Who Moved My Blackberry?

Who Moved My Blackberry?

A Novel

Martin Lukes is a superstar at the office and at home–just ask him. Blessed with an ego the size of Mount Everest and virtually no sense of self, he blusters through life with cheerful obliviousness. Who Moved My BlackBerry? is the uproarious e-epistolary story of one spectacularly bad year in his life, during which Martin hires an executive coach to help him achieve “22.5 percent better than my bestest,” only to inadvertently insult his new boss, watch his wife get a job that threatens to eclipse his own, and allow his BlackBerry–complete with racy e-mails to his secretary/lover–to fall into the hands of his juvenile delinquent son. This novel is set in an office so dysfunctional, it’s bound to strike a chord with any nine-to-fiver. Comic schadenfreude at its best!
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Genre: Fiction / Fiction / Humorous

On Sale: April 1st 2008

Price: $21.99

Page Count: 368

ISBN-13: 9781401308919

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