Letters to Penthouse XIX


By Penthouse International

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Just Say Yes! Speaking sexually, whatever your taste-missionary position or kinky decadence, slow teases or wham-bam coupling-you’ve come to the right place. Every page tells a tale of heart-racing, libido-tickling loveplay, straight from the sexy lives and times of Penthouse readers. Alone or with a lover, you’ll be deliriously lost in lust. Just bring an open mind and a thirst for fun. The excitement starts now….



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Soft music played in the background and darkness filled the room except for the dim glow of light in the far corner. Her eyes were foggy from the pot she and her guests had smoked earlier. The mellow calm that comes from fine-grade marijuana slowly settled over her. Everyone had gone to the kitchen for more drinks; she lacked the energy to go anywhere. Then without realizing what she was doing, her body began reacting to the music. Her head swayed back and forth along the fluffy velvet pillow beneath it.

Suddenly she rose and started to dance, the music overtaking her as rain pounded down on the window, creating an ethereal feel outside that rivaled the one in her head. She pressed her body against the pane and became part of the rhythm. Her nipples hardened as the coolness of the glass seeped through her thin shirt.

He walked in the room and saw her dancing. She was facing away from him, stroking her body, running her fingers through her long hair and moving in a way that he had never seen before. He wanted her with an almost crippling sense of urgency. Aware of the people in the other room but paying no real heed to their presence, he inhaled deeply and walked toward her. He grabbed her around the waist and molded her body to his so they could move in tandem to the music. His presence didn't interrupt the trance that seemed to hold her. Her body was on fire, in desperate need of movement, demanding touch and connection.

His heart began to beat wildly as he felt her tremble. Without separating their bodies or slowing their dance, he began to lift her sweater over her head and then pulled his own shirt off to feel her skin. She was damp with perspiration and her skin clung to his. He pulled her tight so that her face was close to his and in one movement dipped her close to the ground. Bending down as if to kiss her, he unbuttoned her skirt and pushed it to the floor. For a second he just stared at the woman in his arms. Her dark brown hair swayed, falling down to her waist. Her eyes were closed like she was in a peaceful trance.

He pulled her back to him and twirled her around. At that moment a new song came on the radio and they began to slow dance. No words were spoken and their eyes remained shut. Her fingers dug into his naked back and tickled her way down to his jeans. She found her way to the front and pushed the jeans to his knees. It wasn't long before her mouth was on his penis.

She was hungry for the taste of him so her movements were anything but gentle. Her tongue ravished his shaft. Her hands massaged his balls and the heat of her breath on his taut skin caused his erection to strengthen. He moaned when her lips hit the tip.

He gasped for air and a shiver ran through his body. "Oh yes," he said, trying to delay his orgasm. He looked down and she smiled devilishly up at him. Unable to control himself, he filled her mouth. She swallowed him down, her appetite satisfied only temporarily.

The music changed once again and she heard the beat of salsa. She beckoned him with her index finger, wearing only her bra and black lace underwear. Grateful for a moment without touching so he could regroup, he stood frozen in place and watched her. She unhooked her bra while keeping rhythm and maintaining complete eye contact. She threw the undergarment in his direction. The black lace fell from her waist and then there she was, naked, gyrating, hypnotizing him with her eyes.

Needing no more time to pull himself together, he walked to her in three commanding steps and helped her to the ground as he lowered himself on top of her. She threw her head back and attacked him with her hands. He felt her pussy against his cock and grinded into it while his breath fell on her neck. She loved the smell of him. He kissed her neck and then traveled down her body, squeezing her breasts and sucking them like a man possessed. Totally caught up in their fullness.

He went to her bush, noticing how much her lips had swollen. He felt between the folds of skin, slowly searching for her clitoris. He felt wetness form as he licked her and left her aching for more as he made his way back up to her face. When their lips met his tongue entered her mouth, she could taste herself on him. Burying her face in his firm chest, she felt him thrust his penis inside of her, tightening her cunt and wrapping her legs around his waist as he did.

He held her hands over her head with one of his own. With his other hand he tortured her with tickles down her side. She pulled free of his grasp and dug her fingers into his hard ass. He pushed away from her. Positioning her doggie style, he propelled his cock into her. She climaxed and melted into him. He continued to go in and out, letting her juices flow over him. He left her to trail his penis up and down her thigh and watched as her liquids dripped to the floor. Neither cared that they had company, albeit rooms away.

"Do you hear something?" one of the guests asked.

