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Strategically Integrated HRD

A Six- Step Approach To Creating Results-Driven Programs Performance

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Dec 26, 2002

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In many organizations, human resource development (HRD) professionals are made to believe that their primary function is to conduct classroom-based training sessions and set up seminars, workshops, and conferences to introduce specific skills and policies. This outdated approach is reinforced by management, which is likely to relegate HRD to second-class status and ignore its potential as a real strategic partner. In Strategically Integrated HRD, Jerry W. Gilley and Ann Maycunich call for a radical reinvention of HRD, outlining a comprehensive and rigorous program for its transformation as well as its integration throughout the organization. In an environment characterized by fierce competition and constant change, businesses need to employ all the tools at their disposal to ensure that managers and employees are fully equipped to fulfill their multifaceted jobs, that all systems and processes flow efficiently and effectively, and that the organization is prepared to incorporate new ideas without disrupting its performance or productivity. To this end, Gilley and Maycunich propose that HRD professionals establish partnerships throughout the organization at three distinct levels: (1) strategic business partnerships, designed to ensure successful completion of the company’s overall strategic plan; (2) management development partnerships, designed to improve the collaborative and leadership skills of managers; and (3) organizational development partnerships, designed to prepare all employees to adapt to and anticipate change. The authors go on to present specific strategies for enhancing the role of HRD by identifying organizational and performance needs, designing performance improvement programs, and becoming a catalyst for learning acquisition and transfer. Backed by extensive research and professional experience, Strategically Integrated HRD offers a blueprint for unleashing the potential of HRD and improving organizational performance in the process.

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