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The Sugar Frosted Nutsack

A Novel

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Mar 26, 2012




From the bestselling and wildly imaginative novelist Mark Leyner, a romp through the excesses and exploits of gods and mortals.

High above the bustling streets of Dubai, in the world’s tallest and most luxurious skyscraper, reside the gods and goddesses of the modern world. Since they emerged 14 billion years ago from a bus blaring a tune remarkably similar to the Mister Softee jingle, they’ve wreaked mischief and havoc on mankind. Unable to control their jealousies, the gods have splintered into several factions, led by the immortal enemies XOXO, Shanice, La Felina, Fast-Cooking Ali, and Mogul Magoo. Ike Karton, an unemployed butcher from New Jersey, is their current obsession.

Ritualistically recited by a cast of drug-addled bards, The Sugar Frosted Nutsack is Ike’s epic story. A raucous tale of gods and men confronting lust, ambition, death, and the eternal verities, it is a wildly fun, wickedly fast gambol through the unmapped corridors of the imagination.

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"Leyner's brilliantly discontinuous humor...begs to be read aloud to friends and strangers alike -- if only you could figure out where to stop."—The Village Voice
"Leyner is a twisted wizard, a genre-busting virtuoso, working at the outer edge of narrative convention."—Jay McInerney
"Leyner throws out every rule...[and is] distinctive for articulating impossible combinations of reality that other people grasp in dreams."—Philadelphia Inquirer
"Leyner is the poet laureate of information overload."—New York Times Magazine
"Leyner is an original and immensely amusing writer as well as a provocative social critic."—Washington Post Book World
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