tongue. He felt her body surge every time Howard thrust into her. Then Emilia pushed his head down to her breast and he sucked a nipple into his mouth. Her head fell back and she moaned. Ritchie massaged her breasts, sucking one then the other as her body undulated on Howard's.

After a moment she leaned back again, leaving Ritchie awkwardly leaning over them. Pushing his shoulders, she nudged him lower. Ritchie kissed down her stomach. When he reached her mound he tentatively kissed around there as well. She moaned softly, and Ritchie paused to watch Howard's cock slide inside her. Emilia fingered her clit and arched her hips toward Ritchie.

He knew what she wanted and he obeyed. He pressed his lips to her clit, trying to suck it into his mouth. She thrust down on Howard's cock, holding still while she was serviced.

Ritchie tongued her clit and soon she began grinding harder on Howard's cock. Ritchie pressed his tongue against her clit as she began bouncing up and down. Then, arching her hips too high, Howard's cock slipped out. All three suddenly stopped. Ritchie moved back, looking at Howard's penis, then at Emilia. She smiled, her eyes meeting his. "Put it inside me," she said seductively.

Ritchie stared at Howard's cock, hard and glistening with Emilia's juices. Then in what felt more like reflex than decision, he grasped the shaft. He was appalled by its size. It felt so large in his hand compared to his own. Suddenly and without thinking he stroked his fist up and down its length. Three times his hand slid up the slick penis and down again, squeezing tightly. Then, as if coming out of his trance, he looked up. Emilia and Howard watched him intently. Ritchie flushed and looked down again, then quickly pushed Howard's dick inside Emilia.

Howard pushed deep inside her and Ritchie returned to Emilia's clit as Howard began thrusting into her. Ritchie tongued her pussy even as Howard's cock brushed his chin. Emilia's moans turned to shrieks, and she held Ritchie's head as she began to quiver. Howard pumped her and Ritchie lapped feverishly at her pussy, both men intent on making her come. "Oh fuck!" she cried again and again as her orgasm washed over her.

When her climax finally ebbed Ritchie moved back and watched as Howard continued pounding into her. When Howard began thrusting more furiously, Emilia realized he was about to come. Then Ritchie heard her whisper, "Wait, not yet." Ritchie looked up as Howard slowed his pace once more to prolong both their pleasure. She leaned forward and pushed Ritchie back so he was sitting up on the couch again. Then she moved off Howard and over to Ritchie, straddling him. She kissed him, grinding on his stiff cock through his trousers.

She kissed and licked his neck, sending chills down his spine, then moved to his ear, kissing him softly as she unfastened his pants. She found his dick and she gripped it tightly. Ritchie sat motionless. Whispering, she asked, "Did you like that, baby? Did you like seeing me do that for you?"

"Yes," Ritchie whispered softly, anxious to please her as she had pleased him.

She bit his ear playfully and said, "And you liked touching Howard's dick, didn't you?" Ritchie's eyes opened wide but he didn't respond. He couldn't. Emilia smiled to herself, feeling his body tense beneath her, his cock twitch in her hand. "I want you to touch it again," she said, and after pausing, added, "and I want you to put it in your mouth."

Ritchie's mind reeled and his heart began beating wildly. Emilia looked at him, her smile deepening when she saw his reaction. "Come over here, Howard," she said in an even tone. Howard stood and approached them. Emilia moved over and sat on her knees facing Ritchie.

Ritchie's eyes followed her, still betraying his disbelief. Howard stood before him now. He moved closer, straddling Howard's legs as Emilia had done earlier. "Look at it," Emilia cooed.

Emilia reached up and grasped the base of Howard's dick, pulling it toward Ritchie's face. Howard leaned forward and braced himself for what was happening, resting his arms against the wall behind the couch. Emilia tightened her grip, causing the head to swell. Ritchie studied it, the purple head, the long thick shaft. He thought again how large it was, and realized that he had a strange impulse to touch it.

"Open your mouth," Emilia said, pushing Howard's dick closer to Ritchie's face. The head brushed his lip and a shiver shot through him. He knew then that he'd do what she wanted and, even more, that he wanted to do it.

Emilia pressed the head to his lips and Ritchie opened his mouth, accepting it. He swirled his tongue across the tip then opened his mouth wider, allowing the head full entry. As he did he gripped the shaft, his hand next to Emilia's. Ritchie's tongue swirled around the head and he marveled at the taste and feel of the young boy's cock in his mouth.

