Letters to Penthouse XXIII

True Confessions


By Penthouse International

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They won’t tell their shrink. They won’t tell their priest. They won’t tell their best friend. But they’re ready to tell you. Get ready to hear the most sizzling secrets of wives and strangers, lovers and sinners, as they get naked in the hospital or at the office, succumb to seductive in-laws or cute cops, experiment with illicit trysts or the swinger’s life.

Straight from the pages of America’s hottest forum on all things sexual, these tell-all tales are sometimes tawdry, definitely torrid, and always absolutely true. Guaranteed to make your heart pump faster and take your breath away, these confessions are good for the soul… and even better for your libido.



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At first I felt kind of embarrassed looking at the pictures from my best friend's recent photo shoot. She was semi-nude in most of them and totally nude in the others. But as I flipped through, I noticed that the photographs were beautifully done. Julie looked ten years younger in them, and she had a soft, warm glow about her. She said that she had gotten them as a surprise for her husband—and it had worked. Julie said that she thought I should make an appointment to have a portfolio done of myself. She said that it would give me more confidence. I complimented her on her bravery but confessed that I didn't think I had the nerve to pose nude in front of a stranger. I had gained weight after being married, but since my divorce I had gotten down to a size eight. Although I was proud of my accomplishment, I was still quite shy about my body. So shy in fact, that I had not dated in almost seven years.

"I don't think you really see yourself," Julie suggested. "Pictures like this would let you see how others see you. You're really gorgeous but you just don't know it." Then she told me how the photographer had made her feel comfortable about herself in a way that made her forget she didn't have any clothes on. She went on about how relaxing the session had been and how much fun it was. "If you get there and you find you're uncomfortable, you can leave," she told me. "Nothing is written in stone." She placed a business card in my hand and said, "Call. You'll never regret it."

The next day, after lots of thought, I made the appointment. The male voice on the other end of the phone was deep and mellow with a hint of amusement in it. He introduced himself as Gary and I could almost see him smiling as he talked. His soothing voice made me feel more comfortable. He explained that he was answering the phone himself because his receptionist was out on maternity leave. I made an appointment for that Saturday at three o'clock. Gary suggested I bring several outfits, at least three of which were to be lingerie.

I had butterflies in my stomach all week thinking about my photo session, and almost backed out several times only to have Julie talk me into it again. She helped me choose some outfits and even brought a few of her own clothes over for me to borrow.

I arrived at the studio ten minutes early, eager to get it over with. A woman was sitting in the outer office with a suitcase placed at her feet. Several outfits on hangers lay across the chair beside her. I took the chair across from her and laid my things on an empty seat. We smiled at each other. I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and looked around. There was a receptionist's desk against one wall near a door which, I assumed, opened into the photography studio. The walls were covered with pictures, obviously of former customers. All of them looked like movie stars.

I was trying to imagine how Gary was going to make me look as good as the others when the woman across from me spoke. "You look nervous," she smiled. "This must be your first time."

"Yes it is," I confessed. "Have you done this before?"

"Lots of times," she said. "My friend and I come here whenever we get the notion to pamper ourselves. In fact, she's back there now. Gary always makes you feel beautiful."

Just then the door opened and another woman came out carrying some clothing and a makeup case. Seeing me she said, "Gary said to tell whoever was out here he'd be right out. He has to reload his camera and get the set ready."

The two women left. Finding myself alone now, I got even more nervous. I stood up and started to pace. Just when I was wondering if I should leave, the door by the desk opened and I saw a tall man wearing jeans and a checked shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. His hair was thick, black and slightly wavy. His eyes were so blue they looked violet. A thick black mustache framed his full lips which were parted in a big white-toothed smile. He extended his hand to me, saying in a soft voice, "Hello, I'm Gary. You must be Gillian."

I suddenly realized that my mouth was open and I slowly closed it, resisting the urge to cover it with my hand. Instead, I put my hand into his outstretched palm, noticing that it completely disappeared as his long fingers gently wrapped around it. My mind began to scream, "You can't take your clothes off in front of him. He's gorgeous!" But I couldn't speak.

"Come on back," he said as he held the door open for me to enter. The first thing I saw inside the studio was a white-satin-draped bed. I heard him say, "Are those things yours?" and I realized I had left my clothes in the outer office. I blushed as I went back to gather them up, then returned.

"I'd like to get some shots of you in regular street clothes first," he said as he began adjusting his camera. "There's a dressing room over there." He nodded in its direction. "You can use the vanity and makeup mirror in the corner if you wish."