"Sounds like moaning," another answered.

"They're definitely taking their time in the living room. Think they're okay?"

"Should I go check on them?" the first guest asked.

"Yeah, why don't you? We'll be in in a second."

Feeling like jelly, she sank into him. Whereas she'd had all the energy sucked out of her, he was still hard as a rock and raring to go.

"We aren't done yet," he whispered. He lifted up and carried her limp form to the chair. He sat her down, resting her head against the cushion. Mounting her, he wrapped her legs around him again and put her hand on his cock. "There's something I want you to do for me," he said.

Glassy-eyed, she gently touched the tip and felt him react. She took her fingers and journeyed past her vulva. She found the wetness that seemed a natural part of her now and let it coat her fingers until they were dripping. She rubbed his chest, coating it with her wetness before placing his dick inside her. They glided together.

"Oh my god!" A voice in the distance broke the trance between them. "I'm sorry, I . . . I don't know what to say," the intruder mumbled as the lovers looked up at her in astonishment. Not knowing what to do and feeling her cheeks flush both with embarrassment and her attraction to the couple in front of her, she tried to leave the room.

"Wait," the woman in the couple said. "Join us."

As if in a dream, he watched his lover approach the other woman. She put a finger to the newcomer's lips and slowly, methodically unbuttoned her denim shirt and ran her fingers up and down her sloping bosom, playing with her nipples.

"Are you okay with this?" the first woman asked.

"Yes," the other answered, obviously open for experimentation.

The two women began to stroke each other.

"Have you ever done this before?" the first asked.

"Never," the second said.

"May I join in? I can help," the man stepped behind the second woman, capturing her between himself and his lover. She could feel his penis against her ass as he pressed his body to hers. Leaning past her, his shoulders brushing against her back, he stuck his finger into his lover's mouth and she sucked. Releasing his finger he traced it around the second woman's belly button.

"Kiss her," he instructed his lover, and slowly she placed her lips on the other woman's. They fell into each other as the man finished undressing his new conquest. Once she was naked with them, using his fingers to widen the gap, he gently placed his penis at the opening of her anus. She was caught off guard but her concentration was soon directed back to the activities in front of her as the first woman's lips left her mouth and traveled down her body to her pussy. Watching what was happening over the second woman's shoulder, the man thrust his penis deep into the woman's anus.

"Jesus God!" she yelped, unable to believe the sensations she was feeling, the man behind her, the woman sucking her vagina.

A pair stirred down the hall. "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, I did. Why is she moaning?"

"I don't know, but I think maybe someone should go and check it out."

"You go check it out," some very drunk guy in the corner suggested to the first girl who spoke.

"I'll go if someone will come with me, big guy."

"Okay, I'll go," the guy replied, "but somebody better save me a beer."

"Never in my life," gasping for breath, the woman looked at the couple whom had just induced the most passionate orgasm she had ever experienced. The three of them remained intertwined on the floor, their naked bodies sticky with sweat and come.

"We should probably get up," the man suggested, unable to wipe the grin from his face.

"Why? Afraid someone might walk in on us?" his lover asked with a smile.

"They could join in," the other woman laughed when she looked up and saw two very willing participants in the doorway.—D.K., Carteret, New Jersey  


A few weeks ago I was sitting in my apartment watching a baseball game when I got a call from my buddy Chris. He told me to come over to his place because it was his friend Joanna's birthday and he'd arranged a special celebration. I drove there as fast as I could because he'd always told me such outrageous stories about what a horny little slut Joanna is.

When I reached Chris' place another guy named Steve was there, but Joanna was nowhere to be seen. "Glad you could make it, bud," Chris said. "We've been waiting." He whistled and the bedroom door opened. Joanna was standing there looking like she'd just stepped out of the pages of Penthouse! She was every man's wet dream: five-foot-five with auburn hair, a fantastic body and the nicest ass I'd ever seen. She wore black stockings and a teddy that showed everything she had.

Chris turned to us and said, "Joanna wants to get the fucking of her life tonight. Think you guys are up to it?" Steve and I nodded and followed Chris and Joanna into the bedroom. All four of us leaped onto the bed and got to it. We soon had Joanna naked except for her sexy stockings.

Our hands quickly roamed over every inch of her body, and Joanna stroked and pulled the cocks surrounding her. When she got down on her hands and knees to suck Steve's dick I couldn't resist parting her butt cheeks. I began to explore the awesome ass I'd always wanted to bang and I slipped her cunt some tongue from behind. Joanna has a fine pussy with thick lips and a clit that's easy to stimulate because it grows so large. Soon enough I had her gasping from the licking I was giving her.

