I Love You

Recipes from the Heart

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By Pamela Anderson

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Join Pamela Anderson on a culinary journey that harmonizes style, compassion, and the pleasures of vegetable cooking.
Pamela Anderson invites you into her kitchen and down-to-earth family fairy kingdom on Vancouver Island—offering a whimsical and entertaining collection of more than 80 recipes that will nourish your heart.
With a career that has spanned Hollywood fame and activism, Pamela's journey has taken her from a humble upbringing to the forefront of show business. Today, she resides in her cherished family home, where she is rooted in her passions: cooking, sustainable design, and gardening.
Now, Pamela shares her first cookbook full of treasured homegrown and world-influenced recipes with a warm and inclusive spirit; it started out merely as a housewarming gift for her sons and their girlfriends. Her recipes are a testament to the fact that cooking only with vegetables can be both indulgent and comforting, offering a luxurious fantasy experience.
The book features her unique and delicious recipes and provides insights into fun homemaking, from entertaining guests to preserving the bounties of your garden. Pamela advocates a mindful, nurturing approach to feeding both the body and soul.



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Oct 15, 2024
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288 pages

Pamela Anderson with daisies
interior pages from I LOVE YOU
interior pages from I LOVE YOU
Interior pages from I LOVE YOU
"I LOVE YOU"... a cookbook that started out as a gift for my boys- recipes cultivated from  travel, wonder, genuine interest, and zest for life
Illustration of bee
Pamela Anderson with daisies

Pamela Anderson

About the Author

PAMELA ANDERSON is an international icon and a dedicated lifelong cook and homemaker. Her memoir, Love, Pamela, was a New York Times bestseller. Above all else, being a mother to sons Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee has been Pamela’s greatest source of pride.

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