Money, Power, Respect

How Women in Sports Are Shaping the Future of Feminism


By Macaela MacKenzie

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An inside look at how women athletes are leading the fight for equality—on and off the field 

Women’s sports receive a fraction of the airtime allotted for men’s sports, as well as a fraction of the marketing dollars, media coverage, and training resources. For every dollar that the NBA’s highest-paid player brings home, the WNBA’s highest-paid player earns just half a cent. But while misogyny in sports is particularly visible, it’s not unique. Women athletes face the same sexist barriers found in all career fields: the motherhood penalty, transphobia and misogynoir, underpromotion, and more. 

But women in sports are fighting back, debunking myths that women aren’t as skilled, competitive, or capable of generating revenue as men. Drawing on exclusive interviews with prominent athletes—including Allyson Felix, Megan Rapinoe, and Billie Jean King—journalist Macaela Mackenzie shows how women are using sports as a platform for change. As women athletes push for the same things all women want in their careers—money, power, and respect—their wins are showing the rest of us what’s possible in the fight for equality. 

  • “The fight for women’s equality in sport has always been about more than the money and about more than sports. Macaela MacKenzie gets it, and after reading Money, Power, Respect, you will too.”
    Billie Jean King
  • “This invigorating study makes a persuasive case for the growing popularity and political power of women in sports.”
    Publishers Weekly
  • An Amazon Editor's Pick for Best Book of the Month, July 2023
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  • Money, Power, Respect shines a light on what women in sports have been doing for decades: refusing to accept the status quo. In showing how our fight is about an equal playing field for all, Macaela MacKenzie nails it—a must-read for anyone who cares about women’s equality.” 
    Allyson Felix, seven-time Olympic gold medalist in track and field, maternal health advocate and entrepreneur
  • Money, Power, Respect is a must-read. The book weaves a beautiful narrative arc explaining why women's sports and female athletes have been historically left out of the party and gives a path forward to reclaiming power in a place women deserve to be recognized and celebrated.”
    Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play
  • “From the opening paragraphs of Money, Power, Respect, I had chills. MacKenzie masterfully captures the power, strength and vision that defines women athletes who have been pushing for true equity in sports. She reminds us that sport has the power to transform us — individually and collectively — and that women have, and will always be, at the front of that transformation.”
    Anne Lieberman, Director of Policy & Programs, Athlete Ally
  • Money, Power, Respect is about so much more than sports: the deeper issues here affect everybody. MacKenzie's book vividly shows the wins, the losses, and the constant struggles that female athletes have to go through in order to achieve equity. A refreshing and eye-opening read for anyone who considers themselves a feminist.”
    Minda Harts, author of Right Within

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Macaela MacKenzie

About the Author

Macaela MacKenzie is a journalist covering women’s equality. Her work focuses on sports, the gender gap, and women’s health and has appeared in publications including Glamour, Elle, Self, Forbes, Marie Claire, Allure,and Bustle. She lives in Connecticut.  

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