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Get ready for sex from the spectator’s point of view. And may we point out that the view is just fine! Because readers of Penthouse know that watching your woman in the throes of passion with another man-or men, or even another woman!-can be just as exciting as performing the act yourself. This titillating book takes you to the strip show stage, the highway, the nude beach, through the lens of the bedroom camcorder, and to places you’ve never imagined.

So whether behind closed doors or out in the open air, you’ll thrill to husbands spying on wives…boyfriends checking out girlfriends…neighbors peeping on neighbors. These letters will open your eyes, blow your mind, and stimulate all your senses.


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I would like to tell your readers about a vacation gift I gave my wife—a story I think they will find unusual and enticing.

My name is Tom and my wife of nine years is Darla. Darla is one of those fortunate individuals who manage to look good without really trying. She is a thirty-three-year-old blonde with well-shaped 34C breasts. Her nipples are perpetually erect and seem to protrude from any outfit she wears. Men's gazes are always dropping to her chest. If you asked her, she would probably tell you she is not too happy about a little sag here and there after four children, but I find her lush one-hundred-ten-pound body very appealing, and that, combined with her vivacious personality, makes her incredibly sexy. She complements her sex appeal with a navel ring, a pierced clitoral hood and a shaved cunt. Me? I'm just an average guy with an above average sexual appetite, coupled with a vivid, dirty imagination. I am a traveling salesman (no jokes please), and don't get laid as often as I would like. Despite this, I have never been unfaithful to my wife. In fact, she is always the object of my daydreams and fantasies. The vacation gift I mentioned was actually one of my fantasies come true!

Judging from many of your letters, a lot of men (maybe most men) would love to see their wives having sex with another man or woman. Also judging from your letters, most people enjoy watching porno flicks. I once had the pleasure of watching my wife in action with a man named Andrew, and enjoyed the experience immensely. Although that encounter was years ago, the memories of it still provide me with hours of fantastic masturbation material. So I thought to myself, I love watching porno flicks and I love watching my wife. Why not get two for one?

I waited for the right time to approach my wife with the idea of going out of town by herself and meeting Andrew, who now lives in another state and is married to a bisexual redhead named Ellen. Now I never really had the impression that Darla was attracted to Ellen, but I did know that she liked Andrew and was very sexually attracted to him. My opportunity finally came one night when Darla was exhausted after a particularly hectic day of cleaning, doing laundry and taking care of our kids. It seemed like a good time to drop my bombshell.

"Hon," I said, "you need a quick little vacation. You know, just to get out of town without the kids and let your hair down. A little time on your own would do you good. I'll give you a present. I'll watch the kids if you want to go out and do something crazy!"

She gave me a look that was interested but skeptical as I explained my devious plan. I would stay at home with the kids and baby-sit while she flew out to spend some time with Andrew and Ellen. Once there, she could do whatever she wanted, with the following two rules: First, all sex would be videotaped, and second, she would watch the tapes with me when she came back, and then give them to me.

Darla seemed intrigued, but she was hesitant, and didn't make a decision for several weeks. In fact, she didn't even mention it again during that time, even when we played our usual hot, erotic love games. I was disappointed, but thinking I might have overstepped my matrimonial bounds, I kept quiet and acted as if I had never even made the suggestion.

About a month later, when I returned from a sales trip, Darla asked me not to make any plans for that weekend, because, she said, she had a lot of errands and running around to do. But later that night, after the kids had all been fed, bathed and put to bed, she informed me that she had plane reservations for the next morning. I knew instantly what she was referring to, and my cock began swelling in my jeans. It was going to happen!

We were both nervous and horny as I helped her pick out a sexy wardrobe to take with her. After she was all packed, she called Ellen and Andrew to let them know she was coming. They were excited. The conversation soon became steamy as Andrew recounted to my wife all the things that he and Ellen were planning to do with her. I could see her becoming more and more flushed. Her breathing became shallow and rapid. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer, I peeled Darla's stretch pants and panties off and began lapping and licking her shaved cunt as though I was starving to death. For the next twenty minutes, Darla talked on the phone, humping my face while I nibbled on her crotch and played with the ring in her clitoral hood. She finally came with a shuddering gasp and clenched legs. The phone dropped on the bed, and I could hear Andrew grunting and yelling. Apparently Ellen had been busy as well. After she hung up, I fucked Darla slowly and thoroughly. We fell asleep in each other's arms, and before I awoke the next morning she was up and gone to the airport.