He opened wider, taking it in further, and felt the tip brushing against the back of this mouth. He strained to swallow still more but realized he couldn't. His mouth slid back up its length, sucking the head again, then traveled back down as far as he could manage. Ritchie's hand slid up and down Howard's thick shaft, jacking him off slowly into his mouth. At the moment Howard moaned Ritchie realized how forcefully he was sucking him—and how much he liked doing it. He moved his mouth up and down faster on Howard's cock and sucked him intently, tightening his lips around the flesh of Howard's cock. He began to feel Howard push deeper into his mouth as he sucked him. Ritchie kept his head still, letting Howard pump his dick back and forth through his lips and fist.

Ritchie heard Howard groan and squeezed on his prick harder. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Emilia. It was her turn to watch. Howard moaned again and Ritchie looked up at him. Howard's face contorted and Ritchie realized he was about to come. Ritchie opened his mouth wide and pressed the tip flat against his tongue, jacking him off fiercely into his mouth. "Do it, Howard," he heard Emilia say.

Howard groaned loudly and bucked his hips forward and Ritchie felt the warm sperm hit his tongue. He pressed his lips around the head of Howard's cock and jacked him off feverishly as more come splashed into his mouth. Howard grabbed his dick, his eyes meeting Ritchie's. Pulling out of Ritchie's mouth Howard pumped himself through his fist, shooting ejaculate onto Ritchie's lips and chin. Ritchie held Howard's gaze and opened his mouth wide as Howard came in wave after wave on his tongue, face and neck.

Brushing the hair from his eyes Howard pressed his dick to Ritchie's lips. Ritchie sucked the tip, drawing out the last drops of fluid, savoring the taste. He gave it a final kiss before letting it escape his lips.

Suddenly Emilia leaned forward and pushed Ritchie back, kissing him passionately. Ritchie's cock ached. He could feel his orgasm welling inside him. He groaned and returned Emilia's kiss, probing her mouth with his tongue, sharing Howard's semen. Then he gasped as something soft covered his dick. The sensation was stunning. His body tensed and he opened his eyes to see Emilia staring back as they kissed. She held his face to hers as his orgasm burst through him, gushing come forth. It cascaded through Ritchie in hot waves. He closed his eyes, immersed in the pleasure of coming into a warm, wet mouth, even if it was Howard's.

Only as it began to slow down did he realize how fast his heart beat, how labored his breathing had become. As he finally caught his breath Emilia kissed him gently. Then Ritchie leaned his head back and closed his eyes, weak and numb.

After a moment Ritchie looked up. He didn't move as Emilia and Howard dressed. As they prepared to leave, Emilia leaned over Ritchie and smiled. "No inhibitions here," she whispered, kissing his cheek softly. "See you next week."

Ritchie said nothing in reply but watched as they left. He sat alone for some time then finally stood up. He walked into the bathroom attached to his office and, after splashing himself with water and wiping his face, looked in the mirror. He stared at himself closely, studying his eyes. After a long moment he cast a slight smile and shook his head as if in disbelief. Then he walked back into his office, straightened up as best he could, and left.

It was late when he arrived home, the twilight beginning to fade. The baby-sitter's car was in the driveway but the house was quiet when he came in. The children were playing in the backyard and he stood watching them through a window. In a moment his wife came up behind him, snaking her arms around his waist.

Her touch was tender and warm. It soothed and reassured him. "You're late," she said.

"I'm sorry," he replied, still watching the children at play. "It took a bit longer than I figured for me to get out of the office."

Spinning him around she smiled and said, "It's okay, I just got home, too."

Just then the baby-sitter called from the next room, "I'm going now."

"Okay. Thanks again," Ritchie's wife called back. Then the baby-sitter peeked around the corner and added, "See you again next Friday then, Emilia?" Emilia's smile widened as she gazed into Ritchie's eyes. "Yes, definitely. Next Friday."

—R.K., Greenwich, Connecticut


Last month I discovered that my wife of twenty-two years has been living a double life. On the surface, she's combined a full and active life as mother, wife and career woman, but unbeknownst to me—until now—she's also had a highly active sex life outside our marriage. This situation came to my attention after I received a videotape that was obviously made with me in mind.

