A deeply researched and beautifully written account of how the human brain evolved, from the earliest primates through the modern age.

The human brain is an astonishing thing. No other life form on the planet has a brain like ours. How did such a unique brain emerge? How did a bundle of cells weighing just 1.2 kg give rise to conscious, self‑aware beings capable of understanding time, language, mathematics, and music, of exploring outer space and sequencing their own DNA?

How the Mind Changed is the definitive book on the evolution of the human mind from its remarkable origin through its miraculous modern form. A sweeping work of natural history, it explores the development of memory, language, consciousness, intelligence, neurodiversity, and emotions, and sets out to answer provocative questions about what the future holds for our brains — and by extension, for humanity. Will brain‑computer interfaces change human life? Will we free our minds from the confines of biology and achieve digital immortality? What are the implications of such advances? Are new, different kinds of minds emerging before our eyes?

Drawing on the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, psychology, and evolutionary biology, How the Mind Changed is a fascinating, in‑depth look at the organ that truly makes us human, where it comes from, and where it is going.

What's Inside

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