The next thirty-six hours passed slowly. Even though the children kept me occupied most of the time, I found myself in a state of constant arousal. While playing with the kids outside, I would wonder if Darla were naked. While feeding them lunch, I would wonder what was in her mouth. When putting them to bed, I would fantasize that she was getting fucked that very moment. I was sincerely hoping that she was having a great time, but I was also selfish enough to hope that she wouldn't be too tired or fucked-out to have sex when she got back home. I jacked off three times thinking of her and of all the possibilities. Sleeping was pretty difficult that night!

The next day passed much the same way, with me being distracted and aroused. Our children mauled Darla that night when she came home. She acted happy to be back, and gave me a kiss and a wink. "How did your meeting go?" I asked.

She grinned slyly and said, "You'll see soon enough."

Later that night, I couldn't wait to get the children to bed. Darla and I showered together, but no mention was made of her adventures. After some small talk and an update on the kids, she retired to the bedroom, not even bothering to put on any pajamas or lingerie. When I followed moments later, she already had the TV and VCR turned on. She grinned nervously, "I haven't seen any of this," she said. "I hope it turned out okay." I was trembling with excitement as we cuddled with each other under the covers.

Dada pressed the button on the remote to start the tape. At first there was nothing but blank blue screen, but after a moment it flickered into the image of a bedroom. The picture was steady, so I figured they must have used a tripod. The beginning of the scene showed Darla and Andrew embracing in the middle of the room, kissing passionately. Darla was wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse. Andrew slid his hands down her back and cupped her ass. Without letting go of her ass or losing mouth contact, he turned so that Darla's back was to the camera. As he kneaded her backside, her skirt climbed up and her ass cheeks became visible. I could not see any underwear; she was either not wearing any panties or she had a thong on. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as she slowly ground her hips against his. Andrew's tongue probed her panting mouth as his hands moved upward, massaging her breasts through her blouse. Watching, I was pretty sure she wasn't wearing a bra either. By this time I had a raging hard-on, and they still hadn't taken their clothes off!

Darla slowly reached over and began to fondle my erection as we both continued to watch the tape. On screen Andrew deftly unbuttoned her blouse and bent his head to suckle her nipple. Darla lowered her head and watched as he sucked first one nipple and then the other. Then he slowly unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and she shrugged out of it. He slowly worked his way down her stomach, stopping for a while to play with her navel ring. He then backed away as if to admire her body. Without a word, Darla unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was surprised to see that she was wearing panties after all—a high-cut thong. Andrew came forward and slowly began to peel off the thong while nibbling on her navel. With her fingers in his hair, she nimbly stepped out of the garment, then turned toward the camera and stood with her legs spread. Andrew stared intently at her shaved cunt.

"Do you like it?" Darla asked.

"I love it," he growled and bent his head closer, admiring her clitoris, adorned with its tiny gold ring. Darla backed up to the bed and lay down on it with her legs widely spread. Andrew quickly followed and wasted no time burying his face and tongue in her cunt.

I began toying with Darla's nipple while I watched Andrew dive into her muff. Her hand found my cock and stroked it, slowly at first, then harder and faster. On the screen her moans became louder as she wrapped her legs around Andrew's head. "Fuck me!" she panted. "Come up here! Fuck me!" Andrew responded by standing up and disrobing. Darla kept her eyes on his crotch while he removed his jeans and underwear. She kept her legs spread, both hands between her thighs, one pulling gently on her clitoral ring, the index finger of the other sliding between her swollen pussy lips. She watched impatiently as Andrew rolled a condom over his thick, erect cock. I could actually hear her fingers sloshing in her cunt, she was so wet. Andrew bent again for one last lick at her glistening cunt before pulling her to the edge of the bed. Still standing, he hoisted her legs in the air and entered her dripping wet cunt in two quick strokes.

"Aaahh, fuck me!" she urged loudly. Andrew's ass was facing the camera now, and it began to piston back and forth powerfully.

