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Jennifer's Way Kitchen
Jennifer's Way Kitchen

Jennifer's Way Kitchen

Easy Allergen-Free, Anti-Inflammatory Recipes for a Delicious Life

Jennifer Esposito, actress and owner of the beloved New York City-based Jennifer's Way Bakery, shares 100+ delicious, anti-inflammatory, allergen-free recipes that will help bring the joy back to eating for everyone.

Everyone likes to eat and everyone has to eat to stay alive--simple, right? But sitting down to an easy meal is exactly where things can get tricky or complicated for the millions of people who deal with food allergies, food sensitivities, celiac disease, and other autoimmune issues. Then there are those who simply want to feel better, defeat bloating and conquer inflammation once and for all-what to eat then? The Jennifer's Way Kitchen cookbook is the answer everyone has been waiting for.

The single best thing anyone can do for his or her body is to reduce inflammation. Jennifer's Way Kitchen offers chapter-by-chapter support and the recipes you'll need to eliminate the major causes of inflammation . . . and still love every bite. You won't miss a thing with these easy to make, delicious, savory, sweet, and snackable treats.

Jennifer always says: "It's about changing the way you think about food." She shows how an avocado can morph into chocolate pudding, cauliflower can become a crunchy pizza crust, and how a simple pumpkin pie can make a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Jennifer's Way Kitchen offers up your favorite foods, reimagined in ways that will help you live better, cleaner, and healthier every day. Jennifer has regained her health and taken back her life thanks to these recipes. Now let's get into the kitchen with her and start changing your life.

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