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Sinfully Sexy


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ALL PLEASURE. NO LIMITS. What could be better, wilder, hotter than sixteen collections of confessions from the world’s number-one forum on human sexuality? The answer: The seventeenth volume of LETTERS TO PENTHOUSE, featuring the most scorching and amazing erotic tales ever, from fun and fascinating people exactly like you. Be prepared to be teased and pleased, via touch and tongue, thrust and caress. Sample every palpitation, variation, and combination known (and unknown) to the male and female libido-strictly for the uninhibited. Provocative and seductive, these letters are the best and bawdiest from Penthouse readers’ experiences in bed, bath, and every other room in (and out) of the house. Whether it’s one-on-ones or three-for-alls, quick nooners or slow nights, sex between girls or love between the races, you’ll plunge into a world of unbridled, uncensored, unbelievable sex. It happened to them. Let it happen to you!


























I have worked in the same small restaurant so long that everyone thinks of me as the grizzled old veteran. One of the things I like best about my job is fucking the waitresses. Not all of them, of course. But my percentage is pretty good. Still, there are always some girls who just won't give you a break.

For a long time I thought Lola was one. Her husband was a corrections officer, and she always told everyone she was happily married, a faithful wife, with no interest in anyone else. Hey, she even fooled me, and I'm usually good at picking up on women's sexual interests. She was great-looking, with fabulous tits, a great ass and strong waitress legs. Soon after she started at the restaurant, I began dating Tanya, a likable waitress who turned out to be a natural-born swinger and pussy-eater. Tanya and Lola got to be friends, which gave me a little credibility with Lola.

When Tanya moved out of the state and Lola's husband started working nights, Lola and I began to hang out. After a while she felt comfortable enough to confide about having had an affair with a maintenance guy at work. He dumped her after fucking her a few times. I was startled, but realized my chance of fucking her had just improved greatly. It turned out that things weren't all that great in her marriage. She also talked a lot about another guy, another corrections officer, who was her husband's best friend, but she swore she had never done anything with him

I was crazy to fuck Lola but didn't want to spook her by pushing too hard. One night I was throwing a birthday party for one of the girls at my house, and I asked Lola if she would come over early and help me decorate. As luck would have it, her husband was out of town for two weeks with the National Guard, so she had lots of time. We were set up by seven, an hour before the party was to start, and we were sitting at my kitchen table having a cocktail when she finally admitted she'd fucked her husband's coworker for nine months prior to taking up with the maintenance man.

That was it for me. I knew she was ready, and I sure as hell was. I took her by the hand to my bedroom, sat her on the bed, got on my knees in front of her, pulled her shorts and panties aside and started eating her pussy. Not only did it taste great, but I found out to my delight that she was multiorgasmic, able to climax continuously. My first thought was if it was too late to cancel the party. After about ten minutes Lola pulled away and went to shower and get ready for the party. I said I hoped she would stay afterward. She did.

Believe me, it was worth the wait!

After that it was Lola and me all the time. She was insatiable. We fucked everywhere—in the woods, my truck, a stairwell at work, a mall photo booth, it didn't matter. I bought her some toys, which became part of our escapades. She would strip as we drove down the highway, then lie across my lap and fuck herself with a vibrator, to the enjoyment of truckers we passed. They loved to see her with her legs spread, jamming a dildo up her pussy while I played with her fine tits. I'm surprised we never had an accident. A lot of those drivers were masturbating.

Eventually Lola left her husband and moved in with me, and we continued our sexual adventures. I introduced her to anal sex, then to exhibitionism, and she loved them both. I fucked her in the daylight on a nude beach as five or six men watched and jacked off. I loved talking to her while we did it, having her lift her legs higher so the men had a better view of my cock fucking her pussy. She had orgasm after orgasm.

The next step was to bring another couple in our bed. Lola had never been with another woman, but she seemed excited by the idea. I set it up with a couple I'd met at a swing club. April was a nude dancer, and Travis was in the Air Force. Both were attractive and in great shape. April had a killer body, with 34D tits and one sweet round ass. They came to the house, and in no time we were in the bedroom stripping. April started eating Lola's pussy, as Travis and I caressed the women. He was quite taken with Lola and anxiously awaited his turn at her, which was fine with me, because I was eager to be with April. There's something about a dancer that is very erotic for me.

