Letters to Penthouse III

More Sizzling Reports from Americas Sexual Frountier in the Real Words of Penthouse Readers


By Penthouse International

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A collection of the most sizzling reports from America’s sexual frontier–told in the participant’s own uninhibited words. Penthouse is the second most popular men’s magazine, with a circulation of over 2.2 million.



Women With Women




My wife and I were expecting a visit from our good friend. We have had a decent sex life, but we have never experimented with anything at all kinky, and we've had no bisexual experiences.

Our friend arrived and we had much lost time to catch up on. For several days we showed her the sights and we totally let our hair down. One evening we let our hair down to unlimited bliss. My wife, Monica, our friend, Stacy, and I planned to hang around our apartment for a quiet evening of wine and videos. We ate dinner, drank some wine, and started to feel pretty good. The video we watched was an erotic film called Body Double. The movie had a lot of sensual dancing and some enticing masturbation scenes. We drank some more wine, and by now we were feeling no pain. The movie released desires within me which I could feel being generated by the girls also.

When the movie ended we could each sense each other's excitement. I was feeling pretty bold, so I put in one of our even more explicit adult tapes. Feeling the embarrassment of an imminent hard-on, I left the girls on the couch, turned off all the lights, and took a place on the floor.

After about thirty minutes of slamming and come shots came an extremely hot lesbian scene. At that time I felt Mother Nature calling and I got up to use the bathroom. Instead of breaking the moment by pausing the video, I thought I'd simply dash in and out of the bathroom in record time. After about five minutes I returned to the living room, but the sight in front of me froze me in my tracks. There, reclined on the couch, were Monica and Stacy locked in an extremely passionate embrace.

Trying not to be detected, I hid around the comer and watched the passion that was unfolding before my eyes. I couldn't believe it! Here were my straight wife and our friend innocently exploring areas which only a woman could know about. I was shocked, but I was also highly aroused.

Monica broke the kiss and moved her pouting mouth to Stacy's neck. She sucked and tongued her sensitive skin as Stacy threw her head back and let out a little gasp. Stacy's full breasts needed some attention, which my wife was willing to give. Monica unbuttoned Stacy's blouse to expose her erect nipples. She gently took a nipple into her mouth and nibbled on it. Judging by her reaction, Stacy obviously has sensitive breasts. She began to grind her pelvis into my wife's thigh, and they realized that they were at the point of no return. They tenderly undressed each other and returned to their private moments.

Stacy took the lead and laid her head on my wife's stomach, sucking and nibbling at her flesh. Stacy slowly descended her way down to my wife's love nest. My wife parted her knees to allow Stacy access to the slick folds and fragrant scent of her special place. My wife squirmed and raised her hips as Stacy's tongue darted in and out of the wet areas. After several minutes of this excitement my wife could no longer hold back. She grabbed Stacy's head and pulled it deeper into her dark caverns. Stacy zeroed in on her throbbing clit. She sucked it hard, which sent my wife into a seizure of orgasms which she had never before experienced.

My wife seemed to drift in and out of consciousness as her hips bucked in the air. Then, after what seemed like hours, my wife collapsed into a euphoric state.

While watching all of this erotic behavior, I noticed that I was unconsciously stroking my rock-hard erection through my pants. I needed some relief immediately, so I pulled my cock out. I was so aroused that within three or four strokes I lost my load on the wall!

As I was cleaning up my mess, Monica came around the corner and said that she and Stacy were going to bed. She also mentioned something about the couch giving Stacy a backache for the past few nights, and asked if I would mind if she slept in size bed with us. Although nothing was mentioned about what had happened, I had no objection! Sensing my wife's shyness and anticipating more sexual activity ahead, I wanted to give them more time alone together, so I stated that I was not yet ready for bed and would stay up to watch some tube.

As the girls went through the charade of getting ready for bed, I inserted a movie in the VCR to indicate that they wouldn't be bothered for a few hours. The girls were in bed as I sat on the couch going through the motions of watching a comedy. I was very sexually excited about what had happened and was thinking about what was now happening.

