Very Short Stories to Read Together


By Mary Ann Hoberman

Illustrated by Michael Emberley

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A New York Times bestseller! This collection of stories from former children's poet laureate Mary Ann Hoberman provides endless read-aloud fun.

Here's a book with something new—you read to me! I'll read to you! We'll read each page to one another—you'll read one side, I the other.

The first in the award-winning You Read to Me, I'll Read to You series, this unique book "in two voices" uses traditional reading teaching techniques (alliteration, rhyme, repetition, short sentences) to invite young children to read along with an adult. Each of the twelve short stories fits on one spread and features child-friendly themes such as family, friendship, pets, and seasons. With clear, color-coded typography and delightful illustrations, this collection is sure to entertain.

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Apr 5, 2006
Page Count
32 pages

Mary Ann Hoberman

About the Author

Mary Ann Hoberman is a former Children’s Poet Laureate and a winner of the National Book Award. During her tenure as Children’s Poet Laureate, Ms. Hoberman visited numerous classrooms and libraries, introducing both children and adults to the joys of reading and memorizing poetry. She is the author of more than forty books for children, including All Kinds of Families! and the award-winning You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You series.

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Michael Emberley

About the Illustrator

Michael Emberley is the creator of the highly acclaimed picture books Ruby and its sequel, Ruby and the SniffsWelcome Back SunDinosaurs!; and Mail Harry to the Moon! Having grown up in a family of writers and artists, he is an avid reader and comic book fan. A native of New England, Mr. Emberley now lives in Ireland.

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