Letters to Penthouse XV

Outrageous Erotic Orgasmic


By Penthouse International

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From the bestselling Letters to Penthouse series comes another spicy collection of letters written to one of the most popular men’s magazines.


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My wife and I are very much in love, and have been faithful to each other for the sixteen years of our marriage.

Before we were married, and for some years after, we were insatiable, making love with great frequency and variety. Then our appetites seemed to wane, and we settled into a routine of fairly boring lovemaking on about a weekly basis. We stopped having sex in crazy places, seldom used our sex toys and rarely had anal sex or did anything remotely kinky.

Clara attributed this to impending middle age, as we approached forty. But I thought it had more to do with over-familiarity. I feared we were facing a downward spiral of less and less satisfactory sex, which set me to fantasizing about having affairs—to try to add spice to what remained of my sex life. However, I feared losing my wife over such an affair, and never pursued one.

Recently we took a long-overdue vacation, and I was determined to use the occasion to at least try to bring some passion back into our sex lives. I secreted some of Clara's hot lingerie, some massage oils and lubricants and even a few sex toys in our luggage, hoping to use any or all of them.

I didn't expect to use them right away, as we were spending the first night or two with an old friend who had moved to Florida after she and her husband split up. Seeing our friend Daisy at the airport brought back memories of the good times Clara and I once had with her and her husband Philip. We were both terribly sad when their marriage soured.

During the period of the breakup Philip had shared some intimate details of his and Daisy's sex life with me, and Daisy had confided in Clara as well. Clara and I admitted guiltily to each other that some of their sex stories not only turned us on but were working their way into our fantasies and even into our dreams.

Clara was so angry with Philip for hurting Daisy that the dreams she was having involved sex with her, not him, which scared her a little. I never told her that according to Philip, Daisy had been actively bisexual before they were married. I figured Clara might become uncomfortable with Daisy if I told her, and I knew that Clara and Daisy valued their friendship highly.

At the airport Daisy looked as good as ever—tall, with long legs, a full bust, brown hair, lovely olive skin and a stylish way about her that always reminded me of a young Sophia Loren. She didn't look anywhere close to her thirty-nine years.

For that matter, Clara still looked great too. She is shorter than Daisy, with a gorgeous ass, a beautiful smile, fair skin and jet-black hair. As for me, I'll admit that I'm no Brad Pitt, but I had been working out for the last couple of years and was actually in better shape than I'd been for quite a while.

We went out for dinner, and then headed back to Daisy's place. Since she had been up early for a rough day at work, and Clara and I had a tiring flight to recover from, we all hit the sack early.

I knew Clara and I could probably fall asleep quickly, but I sensed an opportunity to start rekindling our intimacy right away. So when she asked for her pajamas, I gave her a silky little nightie that tied in the front, with no panties. I claimed that her wearing it would make it easier for me to massage the kinks from her muscles. I knew she probably figured I was just trying to get laid, but she just slipped the nightie on and lay down on the bed on her stomach.

I began to massage Clara through the thin material. As I did so, the garment slid up over her shapely ass. She was starting to get very relaxed under my vigorous hands when we heard a voice from the open door to our room saying, "Gosh, that looks nice! I sure envy your massage, Clara!"

Thinking Daisy had already retired, I hadn't bothered to shut the door. Clara, startled, rolled over quickly to hide her bare backside and pulled the front of her nightie together. Almost at the same time she gave an embarrassed laugh, saying, "I don't know why I'm covering up. You've certainly seen me naked before!"

I was probably more embarrassed than Clara, as my silk boxer shorts were doing a pretty good imitation of a pup tent, with my erect penis as the main tent pole. Trying to be nonchalant, I suggested jokingly that Clara and I give Daisy a massage as well, as part of our "room and board."

To my amazement, Daisy said "Great!" and lay down on her belly between us!

Clara shrugged at me and moved up to begin working on Daisy's shoulders. I moved to her feet and began to massage them slowly. When it became obvious that Daisy's lingerie top was in Clara's way, Daisy simply reached down and unbuttoned it, then shrugged it off.

Even if nothing else happened, I would have at least one vivid memory from this trip! Seeing Clara with her nightie barely tied and doing a poor job of concealing the body beneath it was nice enough. Seeing her langourously stroking the nearly naked body of Daisy, whose tiny panties did little to obscure her fine ass, and whose large breasts were bulging out at the sides as she lay on her front, was enough to give me a massive hard-on.

