The Wedding Thief


By Mary Simses

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Two sisters in love with the same man — one engaged to him and the other about to sabotage the wedding — struggle to reconcile in this delicious novel from the bestselling author of The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café.

The Harrington sisters have never gotten along. Sara is a Type-A, career-focused event planner, and her younger sister Mariel is the opposite: bohemian, semi-employed, and recently engaged. When Sara’s mother lures her back to Connecticut under false pretenses, she is perturbed to discover Mariel waiting for her, eager to reconcile their relationship — and get some help with the final arrangements before her big day. The two sisters haven’t spoken since the night Sara realized something was going on between Mariel and Sara’s boyfriend, Carter Pryce. And now Mariel is about to marry Carter, the man she stole from Sara, the man Sara still loves.

When Mariel asks Sara to stand in for a bridesmaid who has to cancel at the last minute, Sara realizes it’s the perfect cover to unravel the nuptials and win Carter back. Sara begins to slowly sabotage Mariel’s picture-perfect wedding, but when she crosses paths with David Cole, he challenges her self-image as the jilted second-fiddle to her spotlight-stealing sister. Will Sara realize what a bridesmaid-zilla she’s become in time to fix the damage before Mariel’s big day?

Funny, soulful, and as sweet as buttercream, The Wedding Thief is the perfect summer read.

  • "Fans of Sophie Kinsella will note the similarities between Sara and the Shopaholic series heroine - stubborn but ultimately willing to do the right thing. Simses' charming exploration of family roles and shared history is a delightful piece of summer escapism."
  • "If you're attracted to the title The Wedding Thief, you'll absolutely love this book. It delivers a great sister vs sister story that overflows with warmth and especially humor. Mary Simses is one of our best new storytellers."
    James Patterson
  • "If you've ever wanted to sabotage a wedding -- and who hasn't? -- you should definitely read this book. In fact you should read it anyway, because it's funny, smart and highly entertaining."
    Dave Barry
  • "With each page turned, The Wedding Thief reminds us that the intricacies among sisters and mothers are unlike any other challenges. Mary Simses's new novel is a smooth and engaging ride, replete with female rivalry, female bonds, and the quest for romantic love."
    Susannah Marren, author of A Palm Beach Wife
  • "Wedding planning is almost always fraught with minefields, but this wedding takes the cake. Sara Harrington, the story's protagonist/event planner, could definitely use a few etiquette lessons. But then, so could her sister. Mary Simses' engaging, lively book takes the reader on a wild ride toward a wedding like no other."
    Peggy Post, Director Emeritus, The Emily Post Institute
  • "The perfect romantic comedy -- The Wedding Thief is a fun-filled romp with delightful twists and turns. It's sure to steal your heart!"
    Jamie Cat Callan, author of Parisian Charm School

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Mary Simses

About the Author

Mary Simses grew up in Darien, Connecticut and began writing short stories as a child. She spent most of her life in New England, where she worked in magazine publishing, and, later, as a corporate attorney writing short stories “on the side.” Mary is the author of The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café, adapted as The Irresistible Blueberry Farm for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, The Rules of Love & Grammar, and her latest novel, The Wedding Thief. Mary enjoys photography, old jazz standards, and escaping to Connecticut in the summer. She lives in South Florida.

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