I went into the dressing room and chose a red jersey dress with matching heels that Julie had lent me. When I was dressed I came out, applied my makeup at the vanity and ran a brush through my long hair, choosing to leave it down. When I turned I realized that Gary had been watching me. A slight smile curled his lips and his eyes were narrowed. For a moment I thought he looked interested, but then I told myself it was just my imagination.

He held his hand out to me and led me across the studio to a white cane bench where he asked me to sit. He posed me with my arms stretched along the back of the bench. Then he pulled my dress down a little on one side to show just the curve of my left shoulder. "Now look to the side," he instructed in a low voice as he backed up and brought the camera to his eye. "Tilt your head forward just a little and look up at me. That's it. Don't move."

Then he lowered the camera and walked back to me. With one hand he moved my hair over my shoulder so that it hung over my right breast. His long fingers brushed my neck and sudden chills ran over my body.

"Oh, that's beautiful," he whispered as he backed up. The camera clicked several times. "Just keep looking in the same direction," he said as he moved to his right. Many more clicks from the camera followed. "That red dress is fantastic," he said as he clicked away.

This same ritual was repeated through several more outfit changes, hairstyles and poses. Each time I changed my outfit I found myself wearing less and less. The process was so gradual that I hardly realized I had bared my breasts for him until I was standing in front of him in only a white satin thong and high heels.

"I want you to lie across the bed now," he said, taking my hand and leading me to the satin-draped bed. As I did so, he took a white feather boa from the headboard, leaned across me and draped it between my breasts. "I want you to think of something real sexy," he said softly. "Like your boyfriend touching you and making love to you. Can you do that for me?"

His long black lashes narrowed over those deep blue eyes and I stopped breathing. He moved away and returned with his camera. Then he stood up on the bed, straddling my body with one foot on each side of my hips. Looking down at me through the camera, he said, "Come on Gillian, now where's that sexy look?" And he smiled.

"I haven't had a boyfriend in quite a while," I confessed. "I'm having difficulty focusing."

Still looking through the camera lens, he said, "That's a feeling you don't forget. Come on, think about having your breasts caressed and sucked. Think of a man's hard pulsing cock between your legs."

I turned my head away from him and he lowered his camera. "I didn't embarrass you, did I?" he asked in that soft, deep, sexy voice. Then he lowered himself and knelt over me. I could feel the rough fabric of his jeans on my thighs. "I want a good sexy look from you, that's all, and I will say anything or do anything to get it." He took my face in his big hand and turned it toward him. He was leaning over me and I could feel his hot sweet breath on my face. Our eyes met for a breathless silent moment. "God, you're so beautiful," he whispered. And his lips brushed mine. I felt his mustache on my upper lip, then his tongue as it lightly traced my lips. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. A soft laugh came from deep in his chest as he kissed my cheek. "You're not a virgin are you?" he asked softly with that hint of amusement in his voice again.

"No," I whispered smiling. He started kissing my neck and moving his hand down over my shoulder to my breast. Sliding his flattened palm over my now hardening nipple, he kissed me full on the mouth. His tongue slid effortlessly past my lips and teeth, and teased my tongue. My stomach fluttered and a chill ran over my skin. I was lost in the feel of his deepening kiss and what his hand was doing to my breast. He discarded his camera and his free hand found my other breast, both hands now kneading and rolling my stiff nipples between his long fingers. I felt myself getting wet and my hips lifted off the bed with a will of their own.

"Ummmm, what do you want me to do baby?" he whispered into my mouth. Then his hot lips went to my right nipple. He sucked gently and flicked the tip of his tongue across the throbbing nub. I couldn't think clearly, much less speak. His mouth moved to my left breast while his fingers played with the right. "Tell me what you want," he whispered again. His hot breath against my wet nipple was driving me crazy. My hips arched and rotated, trying to make contact with his body. "Do you want me to stop?" he breathed.

I meant to say yes, but as if from a distance I could hear my breathless voice whisper, "No."

He slid down over my body and settled himself between my legs. Still fully clothed, he sucked each breast in turn, lightly nibbling my nipples until I thought I would come from the glorious pleasure he was giving them. Then I felt his right hand sliding down my body and over my stomach. His fingers slipped under the top of the satin thong and curved slightly to cup my hairless mound. He ran his fingers up and down, massaging my clit while he sucked hungrily on my left nipple. My hips moved in rhythm with his hand and my breathing quickened. His fingers darted in and out of my wet cunt after each trip across my slippery clit. He raised his head and looked into my eyes. "Oooh, you're so wet," he whispered. His fingers continued to tease my clit and move in and out of my pussy.

