Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

A Feminist Reinterpretation Of The Wives Of Henry Viii


By Karen Lindsey

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A fascinating, revisionist look at 16th century English politics (both public and private), examining the lives of Henry VIII’s six wives as active personalities

“Provocative thoughts on the why and wherefore of the matrimonial quests of Henry VIII and the women who were party to them.”–Denver Post

“Lindsey’s book reads like a romance novel: airy, witty, full of drama and compassion, . . . more about sentiment than feminist theory. . . . Her chronicle is lustier, more concerned with emotion and the peculiarities of being human than other accounts have been, and her presence as a moral authority is palpable.”–Los Angeles Weekly

“Lindsey is insightful and disarmingly funny in her musings on Henry and his sorry wives.”–Arizona Republic

“This is an engaging read that conveys well the feelings not only of the characters but of the era as well. An occasional bit of dry humor blends nicely with Lindsey’s intelligent writing style.”–Tulsa World


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May 3, 1996
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262 pages
Da Capo Press

Karen Lindsey

About the Author

Karen Lindsey teaches writing and literature at Emerson College in Boston and the Netherlands, and women’s studies at the University of Massachusetts. She is author of Friends as Family and coauthor of Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book and Dr. Susan Love’s Hormone Book.

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