I drank some more wine and sat with my heart pounding, not paying any attention to the movie. Excitement got the best of me, so I crept into the dark hallway toward the bedroom door, and ever so slowly opened it just a crack. Knowing that the bed was opposite the door, I could get a view without being noticed. The room was dark except for the streetlights peeking in through the Venetian blinds. My eyes quickly adjusted and confirmed my suspicion as I stood in the hallway.

Stacy and Monica were fully nude, and were too engrossed in each other to notice my presence. Stacy lay on her back, arms about her shoulders and legs slightly parted. Monica was between Stacy's legs, sensuously kissing an erogenous area behind a gently bent knee. Slight moans could be heard from Stacy as Monica worked her mouth and tongue slowly up the silky flesh of Stacy's inner thighs. An eternity passed as Monica slowly sucked one thigh, then the other, methodically working her way toward her final destiny.

Stacy trembled slightly as my wife made her descent to the moist cleft of love. Monica slowly ran her tongue up one side of Stacy's private gates and down the other. Then Monica wrapped her arms around Stacy's thighs, holding herself in place as she lapped Stacy like a hungry puppy. Stacy's body was now shaking more and more intensely. She opened her legs wider for Monica's wet tongue. I didn't know how long I could stand watching or listening to the slurping sounds of Monica's hot tongue on Stacy's pussy. Stacy halfheartedly pushed Monica away as if to actually be inviting her in. Her tongue was now deep within Stacy's cunt, and Monica sucked like a wild banshee. Sensing Stacy's mounting climax, Monica pulled her tongue out and sucked on Stacy's excited clitoris with passion. Stacy let out a stifled gasp, grabbed Monica's head and pulled it back into her special place. Stacy held Monica's head and wildly ground her hips against Monica's face as she went through what seemed like one incredible orgasm after another.

After the fervor died I snuck back into the living room for fear of ruining their private moment. I drank more wine, stroked myself off and fell asleep. Late the next morning I was awakened on the couch by two beautiful, smiling faces.

Monica and I have since discussed her bisexual encounter, and she insists that Stacy is not a lesbian. She simply stated that there was a spontaneous attraction felt between them, as well as a certain experimental curiosity that they had to fulfill. Curiosity or not, I'm secretly saving money and vacation time for a tour of Stacy's town!—Name and address withheld


There was only one female bathroom in our barracks. The showers were in one room, with nothing separating them. I couldn't resist looking at the other women in the shower. The way they lathered their bodies, rubbing the soap over their well-muscled arms, legs and asses, never failed to turn me on. I could feel my clit swelling as I watched them. I always imagined what it would be like if we all made love in that steamy, pussy-filled room.

One night when I went in me shower, I noticed that five of the most gorgeous women in the unit were there. The first one, whom I'll call Marie, was tall with long, blond hair. She had the most beautiful hips imaginable. She lifted weights, and her slim, tanned, and toned figure made me instantly horny. Susan was also there. She was tall as well. Her blue eyes looked me up and down as I dropped my towel on the floor and entered the shower. Dawn had short brown hair and a beautiful smile. When I looked at her, her green eyes sparkled. The fourth woman was Pam. She was new in the unit. I couldn't help noticing her wonderful tits. They were large, smooth orbs of sexual splendor. Finally there was Tina, whom I didn't really know that well. She was shy and quiet, with warm brown eyes and a small, voluptuous body.

I turned on the faucet and felt the first hot splash on my size 38C breasts. As I held the soap in my hand and washed my throbbing clit, I noticed that Susan was washing Marie's back. It seemed more like foreplay than anything else. As I watched, I began to imagine it was me washing Marie's back.

As my pussy began to fill with love juice, I closed my eyes and began squeezing my tits. I was suddenly surprised to feel someone's lips on one of them. I opened my eyes to see Dawn sucking on my left nipple. She began rubbing my aching clit with a bar of soap. Then path came over to us and began rubbing her hard, soapy body up and down my back. There I was, moaning in sweet ecstasy, sandwiched between two beautiful, passionate women.