Stephanie is strikingly good-looking. Even now in her mid-forties, she has a smashing 36C-25-35 figure. She's five-foot-four and weighs about one hundred-twenty pounds, only a little more than she did when we first met. She has a full mouth, lovely green eyes and her hair, stylishly cut, is a beautiful, natural shade of auburn. She has shapely legs and has never been shy about showing off her body in short, tight revealing clothes that somehow always manage to retain a degree of style and taste. My own opinion, however, is that she constantly gets lots of attention because of her intelligence and bubbly personality, not just her good looks.

Our sex life together has always been quite active, with Stephanie as likely to institute our sexual adventures as I. That she has a strong libido is nothing new to me. What came as a surprise was that Stephanie's been continually promiscuous, quite the slut and playgirl, all throughout our marriage. The pretext has been the business trips that she regularly goes on. It was a videotape taken during one of those recent trips that brought everything to my attention.

The videotape began with two men sitting at a table on a patio talking about a beautiful female food-service sales representative they had just met. Stephanie has been for years the top sales representative for a major food-service supply company. They talked about how she was dressed in a tight black short skirt and business jacket with a red blouse unbuttoned to reveal her cleavage. Then they spoke about how she would move close and touch them when she talked and how she suggested that they all meet after business hours for a few drinks at her hotel bar. The two men agreed that it was clear that she was looking to make more than a sale from them.

A third guy was apparently taking the video. The video then faded out and faded in again on a bedroom scene, where the two men originally talking were naked on a king-size bed with a woman who was blowing them.

They were lying on their backs and she was on her knees between them, leaning first one way and then the other. At first I could only see the back of her head and body, but I had no trouble recognizing that it was Stephanie. The camera then moved to show her face licking and sucking their hard cocks. They were both fairly well endowed, but Stephanie had no trouble taking each of them. At several points, she looked up at the camera, smiled and licked her lips. Shortly, one of the guys got up and began to lick Stephanie's twat. Her auburn bush was, as always, nicely trimmed.

The camera moved in for a close-up from behind. I could see Stephanie's juices beginning to gather between her lips. After about five minutes, she was good and wet and climbed on top of the guy whom she was blowing. As she moved slowly up and down, I could literally see her cunt muscles tightening and loosening (she has great muscle control there). The guy who had been tonguing her cunt switched his attention to her anus. Stephanie began to breathe even heavier.

She pointed to the nightstand. She had some lubricant there, which her second lover put on his cock. He then entered my wife anally as she moved up and down on her first lover's prick. They worked their bodies perfectly together for about fifteen minutes, until they all climaxed. Stephanie's body twitched as she came. The guys wound up pulling out of her and spewed on different parts of her body. They then walked out of frame.

The camera moved in a way suggesting that it had changed hands. Stephanie then motioned the cameraman to come to her. She lay on her back with her legs spread and puddles of come smeared across her body. The man with her then was a tall, muscular black. Stephanie said that she was ready for him now.

His cock was erect and must have been a good eight inches and thicker than normal. He didn't hesitate as he got on top and entered her with ease. He then began to move back and forth, his ass muscles clenching tightly. Stephanie screamed with ecstasy, experiencing what seemed to be orgasm after orgasm. After about five minutes of fucking her from different angles, he exploded inside of her, not bothering to withdraw. The camera then faded out.

The last few minutes of the videotape were of Stephanie, still nude and with come all over her, sitting in a chair and talking. She said that she loved her job because it gave her the chance to fuck so many different men. She said that of course her promiscuity accounted for her great success as a salesperson, but the way she saw it she was only combining business and pleasure to everyone's benefit. She added that this was the first time that she ever let herself be filmed. She wasn't sure she would do that again, but (and here was the kicker) she wanted the video for her husband to see. Then she said that she was still very much in love with him and that he was a great lover but that she craved sexual variety and hoped that he would understand. The video finally faded to black.

When we next saw each other, it was late at night. I said nothing but went up and kissed her. I then slowly undressed her as she did the same for me, and we made wonderful love.

Now that Stephanie is out of the closet, we're planning on different excursions where I can be part of her extracurricular screwing around. I'm also encouraging her to get a trashy wardrobe so that she can act like a low-rent slut as well as a high-class whore. In short, there's new zip and life in our relationship!

—L.F., Chicago, Illinois



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