Cooking Wild

More than 150 Recipes for Eating Close to Nature

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To eat wild foods, you needn’t crawl through the forest or hunt your own game. Many wild foods are as close by as your local supermarket. But this doesn’t mean that wild foods aren’t worth the hunt. This book takes a big view of “wild,” including recipes and information on both foraged, uncultivated foods as well as looking at the progeny of wild foods more conveniently found for sale alongside their conventional cousins.

Americans are increasingly concerned about where their food comes from and how it’s produced, packaged, and marketed. Heritage breeds, Paleo diets, farmers’ markets, and environmental and climate concerns all point to increased interest in foods that are as natural, untreated, and healthy as they can be. Plants, seafood, meat, and poultry are all covered in more than 150 recipes, and will serve as a historical, agricultural education for your kitchen.

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