Travis had his tongue up his wife's ass as she continued to eat Lola's pussy. I took this opportunity to stick my cock in Lola's mouth. She was really getting into being eaten by another woman. Her moans were muffled by my cock as she took it in her throat. After a while April rolled over on the bed, and Travis quickly got between Lola's legs and plunged his cock in her pussy. I loved watching her getting fucked and sucking my dick at the same time, but April was just lying there with those big round tits and her cute trimmed patch of pubic hair, so I pulled my dick from Lola's mouth and ate April's pussy. I have to say it was as tasty as Lola's. I reached up and took as much of her breasts as I could in my hands, and within minutes she reached orgasm. She pushed my head away then, and we watched Travis fucking Lola.

Finally I pulled her to the side of the bed, turned her over, reached down, spread her pussy lips and slid my cock in. My stomach slammed into her round ass as I buried my cock as deep as it would go. Meanwhile, Travis was starting to moan. He was about to cream in my honey. Lola, of course, was having orgasm after orgasm. Soon Travis stiffened and gave a hoarse cry as he shot in Lola's squirming pussy. Watching her ecstatic face as he spurted in her, along with the sensation of April's pussy spasming around my dick, was too much for me. I yelled I was coming as I shot my load into April. She rocked her ass, milking every drop.

Travis now pulled his shiny cock out of Lola. April leaned over and took it in her mouth, making it hard again almost instantly. He rolled her on her back and started to fuck her. Lola and I watched them until I was hard again too. I got on top of Lola, and the four of us fucked side by side until we all came.

From then on, orgies and swinging became part of our sexual repertoire. A few months ago Lola and I came to a parting of the ways, but I still think of those wonderful days we were lucky enough to have spent together, and of all the great sex we shared. Fortunately, though, Tanya moved back to town, so I'm still keeping pretty busy.—L.D., Saint Louis, Missouri


My wife is a striking redhead. She's of medium height, and through exercise and diet has maintained a trim but voluptuous figure. Through our twenty years of marriage Carmen has been somewhat of an exhibitionist. Much of her wardrobe consists of short, tight skirts and dresses, eye-catching and often revealing tops, and sexy lingerie. When she enters a room, eyes turn.

As our son, who's now in college, grew up, our house was a hangout for his friends, male and female. Carmen and I both have outgoing personalities and mingled easily with his friends. In his later teens, Carmen got particularly close to some of his girlfriends, advising them on clothes, their looks, even their sex life. She kept more of a distance from the boys, but it was clear they couldn't keep their eyes off of her, particularly in the summer, when she likes to wear skimpy sundresses, often with no underwear underneath.

Our son never seemed to mind. When we discussed his friends' view of his mom, his sense seemed to be that her exhibitionism was just part of who she is, so why not let others enjoy it? Which is close to my own view, with one addition: I find her exhibitionism a total turn-on. It has been an important factor in our robust sex life. As it happens, Carmen's sex drive is every bit as strong as her exhibitionistic impulse. She likes to come every night and is quite orgasmic. Early on in our marriage she got into sex toys to supplement our lovemaking. If I wasn't up for it, she would put on a show for me, making herself climax repeatedly.

We discussed her getting together with other men and women to satisfy her needs, but she viewed such behavior as too risky. Surprisingly, notwithstanding her exhibitionism, we had a monogamous relationship, even though I always understood that Carmen was more than I could handle sexually. She made do—until recently.

One night shortly after our son went off to college, Carmen suggested we go to a swingers' party at a motel near the airport. She had heard about these parties in an Internet chat room. (For the last few years, she has been getting into fantasy sex play with others on a regular basis through chat rooms. It's not unusual for me to find her playing with herself with one hand while she types into her computer with the other.) If I was okay with it, she wanted to see how far she would go at such a party. I said we should bring lots of condoms, just in case. So we were agreed. Carmen was about to take both her exhibitionism and her sex life to a new level.

We started the evening at a nice restaurant. Carmen wore a short black leather skirt, fishnet stockings with a garter belt, black thong panties, a skimpy lace bra, a see-through black blouse and two-inch-heel pumps. She put on fairly heavy eye makeup and very red lipstick. She was an eyeful. She had a strong martini before dinner, and we split a bottle of wine. Since she is not a heavy drinker, she was feeling quite giddy and loose when we left the restaurant about ten.

When we arrived at the motel party room, there was already a fairly good crowd—about fifty people, ranging widely in age and appearance. This was a couples-only night. We entered along with a couple in their early twenties, and began talking, It turned out that they had been married less than a year and were curious about what they called "the lifestyle." The woman was a quite attractive blonde. The man was over six feet and quite well-built. It was immediately obvious that he couldn't keep his eyes off Carmen. And she didn't hesitate to rub against him as we walked in the dance room.

