The Extreme Team: On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice


By Matt Christopher

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Savannah is excited about throwing a holiday ice skating party and has already invited friends from her new school, when she learns that Jonas has invited the crowd from her old school to a party the same day.


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Savannah Smith sat at her desk, chin in hand, staring at the fat snowflakes falling past the window. I wonder if the hill will be ready for snowboarding soon, she thought. That would make Bizz happy. Belicia "Bizz" Juarez was Savannah's best friend. She was helping Savannah learn to snowboard.

Savannah wished for the thousandth time that she and Bizz attended the same school. But this September, Savannah had started at a private, all-girls school called the Academy. Bizz went to their old school.

Savannah missed seeing Bizz and her other friends every day. But her father wouldn't hear of her switching schools. "You'll get a wonderful education at the Academy," he said. "And you'll still get to see Bizz after school and on the weekends. Plus, you'll make new friends at the Academy."

Luckily, Savannah had started to become friends with a few girls. One girl in particular, Angela Sturgess, had gone out of her way to make Savannah feel welcome. Angela was very different from Bizz. Bizz loved extreme sports, especially roller hockey. Angela preferred quieter activities, like arts and crafts. Savannah enjoyed art projects, too, but she also liked blading and boarding with Bizz at the local skatepark. She sometimes wondered how Angela and Bizz would get along if they met.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the school week. Savannah joined the throng of girls in the hallway.

"Hey, Savannah! Wait up!" It was Angela. Savannah paused until the pretty blond girl caught up to her. "I got your party invitation."


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