At this point, I was panting myself. This was better than I had imagined. Darla drew back the sheets and lowered her head to my crotch, engulfing my hard cock with her warm, eager mouth. I watched her head bobbing on my pole for a few minutes, then returned to the TV screen. There was an almost constant moaning and screaming on the soundtrack as Andrew's thick nine-inch cock jackhammered Darla's cunt. Her tits were bouncing back and forth as he continued to slam into her.

My hips were now moving rhythmically as I fucked my wife's mouth. On screen Andrew's pace became almost frantic. Darla's hands came up to hold her bouncing tits, squeezing and pulling her nipples. Watching Darla touch and fondle herself has always turned me on. Now, seeing her play with her nipples as she got fucked was too much. I grabbed her head and announced, "I'm coming!" My cock pulsed and twitched as a molten stream of semen erupted into her mouth. At that point Andrew threw back his head and groaned loudly, impaling her cunt one last time and then slumping over her as his intense orgasm overcame him.

Weak and dizzy myself, I closed my eyes, exclaiming, "I hope that was as good for you as it was for me!" Darla grinned widely and licked her lips. She kissed me passionately and told me that although she had enjoyed her nasty hedonistic visit, she was glad to be home. The TV showed her and Andrew lying spent on the bed, limbs entangled, whispering softly to each other.

"Where was Ellen?" I asked.

Darla turned off the TV. "Oh, she was there. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow night to watch the next episode!"

Just goes to show you that not all vacation videos are boring.—L.F., Macon, Georgia


My wife Rhonda and I have been regular readers of your magazine all during our marriage, and with her permission and encouragement I have decided to share our story with you and your readers.

I am twenty-nine and Rhonda is twenty-seven. We will have been married seven years this coming July, and we have two children. Rhonda and I have known each other from the time we were in elementary school. Although she was two years behind me, we always got along together even then. I've heard that long-term successful marriages are built on friendship, and if that is the case, our marriage should always be safe and secure. Don't get me wrong; I love Rhonda dearly. I think the sun rises and sets on her, and I know she loves me. But our relationship goes beyond that, and is not just based on a fleeting lust that may fade over time. She is my very best friend, and she says I am the one person in the world who truly understands her and accepts her just the way she is. She knows she can share her every thought, feeling and deed with me, and never has to worry about any judgmental reaction or recrimination on my part. In seven years of marriage we have not had one single serious argument, and I can't imagine us ever having one. We talk to each other, we listen to each other, we understand each other and we like each other. Some of my friends and family members have trouble understanding why I even married Rhonda and why I stay married to her, but I never worry about what they think. If they want to be tied to conventional notions of morality and behavior, and refuse to understand that Rhonda makes me happy, and that I love being with her and married to her—then that is their problem, not mine!

One thing that even those people agree on about Rhonda is her looks. Rhonda is gorgeous. Not only does she have a beautiful face, big brown eyes and silky shoulder-length hair; she also has a body that just won't quit! She stands five feet four and weighs one hundred eighteen pounds. Rhonda worries about her weight and over the past couple of years has occasionally said with chagrin that she has gotten fat. Well, if Rhonda has a weight problem; I think most of the women in this country would love to have a similar problem. True, after four kids she is two inches larger around the waist, and her hips are a bit broader, but her already magnificent bust has also increased two inches since she's had kids. I actually measured her recently when she complained about her figure. She measured 40-26-36!

Rhonda is not only one very sexy babe; she is one very highly sensual woman. She became sexually active in college, and once she discovered the joys of love, she absolutely couldn't do without it. With her looks and seductive body men are always hitting on her, and with her high-powered sex drive she is an easy target for good-looking, powerfully built, well-hung men. My wife has had numerous boyfriends and extramarital affairs during our years together. She's never hid these from me; in fact, I am a willing accomplice in her adulterous activities. I've watched her with other men on numerous occasions, helped her select just the right outfits for going out with other men, and I willingly wait at home baby-sitting the kids while Rhonda is out on dates. When she gets home, or when her lovers leave after being entertained by her in our bedroom, she tells me every intimate and juicy detail of what she did with her paramours. Rhonda loves it when I go down on her after she has been with another man, and we usually do a 69 after she's just been laid. She will eagerly suck my cock, swallowing my load while I willingly eat out her juicy snatch, lapping up the sperm her lover has deposited in her cunt.