Clara noticed my state and with a mischievous grin started to run her hands down Daisy's back and up her sides, just touching the bulge of her breasts. She knew she was really turning me on with her little show.

By now I was inching my way up Daisy's long legs and working on the backs and insides of her thighs. From the growing stain darkening the crotch of her panties, it was obvious that she was getting turned on. I finally asked her to roll over so I could work on the front of her legs. I fully expected her to grab her top. Instead she just rolled over, exposing her beautiful breasts.

Clara gave a little gasp, but Daisy smiled and said, "I feel so comfortable with you two. I've missed you both so much!" With that she pulled Clara down for a hug and kiss, then did the same for me. We said we felt the same way and continued with the massage.

Clara was a bit tentative at first but soon warmed to her task, massaging Daisy's upper chest, belly and sides. I noticed that Daisy gave out a little purring noise every time Clara's hands ran across her breasts and obviously aroused nipples. For my part, I found myself working closer and closer to Daisy's pubis as I kneaded her upper thighs.

I'll admit it was turning me on to brush the backs of my hands against Daisy's outer labia through the thin and thoroughly soaked panties while I squeezed her thighs rhythmically. Since I was concentrating on her legs, Clara was able to work farther and farther down her belly. As she knelt behind Daisy's head, reaching down to massage her abdomen, her full breasts were nearly touching Daisy's.

Then it happened. As Clara was crouched there with her hands rubbing Daisy's belly, Daisy reached up and cupped my wife's breasts through her open nightie. Clara let out a little gasp but didn't pull away. In fact, she closed her eyes and gave a small sigh as Daisy squeezed her high, conical breasts.

After a moment Clara's hands moved to Daisy's large tits, kneading them and fingering the nipples. I avidly watched Daisy reach up and pull my wife down to her for a long kiss that appeared to include serious tongue action. From what I could tell, Clara was giving as good as she was getting.

While this was happening, I untied the bows on the sides of Daisy's panties and peeled down the front, exposing a small strip of pubic hair and a triangle of untanned skin which contrasted nicely with her dark belly and thighs. I began to gently stroke and caress her smooth vaginal lips. She moaned and pressed her pussy against my hand.

I looked up just in time to see Daisy guiding Clara's head to her left breast. After only a flicker of hesitation, Clara opened her mouth and began licking and sucking on Daisy's big brown nipple. I remembered that when Clara shared her dreams about Daisy, one of the things she mentioned was sucking on her breasts. So I was seeing my wife's erotic dream come to life before my eyes.

Now I slid down in the bed and, replacing my fingers with my mouth, began sucking on Daisy's incredibly wet and wonderfully spicy pussy. This was the first pussy other than Clara's I had eaten in years, and the taste was similar but delightfully different.

As I tongued her clitoris, I inserted first one, then two fingers in her vagina and stroked her. Philip had told me that Daisy loved that stimulation, so I worked a third finger slowly up her asshole. She gave a loud moan and rocked her pelvis against my face. The rocking got faster, until she quivered and went stiff, gasping with pleasure.

When Daisy's orgasm subsided, I eased my fingers out of her and slipped my boxers off, freeing my stiff penis, which quickly found its way in her steaming pussy. Exercising all my control, not wanting to come too quickly, I fucked her slowly, my cock pumping in and out of her with long, steady strokes.

Clara was still crouched over Daisy's head as they sucked on each other's breasts, pausing occasionally to give each other long deep kisses. I eventually reached over and pulled Clara toward me, giving her a deep kiss of my own. She responded readily, even though my lips and face were covered with Daisy's pussy juices.

I slipped Clara's nightie off and now had two gorgeous naked women within arm's reach. I ran my hands down my wife's body and realized that her pussy was now just over Daisy's face. I pressed her gently downward. When she gasped and started to moan, I knew Daisy had begun to suck on my wife's sweet pussy.

This gave me an idea. I slipped my penis out of Daisy, rose up on my knees and guided Clara's head down to my cock, which was slick with Daisy's pussy juice. Clara took it greedily in her mouth and gave me incredible head, sucking hungrily while rocking her pussy against Daisy's face.

