Don't Say Um

How to Communicate Effectively to Live a Better Life

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By Michael Chad Hoeppner

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Learn the fastest, most effective way to improve your public speaking and communication skills by focusing on delivery—because how you say something matters more than what you say—with exercises that can boost confidence and influence.
In the age of technology, we're getting worse at communicating by the day, but the good news is, everyone can improve their speaking.  Michael Chad Hoeppner is the foremost expert on effective speaking.  He's coached presidential candidates, prominent CEOs, and Ivy League deans on their communication skills. Now, he shares his wide‑ranging knowledge in Don't Say Um.
Hoeppner has created an entirely new approach to communication training, providing physical exercises to quickly improve speaking.  With simple-to-master exercises like finger‑walking to stop using filler words or silent storytelling to avoid monotone, think of Don’t Say Um as an essential reference book, one to revisit on the path to improving your speech.
Through these exercises, you will be able to talk to a group with complete confidence or simply effectively tell a joke.  Don't Say Um challenges our preconceived notions of good speaking techniques and offers powerful tools to become master communicators.

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Jan 7, 2025
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Michael Chad Hoeppner

About the Author

Michael Chad Hoeppner helps people speak well when it matters most.  With nearly 20 years in the field, Hoeppner coaches thousands of professionals around the world.  His corporate clients include three of the top eight global financial firms, one third of the AmLaw100, two of the four US professional sports leagues, and multinational tech, pharma, and food and beverage companies.

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