Tell me what you remember and I'll tell tell you who you are.” With this challenge, psychologist/psychotherapist Patrick Estrade introduces his groundbreaking method to analyze and interpret childhood memories. Such memories are widely recognized as keys that unlock our internal world, direct our actions, and determine the choices we make. But unlike dreams, memories are often neglected because we have no clearly established system for interpreting them. You Are What You Remember delineates Estrade's techniques for bringing our memories to consciousness and understanding how they inform our existence-all to the end of developing a fuller, more satisfying life and relationships.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews

“In his first title available in English, French author and veteran psychotherapist Estrade…make[s] several interesting contentions…Could make an effective reference for therapy-goers.”

Metapsychology Online Reviews, 12/2/08
“Easy to read….Both general and sophisticated readers will find in Estrade systematic ways to recover sometimes surprisingly growth-producing experiences.”

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