Not wanting to leave Daisy totally out in the cold, I pulled my penis momentarily out of Clara's mouth and slipped it back in Daisy's steamy cunt. I pulled it out after a few strokes, and Clara sucked it again. I did this several times, alternating between my wife's eager mouth and Daisy's juicy pussy.

Clara seemed to be getting off on seeing my tool slide in and out of Daisy's pussy, and to enjoy tasting Daisy's juices on my hard cock. After several minutes I couldn't stand this any longer and blasted a load in my wife's sucking mouth.

Clara was usually unwilling to swallow my semen, but this time was different. She was moaning and shuddering with an orgasm of her own as mine started, and while still in its throes, she swallowed my come as if it were a fine champagne. She continued sucking and stroking me long after my orgasm was over, keeping me stiff as a board.

Finally, she took my cock from her mouth and slipped it back in Daisy's pussy. But after a few strokes, I had another idea. I pulled out of Daisy and pushed her legs up and back, exposing her anus, soaking wet from the overflow of her pussy juices. I slipped my finger in and out of it once or twice to make sure it was well-lubricated, then pressed my cock against it.

Clara pulled back slightly and stared at the sight of my pole sinking slowly in her friend's rear passage. I had really missed anal intercourse since my wife and I abandoned it, and now the exquisite sensation of that tight sphincter squeezing the shaft of my dick while the head rubbed against the smooth walls of her narrow tunnel reminded me how fantastic it was.

Daisy was getting into it too, pushing her ass toward me and taking me deeper in her until my balls were right against her buttocks. Clara seemed fascinated by the sight of my cock pumping in and out of that tight asshole, as well as by the way Daisy's open cunt quivered with each thrust. After a minute Clara lowered her head to Daisy's crotch and began sucking away.

Clara seemed to be on the same kind of sexual high that I was. She was ready to try anything. When I slipped a finger in Daisy's vagina and began to stroke her in rhythm with the thrusts of my cock in her ass, Clara slipped a finger in as well. When I pulled my finger out, she kept stroking for a bit, but apparently missed the taste of Daisy's pussy and resumed eating her. Soon she was trying to stick her tongue deep in Daisy's vagina, and was even licking her anus around my cock as I stroked slowly in and out.

Daisy finally cried out with passion and erupted in another orgasm, her ass squeezing my cock like a sexy fist. I pulled out of her, and Clara looked up at me just long enough to say, "Fuck my ass now!" then dove back to Daisy's pussy.

I just couldn't say no to such a rare request. I moved quickly to position myself behind Clara as she and Daisy continued to eat each other in their 69 position. The sight of them with their bodies rubbing together and their faces buried in one another's crotch is burned in my memory.

As I got behind Clara, Daisy moved her head out of the way and with both hands spread my wife's ass open. I pressed my cock against that pink rosebud, which was soaked with Daisy's saliva and her own pussy juices, and eased it in slowly, going a little deeper with each stroke. While I did this, I felt Daisy's tongue licking the shaft of my cock and my balls.

When I got my cock all the way up my wife's ass, Daisy stretched her neck and started tonguing my ass. God, what a feeling! Clara, evidently impatient with my slow stroking, rocked back and forth faster and faster, screwing herself with my love pole. Between that and the way Daisy was licking her clitoris and vagina, she had a second major orgasm, moaning and convulsing like a wild woman. The sensation of her sphincter spasming around my cock brought me to another powerful climax as well. When I pulled my tender cock gingerly out of my wife's tight ass, I was spent.

Apparently Daisy didn't think I was completely drained, however. She took my dick, fresh from my Clara's ass, deep in her mouth and sucked the last drops of semen from me. When I managed to pull my depleted tool from her mouth, she lifted her head to lick Clara's anus clean of the semen oozing out of it. Clara simply shuddered in the aftermath of her long, wrenching orgasm.

Finally the three of us collapsed in an exhausted heap, and within minutes we all fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke, I was sure the whole thing must have been a dream. But no, there was Daisy naked on one side of me and an equally naked Clara on the other.

When I realized that it had all really happened, my first thought was that I wished I had turned on our camcorder and recorded it all. When the ladies woke up, I shared this thought with them, saying I would have liked to have a record of our activities to look at in our old age.

To my enormous surprise, Clara quickly agreed. "It would have been an incredible souvenir," she said.

"Well, then," Daisy said, "we'll just have to make some videos, won't we?"