I reached down to feel the soft, slippery warmth of Dawn's cunt. It was so hot and juicy that my finger slid deep inside her with ease. She let out a soft, low moan and leaned up against me, arching her tits up into my face, rubbing her pussy against mine. I used my mouth to play with her nipples, sucking and teasing them with my tongue until they were hard.

Pam grabbed the soap from my hand and let it drop to the floor. As I continued to suck Dawn's soft, bronze breasts, path slipped her finger into my pussy. I let out a whimper of pleasure and began thrusting my hips back and forth while still sucking Dawn.

We heard Marie's moans of pleasure as Susan began to suck her clit. I began playing with my own clit, but someone grabbed my hand, pushed it away and started opening my pussy lips. I looked down and saw Tina kneeling before me, ready to plunge her long, hot, hard tongue into my muff. I screamed as her lips began playing with my clitoris. I couldn't control myself any longer. I began to feel faint from my own excitement. I sank down to my knees, removing my finger from Dawn's dripping cunt, and pushed Tina down to the floor. Dawn began kissing and licking Tina's face, neck, lips and breasts while I began stroking her stomach and thighs. I put my head between Tina's legs and began tenderly sucking her freely flowing love juice. As I slipped a finger inside her, I was electrified by the feeling of someone's tongue on my own clit. It was Marie, who had by then grown tired of playing only with Susan.

I looked behind me and saw path licking Marie's clit, and Susan finger-fucking Pam. By this time Dawn was sitting on Tina's face, rocking her hips back and forth and squeezing her tits. I continued feasting on Tina's tasty hole.

Tina came with a cry, followed almost instantly by Dawn. They fell back, exhausted. I turned my attention to Marie. I grabbed the soap and began lathering her smooth, round tits and rock-hard abdomen. As I leaned over her body, she raised her head to grab my nipple with her lips. I pulled my breasts away and kissed her lips, nibbled her earlobe, then sucked her neck. I slid my tits over hers and began rhythmically moving my body up and down along her muscled torso and throbbing mound. I slid my tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply. Her excitement from Pam's tongue licking her sopping-wet hole caused her to suck my tongue even harder. Then path turned around to face Susan, and the two of them began to caress, stroke and play with each other. Tina, who had by then been revived, was being finger-fucked doggie-style by Dawn.

I covered Marie's body with my own and continued to kiss her. I ran my hands gently up and down her body, circling her breasts and teasing her nipples to keep them erect. We moved our thighs and pussies together, feeling each other's wetness. I couldn't stand it anymore. I turned around and we positioned ourselves in a satisfying 69. I worked her clit with my tongue while I simultaneously inserted my finger between her swollen, red, luscious lips, stroking them, sliding in and out, making her groan with each inward thrust followed with a sweet, hot flick of my tongue. We began thrusting against each other faster and faster, building up to a hot, sweet climax.

We lay spent on the floor of the shower. I couldn't believe I was surrrounded by five beautiful women.

The water suddenly turned cold, rousing us from our sexual reverie. We collected our soap and towels, laughed and promised to get together again for more showers.—L.D., Dallas, Texas


I recently returned to college after a five-year absence. I am a very attractive lesbian, and have won several beauty contests in my day. I am now twenty-seven and still very shapely, although I have a bit of a tummy that I'm constantly trying to tighten. My small breasts have remained as soft and firm as ever.

I dropped out of college—I was more interested in making women than good grades. I returned because I wanted a degree to enable me to find a better job.

When I got to my dorm I found I was to live with three other girls—Pam, Samantha and a sweet blonde named Tori. I fell in love with Tori right away. It wasn't just her body and looks—I loved her personality as well. Samantha and path were both good-looking too, but Tori was incredible. It only took a couple of days for the attraction between Tori and me to develop.

One day after classes, Tori and I were playing cards on her bed. She was wearing pink shorts and a halter top that did a good job of hiding her nice tits. I was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a thin singlet with no bra underneath. My tits dangled loosely under the flimsy garment. I always dressed that way in the hopes Tori would catch a glimpse of my tits.

