HRD in the Age of Globalization

A Practical Guide To Workplace Learning In The Third Millennium


By Michael Marquardt

By Nancy Berger

By Peter Loan

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The pro- and anti-globalization forces may be logically at odds, but there’s little dispute on the inevitability of globalization’s forward march. And as Michael Marquardt, Nancy Berger, and Peter Loan explain, the real issue is not stopping or promoting globalization, but rather how to minimize the negative effects of globalization and leverage its powerful, positive effects. Human Resource Development will play a key role in determining this transformation. At no time in history has HRD been more critical in solving urgent economic and social problems faced by a wide array of groups, communities, organizations, and nations. HRD in the Age of Globalization explores the best HRD programs in twelve geographic regions and their impact on culture, the global environment, and other geopolitical and demographic elements. This book not only answers all the questions that exist concerning this burgeoning field-it tells us what questions we should be asking.

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Aug 18, 2004
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Michael Marquardt

About the Author

Mike Marquardt is Professor of HRD at George Washington University and has worked in over 80 countries in the past 30 years.

Nancy Berger is assistant Professor of HRD at Virginia Commonwealth University and has had extensive HRD experience in Europe and Asia.

Peter Loan, global HRD consultant, served in various capacities for Peace Corps for nearly fifteen years. The three co-authors have a cumulative seventy-five years of HRD experience in over 100 countries around the world and have authored nearly twenty books and over 100 chapters and articles on a variety of HRD topics.

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