Over the next several days we did some things that I had only dreamed of plus a few that had never occurred to me. Whatever any of us thought of, the others eagerly agreed to.

We found many uses for the vibrator and strap-on dildo I had hidden in our suitcase. I found I actually liked the feeling of a slender vibrator up my ass while getting my cock sucked. Clara found she loved having the two of us go down on her simultaneously, one sucking on her pussy while the other reamed her ass. Daisy found she loved to have me fuck her in the ass while Clara fucked her pussy with a dildo.

Daisy and Clara enjoyed bringing themselves off in front of each other, competing to see who could reach the most climaxes. And both of the ladies seemed to really get off watching me masturbate. Clara learned to swallow my semen with a smile, though she never did learn to deep-throat me the way Daisy could.

Both of the ladies loved strapping on the strap-on dildo and fucking each other long and hard. And I discovered over and over again that having your cock sucked by two women simultaneously is every bit as good as it sounds.

We caught all of this on videotape, along with a fairly complete reenactment of our first night's activities. We have all gotten a lot of pleasure from those tapes and from others we've made since, when the three of us were together again.

Clara and I have gone back to vacation at Daisy's several times, and she visits us as often as she can. She hasn't found another guy to get serious about, and I think the three of us are all deeply in love with one another. Clara and I have even invited Daisy to come live with us in a sort of threeway marriage, and she is looking into transferring back to this area. It would be a dream come true for all of us.

For Clara and me this experience was like a breath of spring air, totally revitalizing our tired lovemaking. We feel rejuvenated, more deeply in love than ever and more appreciative of the importance of a full, satisfying sex life.—R.L., Kansas City, Missouri


My husband and I have always been eager to help each other enjoy life to the fullest. A few months ago I became aware of a woman working in his office that George admired. I became friendly with Audrey. We shopped together and did other things as well.

One weekend George and I decided to go to the lake for the day. On an impulse, I suggested we invite Audrey, and he was all for it. I called, and she said she thought it'd be great. I said we'd pick her up in an hour. I threw a few things in a beach bag, including the new bikini I had just bought, while George did what he called "the important stuff," like icing a case of beer.

Not being much of a beer drinker, I slipped a couple of bottles of wine in with the picnic lunch I threw together, and we hopped in our truck. When we got to Audrey's, she had on cutoff jeans and a halter top that really showed off her body. She too had a beach bag in her hand. She piled in the truck, and we were on our way. We were just going to the lake, but I had never seen her so excited—like a kid in a candy store.

As usual we parked in an out-of-the-way area and had the place to ourselves. Audrey couldn't wait to get into her swimsuit so she could get some sun. George got a cold beer and walked to the lake while Audrey and I slipped into our suits. She was in no way shy, stripping nude with me looking on. At the first sight of her naked body, I knew my husband would go nuts over her.

There was quite a contrast between us. She is a bit taller and blond, while my long hair is dark brown. Our breasts are about the same size, but her nipples are a lot smaller. I knew as I stepped out of my clothes she would be checking me out too. Once we were in our brief swimsuits, I wasn't sure whose was more daring, but I knew George would love them both. I saw Audrey had not shaved—a few blond hairs peeked out from her suit bottom.

We moved our chairs in the sun, and I broke out a bottle of wine. We had no glasses, so we just passed the bottle back and forth. When George came back, I thought his eyes would pop out of his head, devouring Audrey from head to toe. His cock grew instantly in his shorts. Audrey acted as if she didn't notice, but I knew better.

Over the next couple of hours Audrey and my husband flirted whenever they thought I wasn't watching. She gave him numerous opportunities to look down her bra and made a habit of adjusting her bikini bottom to give him a better look. Poor George was plagued with a hard-on most of the day. I knew I was in for a good fucking that night—and if Audrey played her cards right, she was too!

As the day ended, we girls slipped behind the truck to change back to our clothes. We weren't drunk at all, just pleasantly relaxed. As Audrey peeled out of her suit, I saw George watching us in the truck's rearview mirror. He had a clear view of Audrey, and I was sure he was enjoying it.

Once we finally headed back to town, Audrey and I decided we wanted more wine. I talked George into stopping at a country store in the middle of nowhere. Not that I really needed the wine, but it would give me an opportunity to see how far Audrey might go.

Since ours was the only car in the parking lot, when George went inside for the wine, I suggested to Audrey that we bare our breasts before he returned. She giggled and pulled her top up to reveal her firm tits, and I did the same.

