Hypertufa Containers

Creating and Planting an Alpine Trough Garden


By Lori Chips

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“A complete guide to designing, making and planting hypertufa troughs.”—North American Rock Garden Society

Hypertufa containers—also known as troughs—are rustic, striking, versatile, and perfect for small, Alpine plants. A mix of cement, perlite, peat, and water, they are simple and affordable to make at home. In Hypertufa Containers, Lori Chips details everything you need to know to make your own troughs and successfully garden in them. This hardworking book includes step-by-step instructions and color photography for making hypertufa containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Plant portraits include growing and cultivation information, along with potting tips.


  • “Prepare to be mesmerized by your newest obsession. But fear not—you are in the ultracapable hands of a master.” —Tovah Martin, author of The Garden in Every Sense and Season

    “A book that will inspire and surprise the most jaded of old hands while providing clear, straightforward guidance for the greenest of beginners. Every gardener needs a copy.” —Joseph Tychonievich, author of Rock Gardening

    “No gardener knows more about cultivating precious alpines than Lori Chips—or constructs such unique troughs for them, or writes with more engaging insights.” —Abbie Zabar, author of The Potted Herb and A Growing Gardener

    “If you're into alpines and rock gardens, the perfect container for them is hypertufa.” —Garden Design

    “The crafty gardeners in your life will be thrilled to receive a copy of Hypertufa Containers. . . . destined to become a beloved, practical resource for ideas and information.” —Smith Mountain Laker

    “The complete package of information. Reading a book about small scale gardening will result in an individualized small landscape, and this type of niche gardening is unique and satisfying. Each creation will be yours and yours alone.” —Fairfax Gardening

    “It is obvious from the book that Lori has deep knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for her subject which she shares freely. . . . This book would be a great gift to provide method, ideas and inspiration.” —Bulb Log

    “Whether you’ve already tried your hand at making hypertufa containers or are a complete newbie to the craft, this book has lots to offer.” —Tohickon Garden Club

    “Everything you need to know to make your own troughs. . . . be careful. . . you might catch the Alpine Bug!” —Connecticut Gardener

    “A complete guide to every sect of designing, making and planting fascinating, creative hypertufa troughs. If you are a total novice, Lori’s clear, detailed, engaging writing will take you through every step with confidence. . . . There are many books that I’ve enjoyed reading, but Hypertufa Containers is one of those special books that won’t just be sitting on the shelf. It is going to be out with me in the garden, no doubt getting spattered and stained with wet hypertufa.” —North American Rock Garden Society

    “Swoon!” —The Columbus Dispatch​

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Jul 31, 2018
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Lori Chips

About the Author

Lori Chips is the alpine manager at Oliver Nurseries in Connecticut, pressing the boundaries in the art and science of trough making and planting. She writes for the North American Rock Garden Society, has judged at the Philadelphia Flower Show, and is the recipient of the Carleton R. Worth Award for horticultural writing.

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