The man's name was Keith, the woman's Inga. The four of us sat at a table and observed the scene. Couples were dancing suggestively with one another. A few of the women weren't wearing any underwear, which became obvious when their partners pulled up their short skirts and exposed their bare asses. When the music ended, a big-breasted woman got on the stage and, as a new song went on, proceeded to do a striptease. It was brazen, but not especially a turn-on.

Carmen turned to me and said, "I can do better." Next thing I knew she was on the stage! She took the microphone and told the crowd that she was ready for a special night. She explained that she always liked to dress to show off her best assets, but tonight was going to be something else. The music went on, and she began to do a slow strip. She moved exquisitely, and easily had the attention of the whole room. When she was naked, she sucked on her finger, then placed it in her cunt. After slowly moving it around a bit, she began to rub her clitoris, which had gotten erect, as had her nipples. She was very hot. Her green eyes glistened. Her body looked scrumptious.

Suddenly she said she needed company, and asked if there were any takers. Keith didn't hesitate. He went up to her, and she gave him a big wet kiss. She proceeded to undress him while he felt her up, first her breasts, then her neatly trimmed cunt. By the time his pants came off he had a huge erection.

Carmen exclaimed, "Wow!" In front of the whole crowd, she bent down and started to lick Keith's cock. Everyone cheered her on. I turned to Inga, who moved closer to me and put her hand on my pants. We watched the action together. Carmen began to deep-throat Keith, and sucked on him for a minute or two. But she had a hard time getting much of his giant cock down. When the music ended, Carmen did a little curtsey and left the stage, holding her clothes with one hand and Keith with the other. She came over to me and said that we should get a room. She put her skirt and blouse back on, but not her lingerie. I went to the office to get a room.

When I got back, Keith was sitting between Carmen and Inga, with his hands on their breasts. Carmen turned to me and said she wanted him. Inga said fine. I gave Carmen and Keith the room key. They were gone in a flash.

Inga grabbed me by the hand, and we began to dance. She didn't hesitate to rub her body into mine. She whispered how Keith had been getting restless and needed someone else. She was delighted that Carmen was so sensual and willing. She said that because of the size of Keith's cock and the voraciousness of his sex drive, she wasn't able to fuck him as often or as long as he would like. It was her idea to come to the motel party. She hoped he would find some playmates who would take some of the pressure off her.

I told her that Carmen too had an enormous sexual appetite, and though she had not really slept around, tonight she was primed to become quite a whore. I said it surprised me to find that I liked the idea of her fucking around. Inga and I alternately danced and talked for about an hour. We did a little necking and rubbing, but we were both content to watch the escapades going on all about us, even as our spouses were going at it in the motel room.

At last Keith returned, wearing his pants and no shirt. He said, "That's one hot bitch you have for a wife." He said they had been going at it fast and furious, and Carmen couldn't seem to get enough of his cock. He had never heard such noises as the first time he stuffed it in her cunt. When he finally pulled out, a long time later, she immediately began licking it to get it hard again, To his surprise, she could take it all the way down her throat. Before he came again, at her request he entered her cunt from behind. She had a huge rolling orgasm as he too came.

When I asked where she was, he said she was still in the room. She wanted more action, and he was spent. I asked if she asked for me specifically, and he said no. At a table next to ours there were two couples. Keith turned to them and said that my wife was one piece of work, were the gentlemen interested? They had seen Carmen strip and didn't hesitate. Their women nodded approval, and said they could entertain themselves. The guys went off with Keith. Inga and I followed.

Keith led the reinforcements, Alex and Stefan, into the motel room. Inga and I trailed close behind. The room smelled of sex. Carmen was lying on top of the covers nude. When she saw us, she moved her tongue over her lips and spread her legs. Her clitoris, still erect, peeked out from her pussy lips. Keith introduced Alex and Stefan. Carmen said she had never had two guys at once before, nor an audience to watch her, but then, this was a night of firsts. She added that her husband was there to make sure things didn't get too far out of hand.

As Alex and Stefan moved toward Carmen, she stood up on the bed. Alex began to lick her cunt. Stefan began by taking off his clothes—he was already quite hard. Carmen motioned for Alex to continue, and lay on her side. Stefan put his prick near her lips, and she began to lick and then suck it. Keith, meanwhile, had sat on one of the chairs, with Inga on his lap. I stood by the door transfixed as I watched my wife being tongued by one guy while she blew another. Before she came, Alex stopped and took off his clothes. He and Stefan both had nice-size cocks, but nothing like Keith's.