I wanted to return the pleasure. Somehow I managed to push him up a little and I started to unbutton his shirt. "I want you naked," I managed to breathe, pulling his shirt-tail out of his jeans.

He kissed me again, deeply and passionately. When he broke the kiss he breathed into my neck, "You got it babe." He sat up and tugged off his shirt. I sat up also, kissing his chest and nipples while he unfastened his belt and jeans.

Suddenly I remembered where I was. "What if someone comes in?" I asked.

He smiled down at me. "They won't. You're my last appointment for today. Besides, the door to this room is locked."

I leaned back on the bed, looking at him questioningly. "Do you do this all the time with your clients? Is that why everyone is singing your praises?"

He laughed out loud, his head going back. Then he leaned close to me, his face inches away from mine and stared deep into my eyes. His voice was low. "I've never done this with any other client. I guess I shouldn't be doing it with you now, and I will stop if you say so." The smile was gone from his face.

I knew he meant what he said. A moment passed and I finally breathed, "Lord help me but I don't want to stop."

His mouth covered mine, his tongue went into my mouth and I sucked on it. My hands went to his unfastened jeans and slipped them over his hips. He continued kissing me passionately as I lay back on the bed. When the kiss ended, he stood up to take the rest of his clothes off. His hard cock stood at attention. A drop of pre-come glistened at the tip and I longed to lick if off. When he came back to the bed he took hold of my thong and I lifted my butt to let him slide it off. We were both naked.

I expected him to come to me then. Instead, he picked up his camera and started shooting, moving around the bed. I laughed, "What are you doing?"

"You're beautiful right now, just like that, with that desire in your eyes," he said, all the while aiming the camera and snapping. "I have to get it before it goes away."

I posed for him then, watching his naked body in action, letting all my wanting and my need for him show through. Finally he put the camera down and came to me, still hard and ready.

He laid me back on the bed and kissed me. Our lips pressed together, our tongues stroking and sliding against each other. His hands moved across my body, stopping at my breasts to tease my nipples. I wanted him inside me with an ache I'd never known. I felt the wetness between my legs and I parted them for him, raising my knees to make his entrance easier. I felt his hard cock rubbing my thighs, then pressing against my wet pussy. The head of it slipped over my clit and I raised my hips to meet his thrust. He slowly entered me. His hard cock filled me up and the sensation made my pussy tighten around it. I heard him release a pleasurable sigh as he started to move within me, all the while kissing my neck and breathing softly in my ear.

My hands went to his firm round butt and I pulled him closer to me, wanting him as deep inside me as I could get him. He breathed against my neck, "Ah baby, you're so tight. You feel so good." His hips started to move faster and he thrust into me a few more times before suddenly pulling out. Smiling down at me, he panted, "Oh, I can't keep that up too long or I'll come." His head bent down to suck my breast while his hand traveled down my body and slid between my legs. His long fingers probed deep inside me, touching all sorts of sensitive places. My eyes closed in ecstasy. I was lost in the feeling he was giving me. His mouth left my breast and he moved down, crouching between my legs, his finger rubbing my clit, then fucking my cunt. He looked up at me. "I like it that you shave," he said. "You have a beautiful little pussy." His mouth came down and covered my clit. I could feel his mustache tickling me as he sucked and licked. His finger went in and out of me, and one entered my asshole. I was in heaven. I felt my orgasm building. My hips were moving in rhythm with his stroking fingers. I writhed with delight as my body exploded in wonderful orgasmic bursts, one after another.

As I came, his fingers continued to fuck my pussy and asshole until I became so sensitive I could no longer stand it. Pushing his hand away, I whispered, "Wait. Oh please wait." He stopped his sweet service and kissed the insides of my thighs. I opened my eyes to see him smiling at me.

"Roll over," he said after a moment, and he put his hand under my butt to help me turn onto my belly. He placed a couple of pillows under my stomach to elevate my behind. I looked around and saw him kneeling between my legs, his cock rock-hard and pointing upward. He was stroking it and rubbing his balls. His other hand rubbed my slippery cunt and moved up to my asshole, spreading my wetness. He kissed each cheek of my butt and slowly slid one finger up my ass.

I knew what he wanted. I had never had anal sex before, but I was so turned on I didn't want to stop him. I felt him rub the head of his cock over my clit before sliding it in and out of my pussy a few times. It went deep inside me and I could feel it hit my cervix with each thrust. My orgasm was building again and his cock seemed to get bigger. Finally he pulled it out and pressed the head of it against the entrance to my tight little hole. He pushed harder and I felt myself open up. As his cock entered my ass, I instinctively tightened my muscles. He stopped pushing and bent over my back, moving my hair to one side and kissing the back of my neck. "Just relax baby," he murmured. "Yeah, that's it. Ummm, this is good."

