A dark, exciting, truth-telling novel; "fast and high-impact, with a sense of doomed humor and bright, sharp teeth." (Steph Cha)

Everybody Knows is a propulsive LA crime thriller about Mae Pruett, a "black-bag publicist" – she doesn't get the good news out, she keeps the bad news in – who works for “The Beast,” her name for the loose collection of lawyers, publicists and private security firms who protect and serve the wealthy and depraved of Los Angeles.
Chris Tamburro is Mae’s ex, an ex-cop fired for corruption and a fist on the Beast’s arm, working as muscle for a shady lawyer. They must both confront the bad things they aid and abet when Mae’s boss is gunned down in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel, dying with a secret Mae is determined to learn. Unraveling the mystery of her boss’s death takes them through an electric, pulpy vision of Los Angeles, a world of homeless camp bombers, drug-addled celebrities, cop gangs who mark their kills with tattoos, a livestreamed murder, and powerful men with a secret so dark they will kill to keep it.
This ambitious neon-noir matches breakneck twists and napalm prose with meditations on power, fame and all of our complicity with evil.

What's Inside

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