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Meet The Author: Lauren Eberspacher

Lauren Eberspacher is a blogger and author, living intentionally for Jesus, with a desire to give heartfelt encouragement to the everyday mama and wife. At her blog, From Blacktop to Dirt Road (, she writes about all things faith, farm, and old-fashioned homemaking, sharing real-life moments with a healthy dose of laughter along the way.

Eberspacher’s deepest desire is to help other women break the stigma of seeking the world’s perfection, but instead help them seek the purification of Christ. She is just like every other mom out there in her sweat pants-an imperfect woman, serving a Perfect Savior and raising children for His glory.

Growing up a city girl in the suburbs of Kansas City as the daughter of a pastor, Eberspacher found herself in love with a farm boy from Nebraska, which took her from the city blacktop to the dirt road of their grain farm. She is a stay-at-home mom to her three small children, and learn-in-progress farm wife to her bearded farmer, Eric. They live in Milford, Nebraska.

Her writing has been published on many sites, including Her View From Home, The Today Show, FaithIt, Us Weekly, PopSugar Moms, Dearly, Love What Matters, and Simply Wholehearted.

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"We have thousands of contributions on Her View From Home, written by over 650 women throughout a five-year period. Lauren Eberspacher's work is consistently the highest viewed content on Her View From Home. We will always publish her work because it's a guaranteed success. Her articles have been read by millions of women. For example, her piece "But Mommy You Were Too Busy" has been read 526,000 times (and counting). Her piece, "Being That Mom in the Pew" has over 234,000 views and counting. Her ability to connect with mothers on an intimate level is something we don't often see in the writing business. Her heart and words are genuine and women know that when they read her work. She's changing the lives of women, one word at a time."—Leslie Means, Founder and owner of Her View From Home, 2018
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"There's a magic in how she gets you to listen and the most important piece of this magic is that you are made to feel like you matter and that you're never really alone. If I had to choose one writer to read each and every day exclusively it would without any doubt be Lauren Eberspacher!"—Lisa Leshaw, M.S. CMHC, Leader of women's counseling groups, Writer for Chicken Soup for the Soul and Huffington Post, 2018
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Midnight Lullabies

Midnight Lullabies

Moments of Peace for Moms

Moms, you need these words of hope and light during the early days while you cradle your new baby in the midnight hours.

Often, mothers are told about the joyful, exciting things that they are about to embark on as they enter into parenthood. What people fail to share is the hard seasons of motherhood: loneliness, anxiety, depression, insecurity, comparison, disconnect with the Lord and their husbands, and loss of identity. These seasons can consume their hearts and steal their joy, leaving them hopeless and full of shame. Most mothers hide during this time, thinking that they are alone or that something is wrong with them. The simple truth is that having children changes everything. But so does Jesus. His Word can breathe life into every space, and Midnight Lullabies meets the weary mama in the trenches of motherhood while she does Kingdom work within the four walls of her home, shining light and giving hope when it seems most far away.

In Midnight Lullabies, over 31 days, Lauren Eberspacher explores those places of motherhood that are often left unspoken. While embarking on her own journey of being a mama, she has encountered seasons that shocked and surprised her. But there is always hope. As a storyteller, Lauren takes the everyday moments and gives biblical insight to the mother facing these hard seasons, giving the reader a sense that they are having a conversation with a friend around a cozy kitchen table.

Mothers often just want to hear another mom say she’s in it with them. And when Eberspacher addresses these hard issues, she not only says, “I’ve been there; I understand,” but she follows it with, “But God.” Eberspacher shows that Jesus can be found in every moment of motherhood and that His strength and His Word are enough for you.
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Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Christian Life / Personal Growth

On Sale: April 9th 2019

Price: $22.98 / $29.98 (CAD)

ISBN-13: 9781549175534