That soothing tone of his made me relax and I began to push back. My pussy ached to be touched and I slid my hand between my legs to stroke my clit. He felt me relax and slipped his cock deeper into my ass. The sensation was mind-blowing. I began to push harder. I wanted him to fuck my ass. He began to do so slowly, moving in and out. My anus was drenched with my come and was as slippery as my cunt, so his cock slid easily. His rhythm got faster. He gripped my hips with both hands and fucked me harder. My fingers rubbed my clit faster and I began to come. I could feel his cock swelling and I knew he was about to shoot his load inside me. Suddenly I felt his cock jerking and shooting hot jism deep into my ass, and I exploded in another orgasm. We rocked together, gasping with delight until all the little waves of pleasure subsided. Then he collapsed against my back, his cock still deep inside me. Our rapid breathing slowly subsided and I heard him breathe against my ear, "God, you're good."

When our breathing became normal again, he slipped his cock out of me and we lay down beside each other, my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, and I felt beautiful for the first time in years.

It's been a year now and we are still dating. Most of the pictures on his wall now are of me. They were all taken during our lovemaking. He likes putting that look in my eye, then capturing it on film, and I like the feeling he gives me with each picture he takes. Julie was right. I've never regretted it.

G.T., Eugene, Oregon


Although I am only fifty-one, my girlfriend Laura has been trying to persuade me to take advantage of my company's early retirement plan. This would please her because then I could move in with her. Since I work in San Francisco and she lives in L.A., we only see each other on weekends. What Laura doesn't know is that if I did that I would have to give up my three very special San Francisco friends.

Take Annabel, for instance. A classic plain Jane on the outside, but a smoldering volcano when unwrapped. From the look of her buttoned-up business suits you would never suspect the quality of the luscious breasts and buttery, plump ass beneath them. Not to mention her appetite for no-boundaries, raunchy sex.

Last Thursday evening was typical. We dined at a trendy restaurant, and we were chattering on innocuously, when from out of nowhere Annabel peered over her glasses and whispered, "I want your thick hot come spurting down my throat tonight!" That's my Annabel.

Later, in her bedroom, she slipped a porn video into the VCR as I reclined against the puffy pillows on her king-size bed. I watched a petite blonde getting her ass reamed by a nine-inch dick on the big screen, while Annabel worked her sweet flexible tongue up and down my body. I tried to reciprocate, but was invariably pushed back against the pillows. By stretching carefully, however, I was able to heft her wonderful tits and tweak the finger-thick nipples while Annabel busied herself swallowing my balls, all distended from the warm bath. With my cock extended to heroic proportions, I finally managed to turn her over and climb aboard her magnificent body.

Knowing what Annabel delights in, I squatted over her face, lowering my buttocks to her waiting lips. Cooing with pleasure, she parted my cheeks and drew my anus to her mouth. My cock was resting between her massive tits, and I pushed them together and began a gentle rocking motion. Then I bent forward and pulled up her fleshy thighs, exposing her glistening pubes and pink, twitching rosebud to my hungry gaze. As I leaned further over to slurp her free-flowing pussy nectar, her mouth lost contact with my ass, and with a moan of frustration she urged me onto my back again, then scrambled over me to guide my turgid member into her frothy cunt.

While Annabel moaned and ground her pussy into me, I feasted on her chunky nipples, sucking them and nibbling them and drawing them into my mouth. I also managed to slide a hand under her sweaty ass and work a couple of fingers into her welcoming rear. "Ohh," Annabel moaned. "Yes, Charley, you've got to fuck my ass, darling. I really need it deep up there tonight."

With a quick change of position I knelt behind her and pushed my greased purple head against her swollen, pliant asshole. With a minimum of resistance, I was soon buried deep inside her warm, dark rectum. Kneading her huge ass while pumping back and forth, I reached beneath her to find her hand already there, diddling her overflowing snatch. Together we worked her swollen clitty as my rocking and pumping accelerated. Annabel emitted short, piping squeals as my prick repeatedly probed the depths of her bowels. Soon I was groaning on the verge of climax. Annabel wrenched herself free of my cock, spun around like an agile cat and pushed me over, her thick lips surrounding my slimy cock. Slipping a wicked finger up my ass, she encouraged my violent pumping until I fired a gigantic load of sperm into her gulping mouth. With my prick still hard, Annabel quickly mounted me and with a few rapid, crushing thrusts, came in a screaming frenzy, my creamy deposit still coating her mouth and tongue.