Alex moved to the middle of the bed and got on his back. Carmen stopped blowing Stefan and positioned herself on top of Alex. She grabbed two condoms from the night table. She handed one to Stefan and placed the other on Alex's hard-on. She lowered herself on it and motioned Stefan to move to the foot of the bed so he could position himself to drill her ass. He used her own cunt juices to further lubricate his condom-clad cock. She worked herself up and down on Alex's cock, letting out little screams of pleasure. She was putting on quite a show, and I was like a fly on the wall. Keith and Inga were also going at it. He had undone her blouse and bra and was playing with her tits.

Carmen stopped moving on Alex's cock, allowing Stefan an opportunity to approach her asshole. He had surprisingly little trouble getting his cock in, and once it was in, the three of them established a rhythm. Carmen shouted that she couldn't believe how fucking great it felt to have two cocks in her. She had a series of orgasms, and soon after, both Stefan and Alex came. Stefan removed his cock, and Carmen rose off of Alex with a satisfied grin.

Inga meanwhile had moved to Keith's cock. She licked it, and it got hard immediately. She motioned for him to get it on with Carmen again. He took a condom and encased his cock. Carmen was lying on her back with her legs spread. He moved on top of her, and his big cock slid easily in her. They went for what seemed at least ten minutes before Keith exploded again and Carmen had a tremendous rolling orgasm. Inga had come up to stand next to me, with her breasts still bare. When Keith and Carmen came together, she gave me a deep kiss.

Stefan and Alex had dressed and now left the room, leaving Keith and Carmen lying together hugging. Afterward, Carmen and Keith showered together, and Inga and I talked. We all reached the same conclusion. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Keith and Inga found an apartment to rent near us. It is now six months since that first night. Inga and I have become good friends. We are affectionate with each other but haven't fucked. Our spouses' incredible sex drives keep us drained.—N.H., Denver, Colorado


Emma and I have been married for over fifty happy, sexy years. We lived together and fucked like minks for a year before our marriage. She was a big girl, statuesque like a Rubens painting, with big, beautiful boobs, lovely pink nipples and the most velvety pussy lining anywhere. Even now, despite the fact that she's had four children, her boobs droop only a bit. I've seen far worse on girls in their twenties.

Early on, with half the male population hitting on her. I learned not to be jealous. Her lovely face lights up from within, and she's so receptive that men always think she's coming on to them. I could have wasted a lot of time fending them off, but instead I learned to appreciate this attention and pity the guys—after all, she was mine. Even today, she is often hit on by guys half her age.

Emma and I also learned to appreciate each other's triumphs and successes, sexual and otherwise, and to understand that a long marriage, even when happy, is subject to temptation. Neither of us resented it when the other gave in to temptation; on the contrary, we relished our joyful sexuality. We swapped with friends a few times, and each of us had serious affairs. We're still friends with most of our "exes" and believe that variety is the one true aphrodisiac.

Our joint sex life has been rewardingly diverse. Emma is game for almost anything. Her blowjobs are unbelievable, and we've experimented with all kinds of practices and aids. Her only limitation for most of our marriage has been a reluctance concerning anal sex.

We have slowed down some over the past fifteen years, partially because of AIDS and partially because we traveled a lot after we retired. But we still have occasional wild episodes. It's one of those that I want to tell about.

Two days ago we made our weekly trip to our local coin laundry. After we loaded the wash, Emma took off in our van to do some grocery shopping while I sat and watched our clothes go round and round. A well-rounded, buxom blonde in her forties, bouncy and pretty, came in with her laundry. She smiled at everyone and kind of lit up the place. She loaded her stuff and started up the machines, then came over, threw me another bright smile and sat down next to me. The chairs were close together, and my right side pressed against her left side from shoulder to butt.

"Do you mind if I wait with you?" she said. "It gets kind of lonesome here."

I gave her my best smile and said I would enjoy the company. We made small talk. It seemed to me she was being deliberately flirtatious. Every now and then she leaned over to look at her washers, pressing strongly against me.

"Am I crowding you?" she asked.

"Do you hear me complaining?" I said.

"Good," she said. "Then I can lean on you." And she did. We talked about how uncomfortable the chairs were. I was surprised when she said, "You know, some places have couches in the ladies' room. If this one does, we could be much more comfortable in there. Why don't I look?" She got up and went to the ladies' room, but came right back. "Nah," she said, "we'll have to make do with these damn chairs."

I thought it was a good time to ask her name. "Call me Candy," she said. I made some stupid remark about that being a sweet name. "Yes," she said, "and you can have a taste if you want."

"Why me?" I asked. "I'm old enough to be your daddy."

"Look at all the other guys here," she said. "Losers and creeps. But you have a nice look, and a great smile. Where's your lady?" I told her Emma had gone for groceries and would be back soon. "Then we'll use the men's room," Candy said. "She's not likely to go there."