As I dealt a hand, I asked her how she managed to keep her stomach so tight. "Lots of sit-ups," she said. She reached over and gently poked my flabbiness. "I'll bet that makes you even more lovable, doesn't it?" she asked, staring dreamily into my eyes. She let her finger slowly trail a path down my tummy.

I reached over and ran my fingers gently over the skimpy fabric covering her breasts. "I love your halter top," I whispered. She took my hand from her chest, kissed it softly, then set it on the bed. She reached behind her back, obviously undoing the top, and said, "If you're going to play with my tits, you might as well go all the way."

For a second I was confused. In a moment she had the top off and dropped it in her lap. Much to my surprise, Tori's breasts were extremely tiny. They looked like two flat cookies dangling off her chest. Her tiny pink nipples were puckered, and looked to be as hard as rocks. "Now you know why you never see me without a bra on," she said. She showed me the thick falsies in the cups of her top. She held each of her breasts and lovingly squeezed them.

"Okay, sweetie, your turn," she said softly.

"You don't know what a relief it is to see that you're tiny too," I said. I slipped my top off, exposing my little tits. "I thought you'd be disappointed when you saw how tiny mine are," I went on.

Her eyes glazed as she reached to touch my tits. "Oh, no, Kelly," she whispered. "I love them, and, oh, do I want to taste them." I leaned back on my elbows as Tori brought her lips to my tits.

Except for the sounds of our sucking, there was absolute silence in the room.

Then Tori rose from the bed and went over to the door to lock it. She looked so sexy as I watched her strut across the room. I loved the way her small tits flopped up and down as she walked.

She stood in front of me for a moment, smiling. She put her hands on my shoulders and eased my face forward into her tiny tits. I took one in my mourn, easily the entire tit, and sucked hard. "Oh, yes! Yes!" she moaned, "Suck them!"

I started to work my way down her tummy to her bushy blond pussy. I slipped my tongue as deep into her as I could. In a moment Tori shifted around so we could tongue each other. Believe me, it was wild!

Afterward we lay there, exhausted, and I looked at her. She was so perfect, with her long legs, her sexy feet, her red-painted toenails. The rest so slim and trim ... I loved her for sure. As she lay back on her elbows, her tits had disappeared completely, but she was still one very sexy lady.

We have made love several times since that day, and although path and Samantha have never actually caught us together, they have a pretty good idea we're lovers.

My relationship with Tori gets better and better with each day, and I think we'll be together for a long time.—K.B., New York, New York


I am a thirty-three-year-old woman and have never married, but I have an active fantasy life that I occasionally get to live out. Recently, I broke up with a lover and found myself hornier than hell. One evening, facing yet another round of masturbation, I knew I had to feel something human—and not just my dildo—inside my hungry pussy.

Then I remembered Gina, the pretty, young delivery girl from the pizza place down the block. She'd delivered several pizzas to my house and, unbeknownst to her, already played an active role in my fantasies. She was young, about nineteen, and quite attractive. But while I'd undressed her many times with my eyes, I'd never gotten up the courage to engage her in anything but conversation. She was always very friendly with me, but I never encouraged her attentions. This time, however, I was ready for anything, and picked up the phone.

In about twenty minutes there was a knock on the door. I had a plan. I took the phone off the hook and placed it on the table. When I answered the door I asked Gina to come inside. "I'm on the phone," I said, then picked the phone back up and had a few moments of fake conversation. All the while I kept a close watch on Gina. She didn't take her eyes off my body, a good sign. After I hung up, I apologized to Gina for the delay. She remained seated, which made me realize she already knew what I was up to.

"What is it you would like, Gina?"

She looked at me and, with a smile, said, "Well, you owe me eight dollars for this pizza."

"Would you like your tip first?" I teased.

