Love Out Loud

Building a Relationship and Family from Scratch

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By Jarius Joseph

By Terrell Joseph

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LGBTQ+ influencers Terrell and Jarius open up about their joyful love story and family life—and the challenges they've encountered along the way—in this honest, powerful guidebook.

Terrell and Jarius Joseph—a picturesque home, adorable children, family businesses, and millions of fans online. Love Out Loud is Terrell and Jarius’s guide to help couples of all kinds sustain their relationship and nurture their nontraditional family. With the Josephs’s essential roadmap you’ll learn how to:
  • Define your needs as individuals and as a couple to build the life of your dreams
  • Recognize growing pains before they hurt your marriage
  • Break tradition to discover your unique parenting style
  • Build a circle of support for your children
We all crave genuine love, belonging, and the freedom to be our true selves, no matter what our family unit looks like. Love Out Loud is the story of the Josephs’ quest to redefine fatherhood. After enduring a devastating miscarriage followed by two premature births by surrogacy just five weeks apart, Terrell and Jarius realized that to have the family of their dreams, they needed to live and love by their own rules. Filled with empathetic advice and a healthy dose of real talk, you, too, can discover how to build a relationship and family your way and build the life of your dreams.


  • “Terrell and Jarius are ‘bae’ and family goals for us all—whether you are parent by birth or by love. They give valuable lessons on how to protect and strengthen your relationship with your spouse and your children and reflect true family values. You will love them!”
    MJ Harris, author of Get the F*ck Out Your Own Way
  • "Love Out Loud is a journey for the reader and shows that love can conquer anything!" 
    Doug Melville, author of Invisible Generals

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Jun 4, 2024
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