After that it was a full-on fucking free-for-all. If there wasn't a hard cock fucking Joanna's pussy there was one stuck in her mouth or wedged in between her ass cheeks. Every time one of us guys got ready to come, he pulled out so he could spunk all over her body. The more come we glazed her with the wilder Joanna got, insisting we get our dicks hard again so that she could have a second load. One time she had all three of us jerk off into her mouth at once, until her tongue was practically covered with all the come loads. Whatever remained dripped sexily out of the sides of her mouth and down onto her tits.

We fucked Joanna tirelessly from dusk till dawn with hardly any rest. By the morning we were all too exhausted and crashed out on the bed. Before I drifted off to sleep I saw that Joanna had a big sticky grin on her face, so I guess she had the birthday she wanted. I hope she wants the same present next year!—N.W., Ann Arbor, Michigan  


Two weeks ago I attended a wedding anniversary party at an upscale hotel. Just after we arrived my date ran into an old girlfriend. They promptly disappeared onto the crowded dance floor, leaving me at the bar. An hour later I was still sitting alone at the bar, bored and pissed off, finishing one last drink. I had decided to leave without her when two girls came up to the bar and, without noticing me, ordered Margaritas. Both were gorgeous. Caroline was tall with long, blonde hair; Dana was shorter, with shoulder-length dark brown hair. Both wore short-cut dresses that revealed trim, athletic bodies. Before I could second-guess myself I said, "Hi, girls. My name's Evan. Can I buy you those drinks?"

They looked at each other and burst out laughing. I felt the blood drain from my face. I looked away and mumbled, "Sorry to bother you." They didn't respond but stood there a minute more talking to each other. Then to my surprise Dana tapped my shoulder and introduced herself. I smiled and said hello again. After another round of drinks, the girls and I sat at a table.

The bar was still packed, and a couple who noticed we had two free seats at our table asked to join us. Wendy was stunning, wearing a low-cut dress that showed off sumptuous breasts; the man accompanying her, Mike, was tall and muscular with sun-bleached hair. I hid my disappointment at not being the center of attention anymore and listened to the conversation.

After a moment of small talk Dana asked Mike to dance. He looked at Wendy and she told them to have fun. I ordered another round of margaritas. When they returned, Dana sat down next to me, squeezed my thigh and said, "Are you trying to get us drunk?"

I tried to play it off and asked with a laugh, "Why? Would that work?" My heart skipped a beat when her hand moved to my crotch.

She smiled mischievously and said, "It might!" At the next slow song Mike asked Caroline to dance. As we watched them Dana began whispering to Wendy, who nodded in agreement and looked at me before turning back to Dana and saying, "See what he thinks."

Dana said to me, "Caroline and I are going to go to Wendy and Mike's room and we're thinking of inviting you to come along. Interested?"

My heart leapt to my throat. Trying not to stammer I replied, "I'd love to."

Then she added, "One more question, and think before you answer. Do you like to be dominated?"

I knew she was serious and not wanting to get in over my head decided to answer her honestly. "I like a girl who . . ." I paused, trying to figure out how to describe it. "You know, who controls me."

Dana said, "So you'll do what I tell you?"

Fighting the butterflies in my stomach, I said yes. The girls exchanged smiles, and then Dana leaned over and kissed me.

"Good answer," she said.

A few minutes later Caroline and Mike came back to the table. Wendy stood up and kissed him, snaking her tongue into his mouth, then whispered something to him. Mike reached down, killed his drink and said, "Everyone ready?"

When we got to the room Mike opened the door. Wendy, Caroline, and Dana followed him inside. I stood frozen, having second thoughts when Dana turned and noticed I wasn't following them. She smiled a devious smile, took my arm and said, "Come on, you're not backing out on us now, Evan." She tugged my arm, and I moved through the door, my heart racing.

Mike had just finished pouring drinks for everyone when Dana and I came into the room. Wendy was standing next to Mike, and Caroline was already comfortable on the bed. Dana walked over and sat down next to her. I made my way to the couch and sat down, trying to not look nervous.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, then Caroline said, "You guys said you were ready for anything, right?" Mike and Wendy looked at each other. Wendy leaned up and kissed him. She squeezed his crotch. As she took her hand away the outline of his stiffening dick was visible.