"Sure," she answered, playing it cool.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Gina?" I asked. She said she did. I could see that she was actually a little shy, so I kept talking. "I don't have a boyfriend right now. Gets a bit lonely, you know?" Gina nodded as I took the pizza from her hands and put it on the coffee table. I could almost hear her heart beating. "What would you like as a tip?" I asked her.

"What did you have in mind?"

"I want you to decide," I said into her ear, licking it with the tip of my tongue. "Don't be shy."

"Would you go down on me?" she asked after a moment's consideration. I realized then that little Gina wasn't as shy as I thought.

"Has a woman ever done that to you before?" I asked.

"No," she said with a nervous laugh, "but I've always wanted to see what it's like."

"If you like it, would you eat my pussy?" I asked, straddling her lap slowly and letting my breasts rub against her face.

"I'd love to," she answered.

I was sitting on her lap now and could feel her squirming against my ass. I gave her a long, wet kiss on the lips, then went to work on her neck. She returned my kisses with a young girl's enthusiasm, stroking my body with her hands while grinding against me with her young cunt. I decided to give her a treat. While we kissed, I slipped my hand into my panties and fingered myself to orgasm. I could tell she was incredibly turned on as I brought myself off with a shudder and a sigh. Then I let her lick the cunt juice off my finger. As she practically deep-throated my hand, I realized that my long sex drought was about to end.

I led Gina to the bedroom and slowly undressed her. Then I handed her the phone. "Shouldn't you call your boss and tell him you're going to be late?"

"How late?" she asked.

"Well, you delivered in twenty minutes," I said. "But I'll need an hour."

While she told her boss she had to run an errand, I undressed her. It was fun to hear her voice crack as I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh. I took the phone from her and laid her back on the bed. Her smooth, naked body was total perfection. I took off my own clothes and began kissing her, starting at her toes and slowly moving my way up to her lips. As our tongues wrestled I rubbed my pussy against hers, giving her little cut a workout unlike anything it had ever known.

Gina gasped as I slid my hand between us. Rolling my hips in a fucking motion, I put one finger in each of our pussies. We were both wet. Gina's nectar was especially hot, and her tongue was darting in and out of my mouth with such intensity. I knew she was in heaven.

"Do you want me to eat your pussy now?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. "I want your tongue in me."

Before eating her out, I rubbed Gina's body with warm baby oil. Her tits were small, but the nipples were swollen and full. I sucked one into my mouth, teasing it with my lips until it was hard. Gina willingly offered me her breasts, letting me suck the right one for a while, then putting the left one in my mouth. She rubbed her own pussy, a quick up-and-down motion that had her quivering. I wanted to make her come before she did it herself, and slid down the bed until my mouth was on her tender cunt lips. I poked through the wisps of blond hair with my tongue. Her cunt was sweet and hot, and no sooner had I touched the inside of it than Gina came. Instinctively I pulled back, but she took my head firmly in her hands and urged me on. "Oh, suck me!" she cried. "That's it, suck it, suck it!"

I explored every bit of her tight pussy, licking the lips with long strokes and plunging deep inside her with countless thrusts of my tongue. Gina's legs were wrapped around me, her feet pressed tightly against my neck, coaxing me to nibble and suck her delightful cunt. I wiggled her clitoris with my tongue and was richly rewarded as a burst of her tangy cunt juice exploded into my mouth.

I was so deeply engrossed in feasting on the cunt of this lusty creature that I didn't realize we had changed positions until I felt her mouth on my own burning pussy. She nipped at my box, tentatively at first, even a bit awkwardly. "Slowly," I coached her. "Just let your tongue taste every part of my cunt. Feel the softness. Smell it." She was an excellent pupil, and soon she had me with my legs raised high in the air. As she rubbed my willing clit against her tongue, I came in a series of vigorous explosions.