We did not really talk about it, but I think both of us instinctively knew things would be this way when we were married. I knew how wild Rhonda had been during her college years, and how wantonly she had behaved after she had graduated. Without either of us saying so, I think we understood that it was unlikely she could go from being such a promiscuous girl to a monogamous married woman. When we began dating seriously during my last year of college, I soon came to realize that all the rumors I'd heard were true, and she indeed was no longer the innocent straitlaced virgin I'd dated a few times in high school. Then all I ever got from her was a goodnight kiss. When I took her out again when she was nineteen, she directed me where to go parking.

Once we were there, she was all over me. Within minutes she was unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my pants, while quickly shedding her own clothes. She also demonstrated how prepared she was by fishing in her purse and pulling out a condom. As she opened it and peeled it down over my cock, she calmly told me she'd been carrying them with her on all her dates since the previous year, when she'd gotten pregnant by one of four different guys she'd been with. She'd had an abortion, and had been carrying condoms ever since.

When she got the condom on my cock, she knelt over me, straddling my hips, and lowered her cunt down on my prick. I was very excited, and went off in only a few minutes. Rhonda was not done though. She peeled off my rubber, tossed it out the car window and then lowered her mouth to my slick prick. She licked me clean, sucked me to hardness, and rolled on another rubber. I lasted longer that time. Rhonda shuddered in orgasm before I filled the second rubber with come.

We began dating regularly, and sex was a part of every date. Rhonda still saw other guys as well. She willingly told me about the men she went out with, and when I asked, she confirmed that she had had sex with them. She also told me about riding around on nights when she didn't have a date, usually picking up some guy who she would wind up having sex with. She began getting very graphic about the details of what she did, and she noticed I'd always get rock-hard bearing about it. Neither of us said it, but it was obvious she was awakening my latent and undiscovered voyeuristic nature.

We became engaged that spring, but Rhonda continued fucking other guys. Some of my friends were shocked when they heard I was going to marry her. They told me she was a slut and that I should break it off.

Two of my friends, Larry and Paul, even made it a point to let me know that they screwed Rhonda after we were engaged. They thought that would wake me up and cause me to call off the engagement. But the fact was that Rhonda had already told me about both incidents.

If there was any question about whether things would change after we were married, it was answered only two weeks after our wedding. Danny, another friend of mine, was over at our place on a Saturday afternoon. Our area had one of the few drive-in movies still open, and as darkness approached the three of us decided to go to the show.

At intermission I went to the snack bar to get some popcorn and Cokes. When I got back to the car, Danny and Rhonda were making out. I knew Danny had screwed Rhonda before I married her, but I hadn't thought about it happening after she had become my wife. When I left them alone in the car, I wasn't expecting anything to happen between them, especially since they knew I was coming back right away. When I got back to the car though, they were kissing and groping each other, and clearly were very turned on. They both glanced at me briefly as I got in the car, and then immediately went back to making out.

As I settled in beside them, Danny reached down beside the passenger seat and pulled the lever that let the back of the seat down to the reclining position. Rhonda was on her back now, and Danny was on top of her as they kissed. She was moaning and squirming, obviously extremely turned on. The crotch of Danny's jeans showed an ominous bulge, and Rhonda was hunching her crotch frantically against that burgeoning erection.

After a minute Danny pulled her blouse out of the waist of her jeans, unbuttoned it and freed her breasts from her bra. I watched intently as my friend made a meal out of my bride's large full titties.

He then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. He reached down to her feet, pulled off her sneakers and then began tugging at the jeans. Rhonda lifted her hips to help facilitate their removal. They were so skintight that she had to help him get them over her hips. She wiggled her sexy butt and squirmed as she helped him pull them down. Her cotton panties slipped down to her upper thighs as the jeans were lowered. Danny finally pulled them off her feet, and peeled the white cotton panties off as well.

I was watching intently and rubbing my rock-hard prick through the crotch of my own jeans. Danny was undoing his pants, then pushing them to his knees, along with his undershorts. He pumped his cock a few times to bring it to full hardness, and then aimed it at Rhonda's exposed furry gash.