Like I said, that's my Annabel.

My second San Francisco diversion was a charming artist named Vanessa, a slender yet shapely blonde in her late thirties. After meeting her at an art gallery, I decided to ask her to dinner. Certainly Annabel was keeping me busy enough while away from Laura, but I was intrigued enough with Vanessa to want to know her better. When I called her, Vanessa, to my surprise, invited me to have dinner at her place rather than eating out.

Vanessa greeted me in a clingy, calf-length satin dress. It was immediately clear from the shifting of her shapely breasts and the outline of her nipples against the fabric that she was not wearing a bra. And when she went into the kitchen to find a vase for the flowers I'd brought her, I could see no panty lines either, only the two exquisitely small puffs of her ass cheeks.

Vanessa served a simple but delicious dinner. She bubbled with warmth and humor, and often reached across the table to touch my hand. Afterwards we shared some grass, curled up on the couch, holding hands. The air was scented by heady incense.

At one point Vanessa stood up to pull down a book she wanted to show me. Her body brushed against me, and I brazenly put my hand on her calf through the satin dress, then slid it up to her thigh. She sighed almost inaudibly and leaned toward me, her soft belly pressing against my face. With both hands now I softly kneaded her buttocks. "Oh Charley, Charley," she moaned, sliding her knees onto the sofa so she could straddle my lap. My hands moved down to slide under her dress, then boldly toyed with her pubes and delicate pussy.

As Vanessa panted in my ear, I lifted the dress to her hips, then slid slowly off the couch to my knees. Laying her back, I danced my tongue all over her sweet pussy, then dipped it in to sample her exquisite liquid. Pushing her thighs up to her still-covered breasts for freer access, I tongued her deeply, drawing out her delicious dew and teasing her swelling clit. "Oh Charley, oh Charley!" she moaned again. When I paused for a moment she quickly stood up and pulled off her dress. I stood also, and we embraced and shared our first kiss, her tongue plunging into my mouth, evidently relishing her own tangy elixir.

I turned her around to nibble at her neck and ears, while teasing her champagne-glass-shaped tits. Vanessa reached back and grasped my growing member through my pants. "Ooh, is this for me, Charley? Mmm, it feels so thick and warm." Deftly, with one hand, she opened my belt and lowered my zipper. My pants dropped to the floor as her slender hand extracted my stiff cock from my shorts. I continued to tweak her stiff nipples and nibble at her ears as she maneuvered my cock into her crotch. Leaning forward, she placed her hands between her legs and played with it, rubbing it all over her wetness. Then she turned around, dropped to her knees and drew my cock, wet with her cuntal liquor, into her eager mouth. I clasped her head and established a lovely rhythm as my thick cock reached easily to the back of her throat.

Before things could go too far I lifted her up and pulled her onto the couch again, lying over her in a 69 position. I lowered my crotch to her face, my swollen balls dangling above her mouth. Vanessa didn't hesitate to lavish attention on them with lips and tongue, as I pulled her firm, slender thighs apart to expose her distended pussy lips and winking anus to my mouth. I licked each of her orifices repeatedly in turn, and I was impressed at how quickly her asshole relaxed to admit my tongue deep into her fragrant, tangy bowels. I returned my lips to her throbbing clit as I now slipped a wet finger into her ass, quickly joined by a second. "Charley hold me tight, I'm coming!" Vanessa cried, and her sphincter gripped my fingers tightly as her vagina pulsed waves of fluid into my mouth.

As I turned around to kiss her fiercely, I felt her hand on my dick, guiding it to her dripping pussy. I moved into her with one thrust, and we continued to kiss as Vanessa wrapped her legs around my back. My fingers soon returned to her welcoming rectum. Vanessa gasped with pleasure. "Oh Charley, you've got me so loose and open!" Her hand went between us and grasped my dick as it slid in and out of her. "I want it in there," she panted, her body writhing. "Please."

I lifted my body slightly, letting my cock slide out of her. "Let me, let me," Vanessa urged, and I lowered myself again as she placed the head of my dick at her well-prepared back door. "Oh, go for it, Charley. Push it, push it into my ass!"

In one slow but steady motion my cunt-oiled prick entered her ass and completely disappeared to the depths of her bowels. Vanessa's upturned cunt ground against my pubic bone as I commenced to move slowly in and out. Her hand moved down to clasp my balls, and she looked up at me with half-closed eyes as I held her calves up around her ears. "Yes, yes yes!" she yelled as I picked up the pace, and after a moment her body arched and stiffened and she screamed wildly as she climaxed.


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