When my unsuspecting husband came strolling out of the store with two bottles under his arm, the look on his face as he walked back was worth the risk we had taken.

He opened the truck door, which turned on the dome light and gave him a better look at us. I think at that time he was more interested in Audrey's breasts than mine, but that was fine with me. The thought of him making love to Audrey was turning me on as well.

Audrey and I passed a bottle of wine between us on the way to her place. I think we both knew what was about to happen. I guess the only one who didn't was my husband.

When we arrived at Audrey's, she insisted we come in for a while, and George was out of the truck in a second. We followed her inside, and she said to make ourselves at home.

While George poured us more wine, Audrey and I scooted to the bathroom. No words were exchanged about what was going on, but Audrey knew that whatever happened was okay with me. When we came out, George gave us each a glass of wine, then took his turn in the bathroom.

When he came out, he got another shock. We had both removed our tops again and were sitting on the floor. He sat down in front of us and studied first Audrey's breasts, then mine. He asked Audrey softly if he could play with her breasts. They both looked at me, and I nodded.

"Yes!" Audrey whispered.

George reached out and took one of Audrey's breasts in each hand. She shuddered as he touched them. In seconds he had her on her back and was sucking at them, first one, then the other. While he did that, his hand went to the front of her jeans. In a flash he was slipping them off her, and she was helping him.

Although George and I had done some swinging, neither of us had ever watched the other make love to someone else. Time seemed to stop as I watched my husband gently make love to this woman as he had done to me so many times.

He kissed and caressed Audrey's body, moving from her breasts to her pussy, and with great care took her to the heights of desire. She looked at me, but her eyes were glassed over and her gaze went through me as if I wasn't there.

I slid up next to George, and as I helped him out of his clothes, I whispered, "She's ready. Take her."

He moved up on her and fed his cock slowly in her hungry pussy. It was like watching a slow-motion movie as he moved slowly and steadily in and out of her. I watched in awe as my friend accepted the pleasure my husband was giving her. It seemed to go on forever. Then the spell was broken. Audrey began to thrash about wildly, and George went stiff and gave a loud grunt as he filled her with his hot seed. They collapsed in each other's arms, covered with sweat.

I had glasses of wine ready for them as they recovered and sat up. As Audrey sipped from hers, she looked at my shorts. There was a huge wet spot at the crotch. Before I could say anything, the two of them slid over to me, laid me down gently on the carpet and began unzipping my shorts. I lifted my hips so Audrey could slide them off. George covered my pussy with his mouth while she played with his cock.

I had an orgasm before my husband even entered me. As his cock slid in my slippery hole, I looked over at my friend. She was sitting cross-legged, a soft smile on her face, watching me being fucked as I had watched her a short time earlier. She had taken George's first load, so his second was a long time coming. I guess I got the best of the deal—one of the best fucks I had ever had. When he finally emptied his seed in me, I got a jolt such as I have seldom felt, either before or since.

Afterward, we all cleaned up without saying much about what had happened. But when George and I got home, we just tore each other's clothes off and made love most of the night.

Audrey and I have remained friends, and she and George still work together, but we have never repeated our wonderful night. I think we are all afraid that it just wouldn't be the same.—B.D., Mason City, Iowa


I think I knew I was bisexual before I knew what the word means. My childhood was normal and ordinary, but when I reached puberty, I realized I could be turned on by boys as well as girls. My wet dreams and fantasies included both sexes.

I am thirty now and have enjoyed a full, satisfying sex life, although it's varied in ways most of my friends would not understand. Few people know I swing both ways, and I want to keep it that way. I don't aggressively seek out men, but I recognize their overtures and if I find them attractive I respond. I thoroughly enjoy sex with women as well. I have been blessed with good looks, a good physique, a sizable cock and a healthy appetite for sex.

One Sunday morning a friend of mine named Ron, with whom I often play tennis, dropped by my town house unexpectedly. That was not unusual. He often shows up without calling first. I had slept late, and was lounging around reading the paper wearing only my briefs. Ron came in and flopped on the couch.

"How's Louise?" I asked, referring to his wife.

"Fine," he replied. "How about a beer?"

"Sure," I said, and got him one from the fridge. "What's up?" I asked, thinking he wanted to set up a tennis match. But that was not the reason for his visit.


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