My first thought was that I didn't have my Viagra. Even though Candy already had me almost hard, I need the little blue pills because of a former prostate condition. Even if I had them, Viagra takes an hour to kick in.

As I wondered what to do, I looked through the front windows and saw Emma parking the car outside. Candy asked if I had a condom on me. I said no. As she wondered about the location of the nearest pharmacy, Emma came in, her face lit up in her inimitable warm way. I had nothing to hide from her. I stood up to meet her, saying, "Emma, I'd like you to meet Candy. She wants me to take her in the men's room and play, but I'm not equipped."

Candy gasped, but Emma merely smiled and said, "I've got a better idea. Why not take Candy home? We have everything you need in the guest room."

Candy asked if Emma was kidding. She said she was serious, and thought it would be really nice for me to play with such a pretty girl. Candy smiled and said, "My hubby's got to meet you!"

"Really!" Emma said. "What's he like?"

"You'll like Alex," Candy bubbled. "He's got a great sense of humor. And a really long prick! It'll get to the bottom of anything he puts it in. But it's thin, so it doesn't hurt or anything." Emma looked dubious. She likes them thick. Her favorite dildo is two inches in diameter. But that wasn't enough to offset her curiosity about a possible new sexual encounter, and she agreed.

Our wash cycles were done, so we put our clothes in driers and told the lady in charge of the laundromat we'd be back to pick them up. I couldn't believe it when Candy said, "We gotta rush off. Got a hot orgy that won't wait." The lady's mouth dropped open, but from the expression on her face, I think if we had invited her, she would have closed the place and come along.

Emma took our van home, and I rode with Candy to show her the way. As she drove, I rubbed her mound through her jeans, then unbuttoned her shirt and fondled her nipples through her bra.

As soon as we opened the door Emma slipped me my Viagra, then showed Candy to the phone so she could call her husband. After that the two of them got busy in the kitchen, making drinks and preparing some snacks for later. I put a porn movie in the DVD player. When they came out to the living room Emma said she had explained about the Viagra, then suggested Candy check on my progress. She did, boldly feeling my crotch. Emma felt me in turn. Candy asked if there was more, Emma said there was, and Candy went into a writhing strip act.

Emma unzipped me, then peeled down my pants and briefs, so they could watch my progress. Candy slowly took off all her clothes and pranced around naked. I was fully erect by the time Alex knocked at the door.

Emma went to let him in. He was tall and thin, but athletic-looking and handsome, though prematurely gray. Candy ran up and kissed him, rubbing her naked chubbiness hard against him. Then she sat him down next to Emma, and we all had drinks. I felt strange being almost completely naked, with my Viagra-assisted erection waving in the breeze, but Alex didn't seem to mind. Nor did he remark on the fact that his wife was naked too.

His eyes were on Emma as she slipped her shoes off. I piped up and said I thought Emma would like a foot massage, adding that a man who did that well usually got to rub all of her. Emma smiled, raised her legs and put her feet in Alex's lap. A second later he was rubbing them with enthusiasm. She moaned as he massaged her instep, and began to wiggle ecstatically .

At that point Candy plunked herself down on my lap, her butt snuggling up to my cock. My hands explored her, squeezing her boobs, tweaking her nipples, then dropping to her mound. She gasped as I twiddled her clit.

Alex stood up, holding Emma's feet in one hand and peeling his clothes off with the other. Emma made no objection, but made no move to take her own clothes off. Alex sat back down and returned her feet to his now-naked lap.

Up to now none of us had paid much attention to the movie, but at this point the girl on-screen was being penetrated by two guys, in her ass and her pussy. Candy asked Emma if she'd ever done that, and Emma said no, she wasn't that crazy about anal fucking. Candy said she'd been ass-fucked a lot, but never with a prick in her cunt at the same time. "Alex's is perfect for butts," she said. "It starts thin and slowly widens." We all looked at the cock in question. Alex waved it around proudly. It was ten inches long and about three-quarters of an inch around the head, widening to over an inch at the base.

Emma reached over to stroke it. Candy got off me and sat back in one of our big easy chairs, hooking her legs over the arms. It was pretty obvious what she wanted, so I knelt in front of her and sank my face in her crotch. A few minutes of licking her tasty clit brought her to a violent orgasm. The others cheered. I was encouraged to continue, and before long she was on the verge of a second climax.

I teased her a bit, making her wait, then resuming with an intense tongue-lashing that had her twisting and moaning with satisfaction. The sight got her husband so excited that he moved over to her and stuck his tool in her mouth. I saw Emma getting really excited too, so I suggested she get naked so we could all see her lovely boobs.


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