Rhonda put her feet up on the dashboard; legs splayed wide as Danny prepared to mount her. Danny did not even put on a rubber. He brought his thick bare cock to Rhonda's opening and pushed inside. I saw my wife's feet quiver as he jammed his huge cock up into her cunt. He was much better endowed than I was, but my bride's experienced cunt took all of it very easily. Rhonda groaned, grasped at Danny's back and began hunching up at him as he fucked her. By this time the car windows were all steamed up and the pervasive odor of hot pussy filled the space. As they humped each other I could actually feel the car rocking on its springs. I rubbed my hard-on more vigorously as I watched them rush toward their climaxes. Finally Rhonda moaned loudly. Her body shuddered, and I saw her toes curl with her orgasm. That set Danny off also. He rammed his thick cock in her cunt to the hilt, moaning as he blasted off inside her. I came in my pants, watching my friend pump my wife's belly full of creamy seed. Danny and Rhonda kissed passionately, clinging to each other as they rode their mutual orgasm to its conclusion.

After they were done, Danny pulled his pants and shorts back up. But Rhonda didn't even try to put her jeans back on; she found her panties, pulled them up, and sat there through the rest of the movie in her blouse and underpants. The smell of raw sex and pungent sperm filled the car.

After the movie we drove back to our house, and my panty-clad wife, with her wadded-up bluejeans under her arm, kissed my friend good-bye in our front yard before he got into his car and went home.

When we got into bed Rhonda and I began kissing. Then she pushed me down on my back and hitched herself up until her pussy was over my face. I could tell what she wanted, but I was reluctant at first. Finally I very gingerly stuck out my tongue and tasted her cunt. It had a funky, musky flavor, and I can't say I found it really agreeable at the beginning. I kept at it though, and soon she was hunching her sperm-saturated pussy against my probing tongue. When she climaxed, great gobs of stale male sperm and female come gushed out and flooded my mouth.

Rhonda then returned the favor. She took my sticky come-crusted cock in her mouth and sucked me off. As we cuddled and fell asleep, both of us knew that the rules and lifestyle of our marriage had been established.

When I came home from work Monday evening, Rhonda informed me that Danny had been by that afternoon. She readily admitted she'd had sex with him in our marital bed while I was at work. Before we even ate supper, she dragged me into the bedroom. She quickly had me all worked up. When we were naked, she again climbed atop me, this time in a 69 position, and lowered her mouth to my crotch. As she took my prick in her mouth, she mashed her crotch down on my face. Her dark curly pubic hair was laced with flecks of dried come. She had not showered or douched, and her twat was still full of Danny's come. She smelled really funky, but I was getting to like it. She slurped down my load when I came, and when she climaxed, her juices, blended with Danny's come, again drenched my face.

When Danny told some of the guys he had bedded Rhonda even after she was married, the word spread like wildfire. Our house became a favorite spot to visit while I was at work.

Each evening Rhonda would tell me who had come by and fucked her while I was out working. Some days there were more than one. She would describe in graphic detail everything that had gone on. And every evening I would end up licking her come-filled cunt as she sucked me off.

Guys would also come over and have sex with Rhonda while I was at home. They would usually fuck her in our marital bed while I waited in the living room. Occasionally one of them would take her right in the living room while I was present. I would watch intently and jerk off, finally coming into a tissue while I watched another man pump his creamy load up my wife's cunt.

After we'd been married about two and a half years I changed jobs, and we moved from our hometown to a different city. It took my horny wife less than a month to find a new lover, and within three months she was seeing at least four different guys.

It was along about then that Rhonda began going out on regular dates. Preparing for an evening out, she would hold up one of her short dresses, asking me if I thought her boyfriend would like her in it. I would then stay home baby-sitting while my wife was out on her date. When she got home she would tell me everything they did. Then, of course, I would go down on her and lick her pussy while it was full of her lover's semen. That has been our lifestyle ever since.

As I said, a lot of people don't understand why I want to be married to a girl like Rhonda, but the fact is she makes me happier than I ever thought I would be, and I wouldn't change a thing.—F.K., Sacramento, California



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