The Web We Weave

Why We Must Reclaim the Internet from Moguls, Misanthropes, and Moral Panic

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By Jeff Jarvis

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A bold defense of the internet, arguing attempts to fix and regulate it are often misguided "essential reading for anyone who cares about the future of the internet" (Taylor Lorenz, author of Extremely Online)

The internet stands accused of dividing us, spying on us, making us stupid, and addicting our children. In response, the press and panicked politicians seek greater regulation and control, which could ruin the web before we are finished building it.
Jeff Jarvis is convinced we can have a saner conversation about the internet. Examining the web’s past, present, and future, he shows that many of the problems the media lays at the internet’s door are the result of our own failings. The internet did not make us hate; we brought our bias, bigotry, and prejudice with us online. That’s why even well-intentioned regulation will fail to fix hate speech and misinformation and may instead imperil the freedom of speech the internet affords to all. Once we understand the internet for what it is—a human network—we can reclaim it from the nerds, pundits, and pols who are in charge now and turn our attention where it belongs: to fostering community, conversation, and creativity online.  

The Web We Weave offers an antidote to today’s pessimism about the internet, outlining a bold vision for a world with a web that works for all of us. 
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  • "The Web We Weave looks hard at real life on the Internet, the good and the bad. Jeff Jarvis looks past the PR stunts manufactured by powerful bad actors to focus on actual problems and possible solutions. The book shows how bad legislation and regulation often turns bad situations into worse ones."
    Craig Newmark, Craigslist Founder
  • "In this incisive and groundbreaking book, Jeff Jarvis boldly resets our conversation about the internet, helping us find our way back to the hopes we once had for it. Backed by deep research, Jarvis defends the internet from its many critics, and he shows why panicked attempts to strictly regulate the net will backfire. Ultimately, Jarvis presents a striking vision for how we can build a web that truly works for everyone. This is essential reading for anyone who cares about the future of the internet."
    Taylor Lorenz, author of Extremely Online

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Oct 8, 2024
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272 pages
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Jeff Jarvis

About the Author

Jeff Jarvis is a longtime journalist and leading expert on the internet. He blogs at, cohosts the podcasts This Week in Google and AI Inside, and has written for the Guardian, the Atlantic, Nation, and Businessweek. The author of six books, including The Gutenberg Parenthesis and What Would Google Do?, he lives in New Jersey.  

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