Wendy smiled at the girls and cooed, "Yes, definitely."

Dana looked over at me like she was wondering if I was ready to get into it. I nodded, trying to look the part, and said, "Sure."

Dana kept her eyes on me, smiling, and said, "We want to see Evan walk over, get on his knees and give Mike a blowjob." For the second time that night I felt the blood drain from my face, except this time I felt almost faint. It had never occurred to me they would ask for something like that.

I sat there frozen and heard Wendy say, "Mmmm, I like that idea." Mike didn't say anything and I realized that everyone was looking at me. Dana said, "You did say you were up for anything, Evan." She paused for a second, her smile daring me, and added sternly, "Do it. I want to see you do it."

The room fell silent. Still lightheaded, I made my decision. I stood up and walked slowly over to Mike and Wendy. Wendy rubbed Mike's cock through his pants as I got down on my knees in front of him. She pulled his prick out, pumping it slowly in front of my face. She pointed it at my lips. Someone somewhere in the room said, "Take it."

Slowly, I raised my hand, replacing hers on his shaft. His skin was hot and his dick, much larger than my own, twitched in my hand. Pre-come oozed from the tip. I stroked him, forcing more liquid out. My heart was racing and I have to admit I was incredibly horny.

I opened my mouth and licked the tip before covering the head of his cock with my lips. The tip was fleshy and soft, and I could taste his ejaculate. I sucked him further into my mouth and heard him groan. As I sucked him I stroked his shaft with my hand and swirled my tongue around the head. Then Wendy grabbed his shaft and fed his dick further into my mouth. She said, "That's it. Take it all the way down and then suck just the head with your lips. He loves that, don't you, Mike?"

Mike was groaning loudly and began thrusting his hips into my face. As his prick grew harder in my mouth it occurred to me that he was going to come soon. I didn't know what I'd do, but I was beyond caring. My own dick ached in anticipation.

Suddenly I realized Dana and Caroline were next to me, watching. Dana leaned down and whispered, "I want to see you finish him off." I stroked him harder and thought he would spurt any second when she added, "But not right now. Right now, I need to be fucked." With that she reached over and took Mike's dick from my mouth, playfully kissing the swollen cockhead. She then led Wendy and Mike over to the bed, where they began to undress.

I looked at Caroline. She smiled and pulled me to the couch. We were both naked a moment later. She whispered, "I think you liked that." Then she slid down and swallowed my cock. The feeling of finally having her mouth around my prick took my breath away.

I had a clear view of the bed. Mike mounted Dana while Wendy sucked her tits. Dana slipped a finger into Wendy's cunt and Wendy moaned. I was ready to lose control and told Caroline to back off or she'd make me come. She looked up, grinning, and said, "Not yet, baby. You don't come until I'm ready for you to come." She turned around to face Dana and the others, then slid herself onto my dick. She leaned forward, riding me hard. It was as though she was searching for just the right spot in her cunt, and when she found it she began grinding herself onto my pole. "Mmmm yes, that's it. Fuck, yes," she groaned. She impaled herself on my dick again and again, bringing me that much closer to orgasm. I glimpsed over to see that Dana was on top of Wendy in a 69 with Mike kneeling behind Dana, pumping into her pussy.

Watching the three of them finally became too much for me and I started to come. I thrust my prick even further into Caroline, hitting that spot deep inside her until she started coming, too. My balls emptied into Caroline's pussy, sending sperm racing toward her womb. She fingered her clit as she rammed herself onto my dick, moaning loudly as she climaxed.

Mike concentrated on fucking Dana, pumping her with an abandon I'd seldom seen before. Dana brought her head up from licking Wendy's pussy and cried out, "Oh yeah, suck my clit, Wendy, suck it. I'm coming, I'm coming!" At that Mike let out a loud moan and shot his load deep into Dana's twat. When Dana started coming down from her orgasm she lowered her face back to Wendy's pussy and gave her a climax as well.

We all collapsed, exhausted and fucked out. After a few moments Caroline and Dana looked at each other and began laughing. "Wow!" Dana exclaimed as they giggled. "That was really wild!" Then Dana caught my eye. "But then again we're not done yet, are we, Evan?"

I flushed once again, knowing exactly what she meant. "I love the way he blushes," Caroline laughed.

"Come over to the bed, Evan," Dana cooed. "There's something that I want you to finish." There was a twinkle in her eye. I went over to her ready to do what she wanted, with Caroline following me close behind.


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