Flat Abs. Tight Butt. Lean Thighs. Kickass Attitude. Get One Great Body! Have you been looking in the mirror and thinking, “I hate my…I can’t stand those…I have to hide my…”? Do you want to feel strong and confident in whatever you wear, from jeans to a halter top? No matter what shape you’re in now-star athlete or gym class wallflower, string bean, jelly belly, or chunky monkey-you can be fit and fabulous, safely and without starving yourself.

America’s #1 Fitness Expert, Joyce Vedral, has helped thousands of teens create their best body. Her foolproof techniques are designed to produce a tight, toned, dynamite figure-and you can start using them right now! The secret is not dieting obsessively. It is working out with Joyce’s special toning program and eating right. In fact, with Joyce’s daily food plan, you will probably eat more than you do now-but lose fat from the first day. And her 20-minute workout with weights is not only fun, but gives you visible results fast! With her program, you can:

Get a better body in just 3 weeks…and a terrific body in just 12 weeks!
Develop a figure that’s firm and toned instead of soft and flabby
Burn fat…even in your sleep!
Get rid of cellulite
Go down a dress size every 3 weeks if you are overweight
Boost metabolism so you can eat more-without getting fat
Build exciting new strength, balance, and stamina, but no bulky muscles
Increase self-discipline to promote success in all areas of your life!

What's Inside

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