We didn't say much afterward. I held Gina tightly in my arms and watched as she slipped into a nap. Remembering her work commitment, I phoned the pizza parlor and, pretending to be her mother, told them that Gina would be out sick for the rest of the evening. I wasn't even sure if she lived with her mother, but the masquerade must have worked because she didn't get in trouble. Gina and I have had many such rendezvous since. She continues to see her boyfriend, with my blessings. And as for me, well, I seem to be ordering quite a lot of pizza.—J.K., Little Rock, Arkansas


I'm a twenty-year-old brunette, five feet six and just over one hundred ten pounds in my birthday suit. I've been told by boyfriends that I have a great figure, especially my set of 40D jugs. However, it wasn't until Jennie, a fellow student at college, noticed my tits that I learned what it meant to feel really sexy.

Jennie and I weren't friends, but we both worked out at the college gym. One afternoon I noticed her intently watching me shower. At first I didn't let on that I saw her staring, but I was interested in what she was thinking. I stayed in the shower a long time, washing myself sensuously and really getting off knowing she was watching my every move.

Intrigued, I asked if she wanted to soap my back. "It's so hard to get some of those spots," I said. She agreed and began spreading the soap all over my back. She was a redhead, with the most magnificent tits I have ever seen. They were larger than mine, probably about a 42D. I'd never had any sexual feelings for women before, but suddenly I felt an overwhelming urge to fill my mouth with those incredible tits.

While Jennie lathered my lower back, I felt her hand go down to my cunt. It was a super feeling to have a woman's hand on my box, and I made no attempt to stop her. I felt as though I were about to lose my virginity all over again. And in a sense, that's exactly what happened. She started to lather up my front, spending a long time soaping the tender areas just beneath my breasts. "You have the prettiest boobs," she whispered in my ear, giving my nipple a playful little pinch.

I was getting hot and was about to get even hotter. Jennie soaped up her tits, then got down on her knees and lathered up my pussy with her big breasts. "Look, no hands!" she joked. I found myself squeezing my legs shut—not in protest, but to trap Jennie's tits near my pussy. After robbing her nipples against my clitty for a couple of minutes, she stood up and began to finger me. She used one finger at first, then two, pumping them in and out of my soapy, wet cunt. It was better than fucking a big dick, and I twitched each time Jennie wiggled her fingers inside me.

Then Jennie dropped to her knees to suck me. It was an incredible sensation. I'd had plenty of then go down on me in the past, but to have someone so soft, so feminine, licking me to the point of orgasm brought me a release unlike any I'd ever felt. The orgasm Jennie gave me surged through my entire body, leaving me both weak in the knees and so energized I could have had sex for hours.

Suddenly we realized we had company. A few other women had been watching us go at it. I looked up in time to see two of them frigging their clits in response to our lovemaking. What followed was an all-out orgy, with tongues and tits and clits and cunts mixing and matching there on the shower floor. It was an experience none of us is likely to forget.—Name and address withheld


My very loving husband picks up your magazine every month I'm hoping that if my husband reads this letter, it will ease my guilt.

My husband works the night shift, so we do all our shopping in the morning before he goes to work. One day while we were on our weekly grocery expedition, I ran into a girl, Louise, who was a friend of mine in college. I hadn't seen her for a few years, so we exchanged numbers and made plans to get together. I found out that she had just arrived in our city a few weeks before. I also found out that she worked a swing shift that ended just as my husband's was starting. It was perfect. I invited her over to the house and we renewed our old friendship.

Toward the end of the following month she invited me to a party she was having at her place. She said it was just going to be a small gathering of some friends and work associates.

It was fun. I met a lot of new people and drank a lot of wine. I hung around after the party broke up, helping to clean up. When that was done Louise and I took our wine into the bedroom to continue the party. She said she had some clothing she couldn't fit into anymore that might look nice on me. I was trying on a few things when suddenly she gave me a very sexy baby-doll outfit to model. I had to be nude if I wanted to see a really proper fit, so I removed my bra and panties and put it on. I didn't think anything was strange when she kept telling me how good it looked on me. But I did feel a little funny when she began to caress my back.

She came to me when I took down the top part of the outfit in order to get out of it. She took me in her arms and kissed me, explaining that for the last year she had been dreaming about having sex with another woman. I could feel the heat of her body through her clothing, and her hands stroking my lower back and hips. Her kiss was loving and tender.


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